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Player: Geoni

Character Full Name: Nagoyan Bluecrest

Character In-Game Name: Nagoyan

Nickname(s): Goy.

Association(s): The Alliance

Race: Worgen

Class: Druid of the Pack

Age: 11,120

Sex: Male

Hair: The color of his fur coat could be described as either light gray, or a smoky white. The pattern looks irregular, with patches of the fur whitening at the tips, while the rest of the coat remains a light-grey color. Hence the adjective 'smoky'.

Eyes: Orange

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 200 lbs.

Scale: 0.92


Usual Garments/Armor: Nagoyan wears an outfit made out of thick brown leathers, with a few cloth bindings underneath and a line of black fur along the top of the chest, fluffing out over the shoulders.

Other: There is a large scar that runs across his chest and to the top of his left shoulder. Along this scar, the fur grows poorly. Its origins are a mystery to Nagoyan, but he assumes that it was inflicted before he was cured. Around his neck is a very thin iron chain with a pendant made from silver and sapphire.


Nagoyan is mild-tempered, quiet, and elusive, despite his newfound form. Much of what goes into this are the events of his childhood, along with not having a dominating figure through most of his sane adult life. Only recently becoming fluent in common, he often chokes up his words, and if he doesn’t, they come out awkwardly, forming messy sentences. If this doesn’t make him seem disheveled enough, he tends to smell of dirt, sweat, and whatever animal he has hunted for a meal.

Despite all of this, he strives to be social and be on positive terms with most of the people he has to interact with. Learning more about the world, along with travelling, comes with this. It’s something that often wracks his nerves, being bombarded with a lot of new information. And so he has found many different methods of calming himself: taking walks amongst the trees for some forest bathing, chewing on sticks or tree bark, and restoring small plants through his druidic powers and general knowledge when it comes to gardening.

When it comes to his interactions with other peoples, he hasn’t had too much. Like most night elves, he has that tendency to be xenophobic, although he’s working on being less aggressive when it comes to responding to the violent behaviors that younger-lived races tend to exhibit. He’s interacted enough with humans to know that they require a certain level of patience and thick skin to deal with. The same goes for most of the other races within the Alliance. The Draenei are the exception, since many of them have lived long lives that make them generally calmer and more patient as a race. As for the Horde, he sees most of them as a threat. Within this faction, Tauren are the exception, since he’s had some interaction with them in the field of druidism.


Nagoyan was born on a new moon, contrary to the legend that the men and women in his family line are often born under a crescent moon. His mother, a priestess of Elune, had hoped that her child would have been born when the moon was shining bright. She believed that since she often abandoned her duties as a priestess during her last month of pregnancy, it was her punishment that the night sky was empty during her baby boy’s first moments of life. Indeed, he opened his eyes to a sky full of stars, but absent of Elune. His mother would later comment that even though she was absent, a sliver of her blue child could be seen, peeking down at her baby boy, and that the result of this was that he was doomed to be shorter than he should be, although that was simply an outcome of the genes that determine height.

“At least he wasn’t born in the middle of the day,” his father would comment, saying this as a man who had the misfortune of being born around noon.

His father, a craftsman, would set Nagoyan down the same path. His father was a quiet and distant man, but he knew many crafts, from the crafts of war to the crafts of homemaking. His mother taught him about the eternal love of Elune, and the respect she gives for all living things. The boy spent most of his childhood playing in the forest, as all children should, and learned of the creatures that he shared it with. Having no aggressive figure in his family, he was often picked on and bullied for his timid personality, especially by a group of girls who wanted to be sentinels when they grew up. Cast out, his playmates were the animals of the forest. As he matured into an adult, he was confident that he wanted to be a craftsman, just as his father was.

Nagoyan has always held a distaste for the Highborne. At least, ever since the War of the Ancients, which was caused by their careless use of magic. The threat of the Burning Legion disrupted his training, and so he had to fight alongside his father in this war. They would have to face many creatures that came from the portal that was created in the Well of Eternity. Felhounds were simple enough to fight, and the two were able to take down a Felguard, although some sentinels came to assist in the end, but Doomguards, they seemed to pose a threat that the two were unable to extinguish. At least, that’s what Nagoyan concluded after his first encounter with one. In his shorter stature and minimal combat training, he had little chance of taking it down, and just as he was about to be killed by one, his father was able to protect him by getting in the way. Distracting the Doomguard, he yelled for his son to gather reinforcements, but by the time he gathered a few sentinels, the Doomguard was kneeling over his father’s body with one of his hooves, grinning proudly, warning those that stood before him with his eyes. Unfortunately for the Doomguard, it hadn’t a chance against the larger force that had come back for him.

Miserably, Nagoyan had to give his father a quick burial, instead of giving him the blessing of a funeral overlooked by a priestess. He would go on to fight for his people in the rest of the war, including the massive battle that took place in the city of Suramar, and survive. Reflecting on the war, Nagoyan felt weak and useless; many people died because he didn’t have the prowess or skills to save them, instead often fighting for himself before his people.

And so, for the next few decades of his life, he would learn the practices of the druids thanks to the tutelage of those who had already learned this art, and spend all of his time learning to to take on a number of different forms: namely the cat, bear, moonkin, and storm crow. He was set to learn other forms, such as the aquatic form, but he was pressured to master one at a time, and by the beginning of the War of the Satyr, he had only truly mastered the bear form, despite his proficiency in the other forms he had learned.

When the War of the Satyr began, he swore to himself that he would fight with his new-found power as a druid, but didn't feel confident in his skills. The Druids of the Pack persuaded him to research and eventually learn the form, using it to fight against the Satyr. However, it was a form that was marked by instability and madness after the construction of the Scythe of Elune. He, along with the other Druids of the Pack, was sentenced to a lifetime of sleep in the Emerald Dream by Malfurion. And so for nine millennia, Nagoyan would sleep, the dream-state thinning his sanity until it seemed wholly absent.

And it was. He would run rampant when freed, attacking Gilneas with the rest of the Druids of the Pack, and inflicting a curse on a large population of people, trapped within their city and terrorized by the predators that jumped their rooftops in the middle of the night. There, the instinct and violent behaviors of a hunter could be seen – the very behaviors that caused his people to become wary of the Ancient Goldrinn. Eventually, the Gilneans would come up with a cure, and Nagoyan regained the sanity that his mind waited millennia for. When he came to, there was blood on his hands and a woman’s necklace caught around one of his teeth.

Unlike the humans, he wouldn’t take part in the ritual that allowed them to change back into their original form, and so he decided to go home, in search of a way to regain his original form. Unfortunately, he didn’t find it there. Instead, he found himself unwelcome in many ways, as his existence was a reminder of his people’s mistakes in the past. Recently, he found his mother, and discovered that even she wasn’t welcome of his curse. However, after a long conversation, she was able to accept what had happened to her son and encouraged him that he can find a purpose to exist. Nagoyan, however, is unsure of that purpose, and his search for it has only begun.