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Player: Micheru

Character Full Name: Rixenbaucher Farscramble

Character In-Game Name: Rix

Nickname(s): Rix

Association(s): Undermine, Cult of the Forgotten Shadow

Race: Goblin

Class: Priest

Age: 43

Sex: Female

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 78 lbs

Height: 4'4

Usual Garments/Armor: Rix tends to wear the clothes of a peasant, rather than the garb of a priestess.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Rix focuses her strength in helping her own and seeing that the people of Undermine and the Shadow Cult are kept protected. She is also dedicated to the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow with an intense ferocity and loyalty, and outright hate for the followers of the Light.


Rix was born to merchant parents who lived in the hills of Stranglethorn, and spent much of her youth traveling between Booty Bay and numerous exotic locations where they traded for goods. The wars between the Alliance and the Horde after the openings of the Dark Portal brought them new trade along both sides of the war, as both sides were always in need of weapons and herbs for medical purposes.

When the scourge came, Rix lost both of her parents to the undeath while traveling through Lordaeron and was lucky enough to make it to Stormwind where she traded what remained of her parents' stock for a place to sleep in the old quarter. While it isn't nature for Goblins to believe in anything but coin and technology, her desperation and sorrow drove her one day to the Stormwind chapel a year later. Without coin and having been evicted from the room she had rented, she went to her knees and asked The Light for aide. The light chose to respond, she felt the weave of the world around her as for the first time her mind touched sorcery.

Rix was welcomed into the clergy with open arms, and she spent the next few years learning the ways and whys of The Light. Exemplifying the Three Virtues, she traveled the world healing and giving what she had to the weak and the injured, without a care as to who they were. For somewhere near a decade she served the light in her travels. Traveling through the ruins of Lordaeron, she came across the Forsaken village of Brill and offered to aide the undead residents there as clergy, only to find out they had their own.

Still a Goblin at heart, Rix saw the Shadow as another tool to be added to her belt, rather than an oppositional religion, and so she approached the clergy of the Forsaken for training. Her training in the cult lead her to believe that she could utilize both light and shadow to a greater power than she could with one alone. At the end of her studies, she left to return to Stormwind. She fought with the head priest for days over the utilization of Shadow and her friendship with the Cult before being excommunicated after refusing to recant. Tossed out of the church, her ideas were loudly refuted by the priests who watch her crawl away while civilians called her a traitor and threw stones and produce. She returned to Brill and swore her sole loyalty to the Shadow.

Several more years passed as she worked her way up the ranks as a priestess. For years she traveled the reaches of Forsaken territories, aiding the weak and defending villages from incursions of light-bringers. More recently, when many new Goblin refugees from Kezan arrived in the Undermine, she left to seek it out and bring the ideals of the Shadow to her own people.

Skills and Abilities

Shadow Magic
Rix can use many of the spells in the shadow school.
Rix knows a little bit about trading and selling.
Rix was trained enough to wield daggers with a good level of proficiency.