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Player: Memnoch

Character Full Name: Raz

Character In-Game Name: Raz

Association(s): Darkspear Trolls, Horde

Race: Troll

Class: Headhunter

Skills and Abilities: As a headhunter, Raz has trained a lot in tracking. He may not be able to identify what he's tracking 100% of the time, but he can follow it if it's possible to do so. He also subsequently has a great deal of proficiency in throwing spears/javelins, both at long- and short-range, at the cost of being much less experienced at bowmanship.

Age: 36

Sex: Male

Hair: Green with yellowish highlights

Eyes: Orange

Weight: 265 lbs

Height: 7'3"


Usual Garments/Armor: Almost always dressed in his worn, protective leathers. These are of mottled hues, to aid him in hiding when he's tracking his prey.

Other: He wears a quiver on his back designed for five throwing spears and another, stronger-looking and slightly longer one, obviously to be used for close-quarter combat.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Raz isn't above mercenary work, but his heart will always be with his tribe. Only for them will he go out on a limb, and even then, only for the tribe as a whole, not just one individual, generally speaking. Apart from this, he's mostly out for himself. When out in the world, he's pretty at home in the wilderness, easily finding edible substances and places to sleep. When in cities, he makes the nearest bar his home, trading gossip (and occasional blows) with locals. For the most part, he goes about life as he wishes, and doesn't give a flying fig about who he offends on the way (except the head of the guard...maybe).

He also disagrees with the fact that the Darkspear have been told to give up some of their traditions because other races find them "creepy" or "wrong". After all, "I don' go an' tell 'em what to do meself, mon, so why should dey do dat to us?"


Raz, a Darkspear Troll, spent much of his youth learning how to play games of the searching and finding sort, like Hide and Seek. He was always good at figuring out where his playmates were hiding, and had a knack for following signs of where they went (a broken twig here, a bent leaf there, over there some footprints). In fact, he never gave up the habit, and became a headhunter when he came of age. He was taught by his elders how to survive in the wilderness in case he ever got cut off from help or lost (though the latter was rare, as he had, and still has, an excellent sense of direction and could also follow his own trail back home). This came in handy several times during the attacks of the murlocs on Darkspear Island. Life wasn't exactly easy, but he managed quite well.

As an aside, Raz was always interested in the powerful voodoo magics his elders, the shadow hunters, used, but he never got the chance to start practicing them in full, and was never really taught anything. He still hopes to one day rise to the status of shadow hunter, and tries to keep an eye out for anyone willing to train him.

Raz was 26 when Thrall arrived, and was quite impressed along with his tribe-mates at the strength and compassion Thrall exuded in equal amounts, and was grateful to the Orc when he offered the Trolls a place in the Horde when their island began to sink. He later found out that the Sea Witch had caused the event, though he has little idea what to do with the knowledge.

Upon arriving at Kalimdor's shores, he helped the Horde as a scout and tracker after making landfall. He learned a few tips from an orc he got friendly with during the fighting with the centaurs about close-quarters combat with his spear, and later took those tips to heart, always trying to close with his targets at some point so he can get his "practice" in.

From there, his life was much the same as any other troll's, though through the hardships of his life (having to constantly fight to save his home, losing that home anyway, coming to a strange land where they had to fight to survive yet again, finally finding a new home...only to have it taken yet once more from Zalazane) began to wear on him. He drifted away from the eager-to-please youngling he had been to what's now, more or less, a guy who simply doesn't care about much, other than his tribe and those who helped them.

Of late, he's taken to travelling, trying to see if there are other safe havens in the world for his people, perhaps, as he firmly believes that the Darkspear are condemned to move from place to place, that every time they finally find a new place to live, something else will come along and uproot them again.