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Player: Mathias

Character Full Name: Norell Ten Rocketpunch

Character In-Game Name: Norell

Nickname(s): Norry

Association(s): Bilgewater Cartel, Horde

Race: Goblin

Class: Rogue

Age: 35

Sex: Male

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Purple

Weight: 75 lbs

Height: 3'7”


Usual Garments/Armor: This goblin both likes and needs glasses, so he keeps two pairs handy just in case one is lost or if he suddenly finds himself in need of his more fashionable tinted pair. Not a fan of helmets messing with hair, he tosses them to the wind despite knowing that he's leaving himself in danger. With assurance that he's too quick and sneaky in his leathers to be struck over the head, the goblin convinces himself that he made a smart decision.

His casual clothing isn't much, losing much when he was shipwrecked upon the Lost Isles. He simply removes the leathers above his waist and throws on an old, dirty shirt and vest. The thought that it might have belonged to a dead goblin makes him shudder.

Other: He has four hoop earrings; one on his right ear and three on his left ear. His nose was broken in the past and has not properly healed. Younger than he looks.


There are no strangers to Norell, just as there is no concept of personal space. He'll move in for a hug or throw his arm over your shoulder if your short enough or if he has a way to boost himself up, introduce himself by his first name while calling you pal, and talk like you've been friends for months. If you made the guess that he was just a lonely and/or desperate goblin, you would be right, but you would also be wrong. Being friendly, as Norell was taught, is the best way to make a sale. Merchant first, seek friendship later.

Though loyal to the Horde for stopping Gallywix's attempted slave trade, Norell holds no ill will towards the Alliance. Sure, the Alliance won't get the same discount as the Horde, and he won't hesitate to kill them if it comes down to it, but he'll treat them to a drink and be friendly if he spots them in a bar or during a little adventure. He'll just want you to sign along the dotted line before those adventures.

The goblin is desperate for recognition of his own abilities and skills, and refuses to introduce himself as a Rocketpunch so he can leave his great(x3)-grandfather's shadow.


Norell Ten Rocketpunch was the tenth one in his family to be Norell Rocketpunch. He had an uncle named Norell, a few of his brothers (and even two sisters) were named Norell, and had a cousin named Norell Rocketpunch. It was name going back to his great(x3)-grandfather who, after a day of rocket fuel and slave whipping, had the ingenious idea of attaching rockets to a gauntlet. The rest of the family only knew that it was going to end bar fights in seconds and replace modern siege weapons, and so they took the last name Rocketpunch and soon starting naming most of their kids Norell. Norell Ten would not be the last one, as his mother (who went through husbands like tissues) had more kids, his uncles had more kids, and the Norell name was given to almost every newborn. He was told that naming many of the kids Norell would mean that there was a good chance of the name surviving, and then he was pushed outside to follow his brothers and cousins to one of the many factories, where the death rate was high and the pay low.

Norell Ten wasn't meant for the factory life long, and he soon fell in with a small time gang that could never agree on what name they would call themselves. Norell's task, being quiet, short as the time, and with quick fingers, was to pickpocket whomever owed the gang money. They called it Automatic Deduction. Course, being smalltime, members were hard to come by, and the group was more like a family unit than an actual gang. As they got older (and Norell went through a growth spurt that had him tower over his fellows for the next year), they turned their attention to business. Drudgetown wasn't getting any safer, Norell already losing four brothers, three to factory conditions and one to a shakedown, so the gang took their saved coin and simply walked out of Drudgetown. Norell was fifteen at the time, and no one knew how exactly to run a business. One of them had passing knowledge of explosives, so they rented a small building on Swindle Street and, after pulling a name out of a hat, decided on Rocketpunch Explosives N More!

The business had a rocky start that it never recovered from. Some months in the red, some months they hit even and the gang/business-partners thought things were looking up. In the end, Norell and his friends sold their business to another Norell Rocketpunch for a few coins and business lessons. Most everything they were doing, they realized, was wrong. They also learned to never open a business for something they have no talent in. After their two week class was over and they looked down at the small amount of coins in their hands, the friends simply moved on to other pursuits without a single word. They didn't keep it touch. Norell Ten dusted his shoulders off, deciding to forget the whole affair, and applied his trade in other pursuits. The jobs never lasted wrong, but Norell claims that it made him interesting. He would dive for oysters, rob houses, become a town crier, a promoter for footbomb, enforcer, and even a grave robber. He managed to buy out one business and open up another in between his many jobs; a restaurant and a stall for selling perfumes and colognes. Sadly, the restaurant was burned down after the cooks, belonging to one gang in Drudgetown, started to poison the food of rival gangs. The perfumes and colognes? Made you smell like a skunk.

By year 30, Norell had saved enough coin for another business (a pet shop), and decided to treat himself to a game of footbomb. He broke out in cheer as Bilgewater won the game, then grabbed his ears and started screaming as Deathwing flew by the Port and caused Mount Kajaro to erupt. Norell rushed to the old Rocketpunch store and begged for the coin needed to get on Gallywix's ship. Most of the Rocketpunch family managed to get on board after giving away every coin in their pocket and most of their posessions (Norell cried over his business that would never be), and they were immediately thrown in the brig with most of Bilgewater Port to later be sold as slaves. A blessing in disguise (Alliance ships) would give the family the freedom they needed and strand them on the Lost Isles. Norell's depression over his failed pet shop dreams were eased when Town-in-a-box was raised and he spent his time fishing for the small Bilgewater community. The serenity was short lived and Norell found himself thrown in a cage again until a Bilgewater goblin and the Horde rescued him. There was a cheer coming from the docks, and Ten learned that Gallywix surrendered and the Bilgewater Cartel was going to join the Horde. With a shrug, Norell hugged the legs of the nearest orc and took the ship to Orgrimmar.

Free to travel around the world and assist the Horde when necessary, Norell decided to do as he has always done: find a job, make some money, and open a new business. He's thinking something along the lines of fashion.

Skills and Abilities

Hide & Seek: One thing Norell learned as a childworker was how to keep his mouth shut and hide from the overseers, and his time in a small gang really brought out his skills in stealth and hiding in plain sight. Kezan makes the best rogues.

Family Recipe: Norell spent a few months as a cook and had a natural knack for it. He helped create business for his boss by preparing family recipes that didn't exist until he made them up. It worked until a string of food poisonings lost him his business due to arson. Poisons weren't his idea.

Poisons, Oh My: At one time, Norell tried to sell perfumes and cologne to gals and guys, saying it would attract all the single ladies. It made them smell like they were sleeping with a skunk. He was much better at creating poisons, which amused him to no end as poisons were the reason for his food business failing.