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Player: IsolimTso

Character Full Name: Mythian Moonsong

Character In-Game Name: Mythian

Nickname(s): Old Man

Association(s): Cenarion Circle, Azshara (the city), Emerald Dream, Teldrassil, Darnassus

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Skills and Abilities: Mythian is a skilled healer, and is easily in-tune with Nature. He sings beautifully as a baritone, and sometimes laces magic into his singing, healing the plants and lands.

Age: 9,746

Sex: Male

Hair: Unkempt purple mess.

Eyes: Amber.

Weight: 241 lbs.

Height: 7'3”

Usual Garments/Armor: Very little, with not much more than a robe to cover himself with. Absolutely no boots or gloves when in nature.


Alignment:(Optional.) Chaotic Good.

Personality: Mythian is very protective in nature. Of Nature, of friends, of his People, of his secrets. He will gladly spread his wisdom to anyone who will listen, hoping that his “students” won't make the same mistakes their elders did. At times, he becomes very quiet, and very still. He will overly-protect anything he cares about if it was threatened, or if he thinks it was threatened.

History: Mythian Moonsong is as old as he can remember. When first born into Azeroth, he gladly took up Malfurion's call, and learned the ways of the Druids. Even at a young age, he showed great proficiency, and was the happiest he had ever been wielding the power of his beloved Forest. After such a short time of the War of the Ancients, he was wary of the Higheborne, and the Arcane in general. While never living the war, he had heard stories. In this young age, he met and quickly became friendly rivals to a fellow Druid in training, Ruan Starfield. It was also when he found his future lover, Ail'braein, a young budding Priestess to Elune. They shared.. fun times together, and even teasingly made promises to each other to never give up on another. Unfortunately for the young lovers, the Emerald Dream beckoned. Centuries passed, learning the ways of the Green Dragonflight. Occasionally, he would re-enter reality, to see his family, and Ail'Braein.

The Exile of the Highborne just increased his wariness of the Arcane, to almost hatred of it. At this stage of his life, he focused mostly between his teachings and the Emerald Dream, and the healing of the world and the forests. The centuries, and millienia past, until about the time the Silithids and the War of the Shifting Sands broke out. Being out of the Emerald Dream, he promises what help he could give. After the war's end, he returned to the Emerald Dream, and remained there for another long period. During the centuries, he remained completely unaware of his mother's birthing to a new son, Meovloir. His brother would prove to be his greatest failure.

Returning to reality, he was shocked and surprised that he had a new brother. Meovloir was proving to be a handful, and when he finally met his brother, he immediately resented him. Their mother was always praising Mythian's powers, and accomplishments. While the elder Druid attempted to persuade his brother into the Brotherhood, Meovloir found solace in mortal combat, plying from the shadows. Frustrated, and stubborn, Mythian denounced his brother, who abandoned his family out of spite and disappeared for the longest time. Even after discussing it with his mate, Mythian still felt responsible for his younger brother's actions, and felt that he had failed to provide a role-model for him to follow. The Emerald Dream was rather welcome, as he could ponder his troubles in some sort of peace. Things were not meant to be peaceful, however. Being awoken early from his slumber, Mythian found his life has been turned into chaos. Meovloir had been imprisoned, charged with murdering their mother in cold blood. Outraged, Mythian almost ripped him apart then and there, but Ail'braein managed to calm the furious Druid with logic and faith. After considering the actions of his brother, he still could not bring himself to kill him without blind rage. So he asked for an Exiling. Meovloir was stricken of his name, his heritage, and his People, and was told never to set foot again in Kaldorei lands.

His heart heavy with the sorrow of the events transpired, Meovloir would find another way to drive the blade further into his brother's heart. As Mythian re-entered the dream, Ail'Braein was confronted by Meovloir, and demanded to see his brother. Quickly thinking, she refused to allow him access, and prepared to combat him. The Exile was well-prepared, however, and had poisoned his weapons. After a short, intense battle, the Priestess was left mortally wounded, weakened, and drugged. The Exile would then make his escape from the forests, never to be seen again. Mythian had against him, and swore to slay him where-ever he might be. He lived in seclusion, preferring the Wilds to the interactions of his people, and nearly became Feral. Controlling his emotions, he steeled himself for the rest again awoken to sorrow, being informed that his lover had died at the hands of his brother. He vowed vengeance of his life, vowing never to be arrogant or prideful again. Until the Orcs killing of Cenarius, and the outbreak of the Third War, Mythian was rarely heard from, preferring to spend his time in the Dream.

With the death of Cenarius, Mythian awoke to another blind rage, and began slaughtering the beasts however he could. No matter how many he slayed, more always took place. As the Legion showed up in Kaldorei lands, Mythian finally realized the larger threat, and put his anger aside to help at the battle of Mount Hyjal. However, early in the conflict, he was nearly mortally wounded by a Demon, and had to be removed. Giving up Nordrassil, and their immortality, Mythian's sorrow lengthened. Healed, but not unscathed, he vowed to never leave the lands of the Kaldorei, promising to only heal and never take another life again.

Currently, as he vowed, he has stayed in Ashenvale, and Felwood, healing the lands of the fel corruption. He takes occasional side trips to the Teldrassil, and Darnassus. He has also met the daughters of his friend, Ruan, Nalia and Miruka Moonshroud. He has taken to a particular fondness to Miruka, and has unofficially claimed her as his Thero'shan. Nalia (now known as Mika Mistwalker), has little to do with him.