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An aged sin'dorei mage just decades from her three hundredth year, Piroska Al'shar is the eldest child of a middle-class mercantile family living in Silvermoon City. She has recently been given reins of the family business and is working to restore House Al'shar to its former glory -- though her efforts are constantly undermined by the machinations of her younger siblings, who are more concerned with their own amusements.


  • Character Full Name: Piroska Al'shar
  • Character In-Game Name: Piroska
  • Nickname(s): Various names teasingly given to the woman by her wretched siblings.
  • Age: 274
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Green
  • Weight: 146 lb
  • Height: 5'11"


A stern-faced woman with a hard mouth, Piroska Al'shar is green-eyed with long black hair and the beginnings of a scowl permanently on her lips. Her clothes are simple but well made, unadorned but clearly expensive. They provide some semblance of shape to her otherwise tall and bony frame.

Other than the graying hair at her temples, it might be difficult to guess the sin'dorei woman's age; her face is smooth and unwrinkled. The angular face is dominated by high cheekbones flanking a hooked nose. Her sleek black hair is bluntly cut at the shoulders, with long bangs that cover her high forehead. The woman's thin, hard lips are often drawn tight as if in disapproval.



A forceful and decisive individual, Piroska is capable of making decisions quickly and – more likely than not – immediately verbalize that decision with the rest of the world. She has a natural drive for leadership, which is well-served by her quickness to grasp complexities, her ability to absorb a large amount of impersonal information, and her quick decisive judgments. The woman is prone to spontaneous (though impersonal) criticism.

She possesses a tremendous amount of personal power and presence, which she applies as a force towards achieving her goals. However, this personal power tends to be alienating and self-aggrandizing. She is a forceful, intimidating, and overbearing individual.

There is not much room for error in Piroska's eyes. Inefficiency is rejected and repetition of errors causes her to become impatient. She is prone to harshness when her patience is tried, not only because she is not naturally tuned in to other people's feelings but because she doesn't feel the need to tailor her judgments in consideration for their feelings. Hers is an impersonal approach, focusing more on the overall objective than each individual's feelings.

Piroska has a haughty disdain for most people, including her own kind. She is aloof, blunt, abrupt, and opinionated, even to those with whom she is closest. She possesses a particularly narrow view of those who had the misfortune to be born a member of any of the brutish, savage races. The primary exception to this is towards fellow practitioners of the arcane arts; Piroska grudgingly respects them, in spite of the flaw of not having been born an elf.


Piroska Al'shar was born almost three centuries ago, the eldest child born to a wealthy middle-class mercantile family living in the quel'dorei capital of Silvermoon City. At an early age the woman displayed an affinity for the arcane arts and she was able to indulge this interest through her family's money and connections. She initially trained with some of the best and brightest minds in Silvermoon City; then, decades later, she spent a number of years in the magocratic city-state of Dalaran gaining further tutelage under new teachers (many of whom were not high elves).

Piroska's training was was interrupted in the years that followed the Second War. It was sometime during that conflict that her uncle, who had successfully headed House Al'shar during the previous century, died choking on a fish bone. Leadership of the family and its businesses had naturally fallen onto the shoulders of his brother. However, the bumbling if well-intentioned man lacked any business (or common) sense and the House plummeted into debt after a number of poor business ventures.

Unable to afford the lifestyle to which she had been accustomed, Piroska left Dalaran and returned to Silvermoon City with the goal of preventing her father from causing further harm to the family business. In the years that followed, she attempted to firmly guide her father with an unyielding hand. Things appeared to be have been improving – until the forces of Prince Arthas Menethil and the lich Kel'Thuzad laid waste to the kingdom on Quel'Thalas and destroy Silvermoon City.

Having realized at only the most inopportune time that he was ill-suited to the role, her father passed the leadership and responsibilities of House Al'shar to Piroska. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the family's waning wealth had been squandered during his tenure and Piroska was left with the control of a business that was floundering in the aftermath of the tragedies that had occurred.

House Al'shar is now under the commanding grip of Piroska Al'shar, the stern eldest daughter of the household. Distraught by the actions of her father, she spends the vast majority of her time trying to bring the family to its former glory. Her efforts are constantly undermined by the machinations of her younger siblings, who have far less interest in the prosperity of the house and far more interest in their own amusements (often at House Al'shar's expense).

As Seen by Others

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She is a mean-spirited, cantankerous, conniving, soulless woman! But she is mine and I love her! And if you say those things about her again I will turn your entrails into a necklace with your tongue as the centerpiece. *giggles*

Tallaa Al'shar