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Player: Bitlordman

Character Full Name: Nicole Goldspark

Character In-Game Name: Nicole

Nickname(s): The Bulletproof

Association(s): Stranglethorn Vale, Booty Bay

Race: Goblin

Class: Warrior (Bodyguard, Waitress)

Skills and Abilities: Though Nicole is a small individual she has the ability to bring her enemies on the ground really fast. She is an excellent fighter with a shotgun and a mace. Her other skill is charming.

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Hair: Blond and long

Eyes: Green

Weight: 42,38kg

Height: 115cm


Usual Garments/Armor: She wears a full set of bulletproof armor. In some cases just a formal dress.

Other: Her job is being a bodyguard in Booty Bay, but when she has free time she usually works at the Inn.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Nicole is a charming person, small, but strong. Her voice is quiet and her speech is clear. She would rather talk things out, but if she gets mad she starts fighting like a wild animal. She also hates being provoked. Nicole is a bodyguard who spends her time guarding Booty Bay from pirates and animals. She mostly spends her free time at the Inn where she also works as a waitress.

In an emergency situation she would rush for help. She doesn’t like to drink that much, but yet she eats a lot. She loves eating and working out. Despite, that she hates blood elves. Nicole completely ignores them because of their lack of respect and high thoughts about themselves.

In a fighting situation she tends to bring her enemy down as fast as she can. If that option is done she usually knocks them out or just make a simple throat cut.


Nicole was born in Booty Bay. She was raised there by her father. He was a serious and caring person, always giving Nicole useful advice about life. In a few words he taught his daughter how to work her way out in life. Nicole loved helping her father in any way she could. They would often spend time together catching fish or just training how to fight. Her father was a very experienced fighter so he taught her daughter good. Nicole liked going outside. Her wild spirit was never getting tired. In her free time she would usually be at the inn or outside watching the animals and their way of life.

Over time Nicole began to work in the Inn. She signed as a waitress. Her first days were really hard since she was nervous not to break anything or spill the mugs on the ground. She had the bad luck to spoil things up in front of her boss on the first day, but Nicole was a beautiful female so she did not get fired. Three weeks had passed and she was getting the hang of it. She was doing her job great and she always had an extra tip since she was a charming girl. Her father did not liked that but they needed money to make a living.

As she aged, Nicole asked her father to let her become a warrior. She loved the Inn, but she wanted to help the city in a bigger way. She was training on the dummies and keeping her body fit. She tend to help the goblins deal with the bloodthirsty pirates that threatened the land. As time passed her skill started growing. She gathered some gold for herself and bought a bulletproof vest. Nicole was eager to try her new vest so she gathered the strength to sign for a bodyguard. Her training began and her thirst was yet to be satisfied.

Years passed, and Nicole became an adult. She reached the age of eighteen, and was already working on two spots. She became an excellent bodyguard but nothing could help when things were starting to get ugly, not even her beauty. Since Nicole was doing a good job, she was sent to help rich goblins with all kinds of business. Her name was growing. Her job became harder than ever since she got in trouble with some drug dealers. She returned to Booty Bay as a waitress until they stopped searching for her. As time passed Nicole rarely worked as a bodyguard, yet she never had the chance to try out her bulletproof vest.

When the Cataclysm hit, everything in Booty Bay changed. The whole city was under construction along with the people. Nicole hit the age of nineteen alone. Her father had been lost since then. Nicole was barely even making silvers. Her fate was never lost as she continued working. She was a strong and educated woman so nothing could stop her.

Until this day Nicole could be seen in Booty Bay, usually in the Inn or outside helping her fellow allies.