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Alliance Nikuun
Player ghaskan
Gender Male
Race Draenei
Class Warrior
Age 4063
Height 2,28m (1.01)
Weight 232kg
Eyes Glowing icy blue
Hair Grayish blue
Affilliation(s) The Exodar, Alliance
Alignment Lawful Good
Status Alive


Traveling back through time, on the soil of an unknown planet, the female Draenei Reesta gave birth, something so natural, but which felt magical all the same. In Draenei society, for who years were a mere blink of an eye, infants were celebrated with great ceremonies, and that one was no exception. During the commemoration, the newborn received his name: from that day onwards, he would be known among his people as Nikuun.

The joy of the moment was short-lived, however. As soon as the baby started giving his first steps, the Burning Legion, who had chased the Draenei for countless eons, had found them once again. Nikuun cried and cried with all his might, completely confused. Why was his home, Oshu’gun, taking off? Why were they leaving the safety of the earth?

Oshu’gun landed one, two, three, and many innumerable times more as Nikuun grew. With time, the youth understood that, if they did not escape when the Draenei started to mutter worried words about one “Burning Legion”, limitless waves of demons would sweep them from the face of whichever planet they were on at that moment.

When Nikuun was old enough to be considered an adult, even among the Draenei, they landed on a planet that exuded prosperity. Fascinated by it, they stayed long enough to light the hope that, perhaps, the Burning Legion would not find them. The Draenei settled and named the planet Draenor, or “Exile's Refuge”.

Comfortably established at last, the Draenei enjoyed what an extended period of peace could offer. Nikuun, in particular, proved to be skilled with the use of weapons, and soon enough he started joining parties which sought to hunt down animals that could feed the Draenei.

As decades ran by, an Exarch noticed Nikuun’s crafty handing of weapons and decided to take him under his wing. The Exarch trained Nikuun, honing both his mental and physical skills. To his dismay, however, Nikuun, though faithful, lacked a close relationship with the Light required to join his order as a Vindicator. Still, the Exarch would not waste the other draenei’s expertise, and named him guard of the town of Telredor.

Nikuun enjoyed his job there and did his best to keep both the town and himself at peace, despite the fact that he missed his parents, who lived in Shattrath City, greatly. To occupy his free time, Nikuun would occasionally help hunting parties, like he did before he became a guard. During that period, the draenei was also taught the basics of blacksmithing in order to keep his armour and weapon in shape.

As the Draenei prospered, the Orcs grew as people. The brown-skinned creatures were becoming quite remarkable indeed and, unfortunately, that attracted the Burning Legion’s attention as soon as they found the exiles.

The Orcs, born fighters, but serene and honourable, were corrupted and turned into vicious emerald war machines. Caught completely off guard, the stalwart Draenei did their best to fight back, but, before long, they were overpowered by the green menace.

To save the Draenei from complete extinction, it was decided that most would be sacrificed to save a few. Nikuun was among those chosen to fall back to Tempest Keep, where the Orcs would never find them, as they would believe the Draenei to be all dead and rotten.

Nikuun was thrilled for being given the opportunity to survive... at least until he understood the consequences. His parents had been killed during the monstrous attack launched at Shattrath, and many had seen their lives taken away to permit that Nikuun kept his own. Guilt swayed him. However, Nikuun decided the best way to honour those who fell was to keep going on and to excel at protecting the ones who still lived, even if he never truly forgave himself.

Almost immediately after these dreadful events, Tempest Keep was attacked by a band of creatures like the Draenei had seen before: their build was elegant, their skin pale and their eyes glowed with fel... Later, Nikuun would know that they were the Sin’dorei, the Blood Elves, but at the moment his utmost priority was to fight them back. With grim determination, he struggled to aid his comrades.

The Draenei were able to gain control of one of Tempest Keep’s wings, named The Exodar, and attempted to escape. The Blood Elves, however, had sabotaged the vessel. When the Draenei managed to planeshift, they crashed soon after on another planet.

Although most of the escaping Draenei survived, their crashing had grave consequences for the local wild life. While a handful of Draenei did their best to heal the nature of the newly named Azuremyst and Bloodmyst isles, Nikuun continued his duties as a Peacekeeper, taking turns to either defend Exodar or fight off nearby threats that put their security at risk.

The Draenei were quickly found by the Night Elves, noble creatures of the forests, and it was the first time that they were exposed to the Alliance to which the Night Elves belonged. Marveled by the sense of unity and the Alliance’s past, the draenei was enthusiastic about joining the Alliance to participate in the crusade against the Burning Legion at Draenor, known as Outlands after a catastrophic explosion that thorn the planet apart.

Nikuun wanted to join the expedition, but he was required to stay at the Exodar to provide much needed defence, as the Draenei had already their numbers greatly hindered. Reluctantly, Nikuun stayed, hearing the news of the expedition with great interest.

After the defeat of the demonic threats, the call of war was once more heard by the draenei and, once more, his aid was refused, due to the meddling of the Cult of the Damned. However, later on, he finally managed to join the ranks of the Alliance after the Cult was stopped. Nikuun participated along with the Alliance Vanguard in the fight against the Undead Scourge when the final assault against Icecrown was launched. While he was not at the front lines, the draenei fought with all his might, in an attempt to make up for his absence at previous fights for the Alliance.

Many good men and women perished, but, at last, the Lich King was killed. Exhausted, albeit content for the evil king's death, the warrior went back to the Exodar, where he rested for a few days.

In recent times, Nikuun has left his job as a guard and taken the mantle of the Alliance with increased loyalty, even if his first priority is still the Draenei. Now, the warrior travels around, always with an ear perked to hear the call for duty whenever his aid is required.


He has some scars over his body: three deep claw-like shapes on each of his cheeks and some minor, as well as a few almost invisible ones on his arms and torso.

Usual Garments/Armor

When on duty, Nikuun is found clad in heavy plate armour, brown in colour, which seems to have drawn inspiration from Orcish chainmail, complemented by a tabard and cape sporting The Exodar’s colours. The armour looks rather dull in comparison to what Draenei usually wear and scarred by battle, although it is still functional. In these situations, his favoured weapon is a large hammer made of a Draenic purple crystal.

If traveling around, Nikuun uses a lighter attire consisting of sturdy leather vest, pants and gloves, of a dull and functional brown and mud brown, his form of defence an one-handed sword and a bow, as well as a small and crude axe that can be thrown if need arises.

The draenei prefers to dress in a rich purple vest and pants when in safe places, such as cities.


Nikuun is a gentleman, kind and polite. This latter attribute is sometime taken to excess, making one think the draenei would ask in battle if a foe would not mind being mauled to death. He is also extremely truthful. Having expressions in the vein of “Your majesty, I am honoured by your presence, however, I must say that your breath smells horribly” escape his lips is a possibility.

Akin to any strategist worth their name, Nikuun draws inspiration from what works for the enemy. This trait is most prominent in his plate armour, which seems to bear some resemblance to Orcish crafts.

Nikuun enjoys helping those in need, even if that would mean staying clothless in Northrend. Moreover, he attempts to believe in the good of everyone, except for the obvious evils such as the demons of the Burning Legion and their ilk. Even then, he will forgive easily, which could lead to trouble.

Determined, but grim in combat, he does not believe in his ability to lead. He is fearless, but no fool and will not run head on into battle without knowing his enemy first.

Albeit Nikuun is often seem smiling (or beaming), it is hard to get him to laugh from a joke, for his sense of humour is lackbuster; his chuckles mostly derivate from happiness.

Nikuun is a firm believer of the Light, even though his lack of great piety and immense pragmatism makes his ability to become a vessel to the It almost null.

A sworn member to the Alliance, he sees it as the only way of surviving the Draenei have at the moment. The warrior has nothing against the individuals of the Horde, except for the Orcs and Blood Elves, fighting them merely due to his allegiance. Against the Orcs and Blood Elves, the fight becomes personal, for they did harm his people’s well being.

Skills and Abilities

The regular foot soldier, Nikuun can pick up orders and battle with efficiency. He fights best with two-handed weapons, preferably maces, albeit he can hold his ground with one-handed weapons and shields. Due to his hunts in Draenor, Nikuun can also utilize bows with some expertise. The warrior believes in the Light, but his pragmatic mannerism and lack of great piety render him useless in being a vessel to It. As such, he can only, like all other Draenei, resort to the Gift of the Naaru.

Moreover, the draenei is a fair blacksmith, for he needs to keep his armour and weapons in shape. Meanwhile, his fascination for jewels and minerals has made him learn the basics involved in mining, although he lacks the proficiency to mine himself.

Nikuun is also a fairly good Elekk and horse rider, preferring the first unless there is no choice.

His Common is virtually perfect, his Orcish flawed but understandable.

As far as survival goes, Nikuun knows how to create and apply bandages. However, his cooking is terrible – having sensitive tasting buds, the draenei will only resort to cuisine if the food in question needs preparation to become edible.