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Player: kindle135

Character Full Name: Qiggle Quagstomper

Character In-Game Name: Qiggle

Nickname(s): Q

Association(s): Steamwheedle Cartel, Bilgewater Cartel, The Horde

Race: Goblin

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Nothing of note.

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Hair: Slicked back black hair

Eyes: Purple irises with a somewhat yellowed tint to the eye itself.

Weight: 92 lbs

Height: 3'7


Usual Garments/Armor: Tarnished black armor consisting of a mixture of leather, mail and plate. When wearing his armor he usually has a bandoleer across his chest and a gunpowder horn at his hip. Otherwise in modest citizen's dress consisting of pants, shoes, and shirt.

Other: Usually smells of a mixture of gunpowder, oil, and filth. Qiggle is quite fidgety and doesn't sit still long.


Alignment: Lawful Evil

Qiggle, as Goblins are known for, is selfish, duplicitous, and greedy. He's always been lacking brains but has overcompensated his lack of wit with brawn. He is wont to use his strength to get what he wants and is not abashed by this. Qiggle is in actuality not abashed by anything he does as he is quite vain. Qiggle doesn't care for distinctions between races and holds generalized views for all of them. Qiggle, as is common for Goblins, is frequently searching for profit in in others but is not completely above simple interaction, he's even known to help people occasionally. Qiggle has endured many failures in life but out of his vanity he refuses defeat and becomes diligent to achieve his meager successes. Equally, Qiggle has learned you can be as big of a success as you want if you make slight embellishments to facts, thus Qiggle is also rather dishonest. He has no higher life ambition, which he often grapples with in his head. Unsure of what to do with his life, Qiggle often finds himself in fits of sadness, which he copes with by mindless indulgences into base urges.


Qiggle was born in Undermine as a bastard of a local merchant. The merchant being too busy and having caught a disease from Qiggle's mother was resolute in not helping Qiggle at all. Qiggle's mother, a prostitute, didn't have the time or money to raise Qiggle either, so Qiggle was essentially an orphan. Qiggle spent most of his childhood life running about the dusty streets of Undermine getting in fights with the other kids and going in between various pretend gangs and watching shows in the Decapatorium 3000.

When Qiggle came of age he consigned to be a bruiser, a job in which he found he was exceedingly good at as years of bullying others had taught him much. Qiggle didn't have a surname at this point because both father and mother refused to give him one, so Qiggle was called Qiggle Bastard, which didn't bother Qiggle much as most people addressed each other with worse names already. Sometime after Kalimdor was discovered and the Goblins were setting up shop, Qiggle's father needed to look good for a new business venture and a bastard son would ruin that, thus Qiggle's father hatched a scheme. Qiggle's father worked for the Steamwheedle Cartel and had contacts in Gadgetzan. He arranged for those contacts in Gadgetzan to buy out Qiggle's bruiser contract and get relocated to Mudsprocket. This plan pleased Qiggle's father as he thought surely Qiggle would die in Dustwallow Marsh, he'd be eaten by dragons, killed by humans, crushed by ogres or get a disease or something. As an added insult, a clerical "error" changed Qiggle's surname from Bastard to Dickweed.

Qiggle found himself no easy time in Mudsprocket. From running from dragonkin, to giant spiders, to sinking in the mud, Qiggle had his work cut out for him. Qiggle however worked hard defending caravans and shipments from whatever would attack them. Qiggle gradually worked up enough money to bribe a bookkeeper into changing his name to Quagstomper, a name he thought of as he walked around the quagmires. Qiggle's name change came at a bad time however, as his contract expired in Mudsprocket. Since the ogre holdings in Dustwallow had been destroyed by dragons around that time, the overseers of Mudsprocket saw no benefit in renewing his contract. Qiggle spent the rest of his money on a zeppelin ticket back to Undermine. Qiggle, however, was dumped off in Bilgewater Port for annoying the captain. Qiggle's luck showed itself once again in his life as he was dumped off in Bilgewater port days before the Cataclysm. After the Cataclysm Qiggle followed the other survivors, making sure to introduce himself by his new name, though some still called him dickweed, among other names. Qiggle had no choice but consign with the Horde and has been working as a Horde-affiliated mercenary ever since.