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Alliance Rolland Evans
Player ghaskan
Gender Male
Race Worgen
Class Mage
Age 18
Height 1.13/2.07m (Human), 2,34m (Worgen)

Genetics made Rolland especially tall, however…

Weight 76kg (Human), 92kg (Worgen)

…he has also grown to be a stick of a man, although his Worgen form slightly fixes this.

Eyes Blue
Hair Black (Human), gray (Worgen)
Affilliation(s) Gilneas
Alignment True Neutral
Status Alive


Rolland Evans was born and raised in Gilneas. His father and mother ran a moderately successful business, a grocery store that sold vegetables and fruits acquired from the nearby farms, and, while not dirty rich, they had enough to provide their son with everything he needed. Rolland was lucky enough to receive a rich education from private tutors, an opportunity he did not waste thanks to his love for learning. However, the youngest Evans had a problem: he was friendly, but due to being thin and shy he was usually picked on by bullies whenever he tried to go outdoors to play with his neighbors. During these early years, he once came across a mage that played fantastic parlour tricks to the amazement of the children and even adults, an event that forever sealed Rolland's choice of becoming a mage himself.

On his tenth anniversary, his mother asked him what was the one thing that he desired and Rolland, still enthralled by the memory of the magic tricks, was quick to reply: he wanted to be a mage. She was able to comply with that request, and soon, in addition to his regular classes, Rolland began to be tutored by a gilnean mage of some renown. He studied hard about Abjuration and Conjuration that were, in the opinion of his master, the most useful skills a mage could possess, and only later did he learn about Illusion, the school of magic that he desired to pursue the most. At fourteen, Rolland became skillful enough to trick people into seeing flames engulfing his hand as if he were about to cast a fireball spell, and, thanks to that illusion, he was able to scare his bullies away. Joy invaded the young man, and he became more confident as he saw the rewards he was to reap thanks to his hard work.

Just before Rolland became an adult, his life suffered a hundred and eighty degree turn. Mysterious wolf-like creatures known as worgen attacked Gilneans, and soon enough struck the very heart of the city. Just as the Evans family was about to be escorted alongside with the rest of their neighborhood to a safer place, one of the worgen attacked Rolland, biting him. The guards managed to kill the creature right after that, but the damage was done… His wound was taken care of, and they carried on.

As the wound only got worse, Rolland felt a change deep within his body, and, eventually, he turned into one of the worgen, ready to strike his own family. Luckily, he was captured right before he could perform the deed, and was forced to undergo a rite that would calm his spirit and allow him to alternate between feral and human forms. Rolland, however, seemed to grow attached to his wolfish appearance, that made him look stronger and cooler in his eyes. Thus, after the initial stigma about the worgen was cleared, he started to adopt the worgen shape in his daily life.

Freed from the walls of Gilneas at long last and with his family having secured another business in the much safer city of Stormwind, Rolland decided to put his magical skills to use and explore the vast world, trying to learn everything he can in the process.


He is tall and a bit on the thin side for a Worgen. His lankiness only truly shows in his human form, however. It is also of note that, in his human form, the region of his upper back / neck is slightly hunched forwards.

Because of the fact that the Worgen form gives him more bulk and, in his opinion, makes him look like less of a loser, Rolland prefers to stay in that form unless the situation demands otherwise.

Usual Garments/Armor

Gaudy, multicoulored robes and a pair of glasses that he must wear due to his severe myopia.


Although Rolland is a friendly person, he has social anxieties that come from the bullying he suffered during his childhood. In spite of this, in part thanks to his success in training to be a mage, he has become increasingly confident, and thus is able to conduct social interactions without much of a problem. However, when making bolder actions, such as greeting a stranger or speaking to someone he finds intimidating, he might start talking in an awkward fashion due to the nerves, or, in extreme cases, back off entirely with some petty excuse. Rolland also feels uncomfortable when packed in crowded environments, especially if they are or give the impression of being a closed space – think of a place filled with people to an extent in which one cannot move without squeezing their way through - and will either avoid or exit them as soon as possible.

The gilnean is very studious, with a love for learning few seem to match. He loves mental games and solving problems, however, he is not fond of outdoor activities and will use a mount or some other mean of transportation, such as a zeppelin or a ship, if possible. Even then, his curiosity compels him to travel, especially if one considers the fact that Rolland had been imprisoned in Gilneas for all of his life until a few months ago. A great curiosity for the different settings of Azeroth, and, especially, for all the different races – he only knew some by pictures and text, and the ones from Kalimdor were completely unknown to him – inhabits his heart, and he is slowly trying to get to know them and their culture, even if he might come across too enthusiastic to the members of said races. It is doubtful, however, that he will ever be truly fond of Orcs overall – after all, it was because of their murderous campaign that his nation had to be enclosed away from the rest of Azeroth, and their rowdy appearance reminds him of his former bullies.

Skills and Abilities

He is a mage, albeit one with much to left to learn. The schools he knows the most about is abjuration, followed by conjuration, illusion (his personal favourite) and evocation.