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Player: Cartoonkarl

Character Full Name: Royal Liams Hastings

Character In-Game Name: Royal

Nickname(s): n/a

Association(s): Black's Drakes, The Lionhearted

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Age: Twenty-four

Sex: Male

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 180 lbs.

Height: 6'2


He is usually seen wearing a suit of white plate armor, bearing the white gold tabard of stormwind, a few browns and golds are thrown in, like on his boots, but it is almost completely white. He is rarely seen without his armor, less he is cleaning it or it is a special occasion.


Alignment: Lawful Good

Royal is a special case, bearing the pride and honor of any normal human, he is also quite naive for his age, which leads him to make many decisions that are far from wise. He has always been caught helping others, usually the singular populace, a farmer, or a friend. He rarely joins a cause such as the Argent Crusade in the north. If he helps better the life of one person then he knows what he has done is worthwhile. His noble blood holds no weight anymore, as Lordaeron has fallen.


Royal was born a minor noble in the city of Stratholme, with little respect for his family title. To the major nobles, his family was known for its farms and warriors, little more and little less, and such as it was, many of the fighters of the family ended up joining the paladin order, as his father and brother did. He was raised upon the stories of men and women slaying the evil orcs and ogres from wars just years before. The Great Defense of Stormwind was one of his favorite tales, listening to his father explain how well Lothar held against the vile orc hordes; at least until they broke through the defenses and sacked Stormwind.

In his youth he was always off slaying demons and orcs, often leaving his chores and duties incomplete, from this came many punishments, though he still seemed to ignore his work. At least until his father began to train him in basic swordsmanship, which he took a great interest in, finding the blade an easy skill to develop and master; at least master what he was taught.

When he had shown great skill with the blade his father pushed forth a commission to his old friend Teryn Trollsorrow of the Silver Hand to teach his son in the ways of a paladin, though he feared that Royal may ignore the light and just take this as an opportunity to learn the skills of combat and follow his other brother on the route to become a footman in Lordaerons armies.

Trollsorrow took the boy in immediately, though he would never hear the end of his decision from others of the order. Teryn attempted to teach Royal humility and justice, though he was still caught up in his naivety. Quickly mastering his other teachings such as hammers and halberds, he grew quite fond of halberds.

Growing impatient and failing in some of his own teachings, Trollsorrow sent the boy, now in his teen years, to a priest of Stormwind, and old friend of his from the second war, Gynt Graceson of Stormwind. Once a strong soldier he settled down to a quieter life of the cloister. Trollsorrow asked Gynt to teach Royal the qualities of a paladin.

Royal was put to work immediately, dressed in the robes of an initiate, he was taught many of the same things that one striving to become a priest would, not just the qualities of a paladin, but theory and understanding the power and majesty of the Light. Gynt covered many of the things that Trollsorrow never taught him.

In his last months of training Royal received a letter from Trollsorrow himself, it was an account of what was happening in Lordaeron, or at least what he knew. Stratholme had fallen, and the Hastings family with it, not one member of his family was known to have survived. Teryn commanded him to stay in Stormwind just for his safety, for if Royal were to fall then the Hastings family would be lost forever. Trollsorrow fought on every front he could, and pulled out of each one, at least until Arthas' return to Lordaeron City. Royal lost contact with his former master after that.

It has been a few years since the Third War, and the Fall of Lordaeron, and Royal is now a graduated paladin, one of what he would consider his own order.

When the Dark Portal opened Royal jumped head long in to help the heroes of his past. He helped the survivors of Honor Hold until he thought he was of little use, returning to Azeroth just in time for the Lich King to make his return. When he had helped the Argent Crusade in their battle against the unending undead was when he discovered his want to help the individuals in need. Waiting for his time to leave Northrend for greener pastures, since the Lich King was dead now, he found it quite easy to leave, though the Argents could still use some help removing the last of the undead threat.

Now he finds himself in an odd situation, coming into acquaintances with many elders, such as Mirran West of Black's Drakes, and Dalikan Godford, the Lionhearted. Besides helping Mirran in the deserts of Tanaris on occasion, he does little else other than roaming the lands of Azeroth.

Skills and Abilities

Besides the basic paladin abilities and very -basic- survival skills(Starting a fire, pitching a tent, ETC.) He also uses holy magic to quickly enhance his weapon of choice and then he throws it. There really is no reason as to why he does this, and it usually leaves him weaponless until he retrieves it.