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Player: Paylonas

Character Full Name: Rider Alden Ellis

Character In-Game Name: Rider

Association(s): Stormwind, Westfall, Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Hair: Ginger colored, the length around mid back and usually tied into a pony-tail.

Eyes: Light Green

Scale: 1.06


Usual Garments/Armor: Rider wears a set of fancy looking leathers, seems as if it were something a spy would wear. Consisting of dark colors of brown, black, and purple; lined with a silver fabric.


Rider Alden Ellis is a rather carefree person, he doesn't let much bother him if he feels it doesn't need to bother him. Perhaps it's because he's quite oblivious to anything that wasn't in his bringing up, unsure how to react in most situations.

An A+ 'southern boy' is what you could call Rider, often relating everything he finds in life to something that's happened to him in his past. Or something he's heard from someone in his past, you could simply state that he talks about his past a lot.

The man also has an undying amount of questions, he might pause and you've thought that you have answered them all; but he always has another one ready for you. In most cases it's questioning the answers he was given, because he can't possibly fathom the thoughts of some things happening. (EX. "Nordrassil is what it's called, it's miles high." "You're bluffin! I had tons o' tree's in my backyard and none of 'em was even close to a mile high!")

Alignment: Neutral Good


Rider Alden Ellis, born in Westfall to Mary Ellis and Alden Fields, raised by Tom and Mary Ellis. Alden had left the unborn child and mother, where he had went was a mystery; it was collectively agreed that it was likely back to Stormwind, but no one had the time or reason to go search after him. Instead Rider grew up as a farm hand on his Uncle Tom's farm until he became of age, there weren't many other options for the child as they hadn't the coin to send him to school and there were few children his age that he could spend time with and play with.

Life went on and on until Rider decided that he was old enough to go out into the mysterious world of Azeroth on his own, a world he knew very little of due to his secluded life in Westfall. Luckily enough for him he managed to leave the dreaded place before things really started heading south, and instead headed off to Stormwind where he was told his father could likely be found. Disappointment was the only thing to come by this, he had found where his father had went but would never have the chance to meet or speak with the man.

Alden Fields passed away a year before Rider could come to Stormwind to find him, a year late; this angered Rider to the point where he didn't really want to do anything with himself but keep moving on and walking. However that quickly subsided when Rider was told that he was left some possessions by his Father, the knowledge that his father did indeed know about the child eased his mind enough to prevent him from turning into an absolutely bitter piece of work; and so coming from the will to him would be a set of leather armor.

After hearing about the tragedy in Westfall Rider decided it's best to move on from his past and just tread where ever his feet would take him; at this time he is now exploring Azeroth to learn more about it.