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Player: Nightongale

Character Full Name: Nevarial Moonblade

Character In-Game Name: Nevarial

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Darnassus

Race: Kal'dorei


Age: 6,497.

Sex: Female

Hair: Nevarial's dark blue hair frames her pale-blue face and stops short against her shoulders.

Eyes: Amber.

Weight: 250

Height: 6'4"


Nevarial is not sweet and kind, but she is not mean and cruel either. She is, to put it plain and simple, neutral. She cares about life and the feelings of others, but she hardly ever shows it. She is boring, plain, and serious; though she does tend to crack a smile every once in a while, though the event is rare.


Nevarial was born 6,497 years ago. When her parents gazed upon their child's amber eyes, Nevarial's path in life was chosen for her. Female Kal'dorei with amber eyes were extremely rare, and were believed to hold special, druidic properties. Nevarial believed for a long time that she was a rarity, and she made sure that everyone treated her that way. Though, with time, she was humbled, and she even eventually began to think of her eyes as a curse.

When she reached adulthood, she began training to become a druid. At times she would fall into a depression; she felt as if she had no control of her life, and because of the color of her eyes, she had no choice but to become a druid. Her parents, who eagerly encouraged her to continue, did not help. She always complained, claiming that all of the others were allowed to do as they pleased while she was stuck with her solitude. Her usual training session, at first, were quiet days and nights in the forest; only listening and watching. Nevarial, too, complained about the incredible dullness. She felt like a stone that never moved. Her mentor, a local druid, told her that was the desired effect. She did not find it amusing.

Over time, about one hundred years later, Nevarial was finally able to see; to really see. It happened within seconds, and it hit her like a crashing wave. She watched a lone leaf fall from one of the trees that towered overhead. It twisted and turned as it fluttered to the ground, then softly landed on the grass below. Such a simple act of nature had showed her the grace and peace that the world carried.

She ventured further into the wilds; catching the short glimpses of a rabbit before it darted into the undergrowth, watching the spray of sparkling droplets as a waterfall crashed against the surface of a lake, and listening to the leaves rustle against each other when the wind was strong. It was all beautiful and worth protecting. She was now ready to progress in her training. More trials were placed before her, and each one was harder than the last. But she overcame every obstacle, not always gracefully, but done nonetheless. It had taken a full 800 years before her training was considered 'complete', but even she knew that a druid's training was never finished. Each day in life was a lesson.

Thousands of years later, the War of the Shifting Sands was upon the Kal'dorei. The ancient race of Qiraji vied for dominance over Kalimdor. Fandral Staghelm and his army clashed against the insectoid beasts, and Nevarial was among them, though she played no significant part. After the war, Nevarial was humbled. She had been in small battles before, but it had been nothing compared to what the War of the Shifting Sands had offered. She had lost many friends and acquaintances, and the experiences had changed her. She no longer complained and her desire for peace increased.

She continued to fight for her people in a two more recent wars, against the orcs that destroyed the Ashenvale forests, and in the Third War against the Burning Legion. In both events she lost even more companions, and in both she was reminded about how lucky she was to survive.

Now that the world tree had been destroyed, so had her immortality. She still bares the body of a young woman, but over the years she will finally begin to age. She feels vulnerable, sometimes even scared, and this can sometimes be seen in her expression.