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Player: Paylonas

Character Full Name: Nooken (New-kin) Gearhead

Character In-Game Name: Nooken

Nickname(s): Nuke

Association(s): Gnomeregan, Ironforge

Race: Gnome

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities:

  • Tinker - Nooken is a Gnome who prizes himself on his inventions, throughout his years of tinkering it has become natural for him to do so. He can create things or put them together as if it was just breathing for him, and he is skilled at coming up with ideas for creation.

Age: 58

Sex: Male

Hair: Nooken is bald-headed, but he does have a vibrant blue colored Mustache

Eyes: Sky blue, left has a scar across it

Scale/Height: 1.1 / 3'2"

Weight: 37 pounds / 16 kg


Usual Garments/Armor: Nooken can often be found sporting a set of blue plate armor, his compact sword and shield, and a pair of square goggles that are blue


  • Gnomish pistols - Nooken has in his possession two pistols of his own design, they are snugly tucked into a holster and readily available when needed.
  • Compact sword/shield - Nooken wields a set that consists of a sword and a shield, it is designed (by him) to be as compact as possible. The sword fits snug within the shield, then with the press of a button the sword is released into Nooken's grasp.


Nooken the Gnome, he is an oddity. He is often found being hyper and outgoing, eccentric to say the least. He isn't easily angered or saddened, he manages to stay in a happy moody a large percentage of the time. He doesn't care what others think about him, and he isn't likely to judge others for who they are. He believes every being on Azeroth is unique and appreciates them for their flaws. He will attempt to be friendly with most, minus those that are evil.

Alignment: Neutral


Nooken Gearhead, there isn't much to tell about this Gnome. He is young, inexperienced, and still has much to learn about Azeroth and it's inhabitants. He is just but a humble Gnome who wishes to collect as much knowledge as possible, and tinker. Nooken's story starts off were most Gnomish stories seem to have ended; Gnomeregan. Born to Bombus the Tinker and Twixzie the Armorer, life growing up for Nooken was far from rough. He didn't attend proper schooling, instead he went to work daily with either one of his parents to learn their trade. And thus Nookens love for tinkering began thanks to his father. Nooken was always attentive when his father brought him to work, ever since a young age he had always wanted to know more. His mind is young, but it is vast and expanding. He always seemed to be working on something within his brain, it was almost as if he had gears within his head that never stopped ticking. Thanks to Bombus, Nooken could understand the basics of being an engineer/tinker very early within his life. This opened up opportunities in his life for tinkering, among other things aswell. Nooken was by no means a prodigy, although he did hold promise for future generations.

Things were finally looking up for Nooken, other than the habit he had of talking in third person because his father constantly did so while in the shop, things were finally looking good for Nooken. He had several job offerings, female companions, and promises of money. This meant very little to him, he of course was more proud of the set of tools he had acquired from his father. Then it blind sided Nooken as it did many other Gnomes, the greatest betrayal in Gnomish history had happened. Mekgineer Sico Thermaplugg had struck as soon as things were going well for Nooken. Nooken didn't mind that such a thing had happened, there had always been a possibility of it. Nooken was angry most that he had lost his family, and that he had to fight his way out of Gnomeregan in order to survive.

Now up on the surface with the rest of the Gnomes that managed to survive, Nooken fled from his homelands in search of some sort of rescue from this. His initial thought was to continue tinkering, but he hadn't the required resources to do so. He had met a group of mercenaries that were in need of another, they told him of great fortune and travelling across Azeroth. Nooken was over joyous for the opportunity that had presented its self, he had now the chance to explore Azeroth and learn of the infinite knowledge it had to offer to him.

He wasn't prepared for the life of being a mercenary, the first couple of years were rough on him. He had gotten used to how the people treated him, the encounters of trouble, and the rough living enviroment. Nooken managed to persuade himself into not letting this get the better of him and change the person he wanted to be, he dealt with this until he had gotten enough to go off and survive on his own. Survive he did indeed.

One of the most notable of Nookens travels would be the time he had journeyed through Thelsamar, escourting a human to their destination in Ironforge. Nooken was excited to go back to his homelands for the first time since he had left, so excited he let it plague his senses. They were ambushed by two Orcs, those that didn't seem to belong to the Horde. Nonetheless that had came for blood, and blood would be spilled. Nooken was overpowered and outmanned, but no outsmarted. With quick use of his wits he managed to get away from them with the human he was escorting, the only injury taken would be a slash across his left eye.

Nooken is still the happy go lucky Gnome that he has always been, his mind constantly thinking of home and tinkering. He is still the fierce little ball of fury that he was molded into, and he is still a sword for hire.