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Player: Memnoch

Character Full Name: Raven Quickpaw

Character In-Game Name: Raven

Association(s): Gilneas, House Baerth (hired mercenary)

Race: Worgen

Class: Druid

Skills and Abilities:

  • Fauna Healing - Due to her skills with plant magic, Raven can heal plants of recent wounds and minor sicknesses. Older wounds are harder, if not impossible.
  • Foliage Persona – Raven learned to sense a plants slow-paced emotional state. As of yet, she can only pick up on the vaguest or strongest of impressions. Must be still or walking and have physical contact with a nearby plant, however any plants connected to the one she’s touched can be sensed as well, up to a distance of a few hundred yards.

In general, Raven is not familiar with druidic magics not dealing directly with plants or shapeshifting. Spells like “Wrath”, “Moonfire” or even “Teleport: Moonglade” are examples of spells she’s spent little time or interest in learning. Instead, she’s taken to fighting with an odd combination of her staff, claws and anything her various forms can throw into the fray.

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Hair: Very dark brown, this applies to her Worgen form’s fur as well. The only real difference is that her face in Worgen form has a lighter patch than the rest of her coat, being a creamy tan.


  • Human – Hazel of green and brown
  • Worgen – Yellow


  • Human – 143 lbs
  • Worgen – 213 lbs


  • Human – 5’4”
  • Worgen – 6’9”


Usual Garments/Armor: When out and away from cities, Raven wears her dark leather armor. When within cities, she usually dons simple clothing, mostly nothing more than a simple tunic and slacks with well-worn boots.

Other: She always has a flower in her right ear, usually a rose. Light dusting of freckles across her upper cheeks and the bridge of her nose, courtesy of much time spent outdoors.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Raven is a very, very curious, light-hearted girl who hates hurting people for no reason, and loves people-watching and talking with new people. She’s quick with a smile and hands out praise like candy at Hallow’s End. She wants to spend time in the civilized world, but is right at home in the wild. She tries to make everyone around her comfortable, which is why she attempts to stay in her Human form when in groups or with new people, even though she hates it.

On that note, Raven has absolutely fallen in love with her Worgen form, and stays as such whenever she can, which is remarkable, given how many forms she can take. She loves running wild across the countrysides and through forests, and will even invite other people to join her, if they can keep up!


Raven grew up on the fringes of Gilnean society. She was raised by a woman called Martha, and Martha never wanted specifically to be called “mother”, though didn’t seem to mind being called such, either. Martha took care of Raven as much as any mother would, either way, providing and teaching (and sometimes scolding) Raven when needed.

Martha was a Harvest Witch, and taught Raven everything Raven was willing to learn. Raven herself grew to love tending plants, and had a natural affinity for the magic Martha was teaching her. Plants under her magical green thumb thrived and grew quickly, and even Martha was impressed by the girl’s talents. She even once told Raven, “You’re a rare girl, Raven. Keep it up, and you’ll put me to shame!” before laughing.

The two lived together peacefully in a small house. They were behind it, tending a garden of vegetables, when the Forsaken attacked. They had some warning, because both were monitoring the plants around them magically, and felt it when the Undead started advancing inward. They were just starting to leave the house when they ran into a pack of Worgen. Raven was bitten, and got separated from Martha during the attack, but managed to drive a few of the beasts away with her staff before dragging herself to the safety of a nearby tree.

What happened afterwards was too hazy to make out, but the next thing Raven can recall is being inside a cage while someone was sticking a needle into her side. Turns out, she had been turned into a Worgen. After the initial panic faded to curiosity, she started exploring her new body, and was somewhat pleased with what she found. After it was determined that she had her own mind again, she was let out to help fight the Forsaken who had poured into Gilneas. It was the first time she’d been so far into the city, and her inquisitiveness almost got her killed several times. She noticed, with pangs of regret, that her fellow Gilneans who had not been given the Curse, treated her with fear, or sometimes resentment, if not downright hostility.

When the Forsaken came in with the Plague, she left with a group that made it into the hands of some Night Elves who had come to help. They performed some odd ritual with her and the others who had been Cursed using some pools of water and an old-looking spear that people kept calling a scythe for some reason. Afterwards, she discovered she could change at will from her Human guise, to the form of a Worgen. Afterwards, the Night Elves took them by ship to their home of Darnassus. They invited some of the Gilneans to learn of the ways of the druids, and Raven accepted.

Having spent weeks with several mentors helping her, she’s now begun to strike out on her own a lot, travelling in her various forms from place-to-place, trying to sate her undying sense of curiosity.