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Goblin maleRogue Riggs Ravenhook
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Class Thief
Association(s) Steamwheedle Cartel
Status Alive

Riggs Ravenhook is a 58-year-old Goblin Thief. He is played by Diethe.


Riggs was born and raised in the streets of Bilgewater Port in Drugetown where his father would occasionally get in and out of work as a corporate wage slave while their mother taught them how to eke out a living in a world full of takers and grabbers. Inadvertently, it was these simple skills of scavenging and pickpocketing from careless goblinfolk in town that led Riggs towards the path that he would take later in life.

While they certainly did not live in the lap of luxury, they were manage to get by and eat well enough. As Riggs grew however and his old folks got older, they recieved less and less coins for his father's work, especially with taxes and prices always going up. Riggs grew up, being taught the value of wealth to counter hardship and how goblins like themselves have to give a lot more of their lives just to live in relative ease compared to the corporations and the cartels.

Along the streets of Kezan always looming above him were the splendid villas and race tracks of the big executives, barons, and trade princes. and even below, the opulence of the tales of riches within the Undermine under the Steamwheedles. It was in these cobblestone streets that he and a small band of young vagabonds and urchins of the streets shared tales of gold and treasures among each other; all of them living in an impossibly steep land of opportunity under a cartels of extreme opulence and wealth; and only a select few would enjoy. Within this close cadre of friends was the urchin Kazznik, their leader, who was the most determined of them to break from his bonds of slavery and gain wealth and status. He would become Riggs' best friend and would teach Riggs and the other young goblins how to climb the rooftops, snatch purses and cause some mischief for fun along the way to the dismay of the slow moving bots and bruisers 'patrolling' their own interests.

Growing up with this close-knit brotherhood, it was an unfortunate loss when Kazznik disappeared one day and was said to be vaporized for whatever reason. Riggs was approached by a stranger who introduced himself as Kazznik's older foster brother Gazznik, a master thief in Bilgewater who was rearing Kazznik to be his protege. Riggs was offered the same tutelage Kazz received, and he readily accepted to live both his and Kazz's dream. Moving from picking pockets to marking valuable targets and items, he was taught to move like the wind and be more silent than the night. His first catch, a stunning gold statue of a fat goblin woman, earned him more pay than both his parents combined. It was an exhilarating prize for the young sneak, and though he kept it from his father, his mother silently consented to his son's line of work especially with work being cut short from his hardworking father. He would move on and be given jobs by middle merchants and eventually nobodies from trading companies who wish to acquire or get rid of the competition.

As a journeyman thief working outside petty crimes, there were certain limits to how well-known you could be and eventually he was exposed to certain names who didn't like their valuables being taken away from them. Like Kazz, he was taken to a rich baron's villa to face certain death, if not for the intervention of an unknown goblin from the Steamwheedle Cartel who needed him alive. To his surprise, it was Gazznik, an agent for the Steamwheedles working within Bildgewater Territory that set him loose. He would work and pay his life debt for years to come under the Steamwheedles without much fear or reprisal of the law. Eventually he even worked for them during the Second War as a spy and scout for the orcs. Due to his helpfulness, the orcs called him 'Reggash', an honorary orc name he would keep and use to this day.

During the Third War, he ended his contract with the Steamwheedles and returned to Drudgetown with news of his father's peaceful passing. Although slightly regretful of his actions as a cutthroat compared to his father's honest and hard work, he was more regretful about the fact that he died without a coin to his name. Realizing he wasted time with the Steamwheedles, he got the old gang back together and set sights Bilgewater Port's treasures with their coordinated tactics, heists and robberies with no end in sight. With careful planning, goblincraft tools and equipment and knowledge of the city's ins and outs, they manage to evade the law every time.

He's been at his game for a long time surviving as a decent thief, helping his mother and having the time of his life, until of course everything changed with the earth stirring and all.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Riggs is a materialistic goblin with a keen eye for valuables, especially jewelry. He deems wealth in high regard and sees it as a great equalizer between lowborn like him and the big heroes out saving the world. While most would consider his work heinous and sinister even for goblin standards, he doesn’t balk from doing the dirty work few would be so bold to openly admit but do so anyway. He strives for more contracts and jobs from the corporate suits as not only do they pay more, but also because it is a sign that even those upper-class thieves need people like him in the shadows. And while he doesn't quite resent or see them as antagonists, he does view them as his equals, especially to those who deserve it. He was close to the the people of Drudgetown and relied on their inconspicuousness to get information and rumors during his days as an independent thief before the Cataclysm.

Riggs believes in practicality and logical decisions; the blunt old thief rarely shows his sentimentality or emotion. At moments like these when he's had too much to handle he often takes off and wanders the streets of the city he is currently in and enjoys freerunning and overlooking the city from the rooftops, pondering on his actions and looking at what everyone else is doing.

While he may not be the best or most skilled at what he does, he makes up for it in careful preparation and planning, often having several contingencies and backup plans. It is one of the main reasons why, for someone like a goblin and a burglar at the same time, he is still alive today.


  • Scale/Height: 3'4"
  • Weight: 53 lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Purple

Cured leather vest and trousers, fingerless gloves, soft boots.

Other: He has a significant number of earrings and piercings on his face, with three hook earrings on his left ear and a pair of pearl earrings on both ears. He also has one big hooknose earring on his nose. He keeps his face stubbled and rarely shaves aside from his hair.

Skills and Abilities

A decent pickpocket and cunning schemer, Riggs relies on his careful thinking to survive the hard streets of Kezan growing up.