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Player: PhilGobatto

Character Full Name: Morgan Swiftdagger

Character In-Game Name: Morgan

Nickname(s): M, Morg, etc.

Association(s): Steamwheedle Cartel (mainly Booty Bay), many black market organizations throughout the world.

Race: Goblin

Class: Rogue

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Something between light green and yellow.

Scale/Height: 1.0.


Usual Garments/Armor: Morgan usually wears light clothes that don't restrain his movements.

Other: He usually carries around a cutlass and a main gauche and the equipments he uses in his "job", distributed through his belt. He also always carries a certain gold coin in his pockets, considering it his "lucky coin".


A life of hardships made Morgan turn into the person he is today. He grasps every new conquest with all of his strength, seeing that as an incentivation to continue his work and his life. Even today he still carries with him a gold coin that he earned in his first attack to a merchant ship with Captain Morgan's Revenge. He is very competitive and dedicated, and will do his best to be the best. Sometimes, he is too ambitious and attempts to grasp more than what he can, leading him to bad situations. He also has a weakness for alcoholic beverages, but perhaps his most notable flaw is... women. He falls in love with practically every woman he finds. Though this may perhaps slow him in his quest for power, he finds it hard to resist.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Morgan was born into an empoverished family in Booty Bay. His father was a miner and his mother was a cook. When he was a child, every day Morgan would help his mother carry a large cauldron of soup to the mine to serve the miners.

Morgan's family could have been poor but good people, who always looked on the bright side of life and were happy with what little money they had. But it wasn't. His father, unsatisfied with their economic conditions, and jealous of his more successful brother, developed a drinking and gambling habit. His mother always argued with his father against it, and yelled at him, saying he should work harder so that they would earn more money and then would finally get rich, just like Morgan's uncle. And Morgan's father grew aggressive. Fueled by the alcohol, he would beat both the child and his mother. And, one night, he beat her too hard. Her lifeless body crumbled to the ground.

Morgan fled their house, jumping out of a window. His father yelled behind him, but Morgan's feet saved him that day. He slept in an alleyway, all alone and feeling cold. It was the worst day of his entire life. The other day, he learned that his father had died after attempting to resist being arrested. Morgan's rich uncle didn't waste any time, and appropriated the house, selling it to someone else not long after. Thus, Morgan was left with nothing. He started to live in the streets. Hunger forced him to steal.

For years Morgan lived in misery in the streets. He grew up, and started to steal more valuable things, and participate in pit fights. In these pit fights, he earned the respect of other thieves, and started to team up with them, hiding with them in an abandoned house in Booty Bay. He made contacts in the black market. Soon, he was performing bigger heists, and starting to really earn some money.

Then, Morgan saved enough money to buy a ship. He suggested it to his partners, and they agreed with his idea. And thus, he was made captain of Captain Morgan's Revenge. They started to attack lonely trade ships, stripping them from their goods and enslaving the crew, selling both to the black market, and sinking the ships. Nothing would stop Morgan and his crew. He would even raid his uncle's mansion, killing the goblin who had stolen his house from him, and thus giving a whole new meaning to his ship's name. Soon, they started to be a real problem to the Steamwheedle Cartel.

They were hunted by the warships of the cartel. For some time, they managed to escape from their pursuers, but their luck would not last forever. In a bloody battle, most of the crew of Captain Morgan's Revenge died, and the ship was sunken. Only Morgan and the hobgoblin Hobart survived. Morgan was sure they would both be sentenced to hang by the neck until death, but as in a miracle, this did not happen. The authorities of Booty Bay saw some potential in them, and offered them pardon in exchange for serving the Steamwheedle Cartel as privateers, an offer that they both accepted.

Today, Morgan and Hobart work for the Steamwheedle Cartel, hunting down the Bloodsail Buccaneers, hoping to, one day, build a new Captain Morgan's Revenge.

Skills and Abilities

Slippery: Morgan spent many years in the life of crime. He was forced to escape from law enforcers on an almost daily basis. Thus, he has developed a great ability for free-running, dodging attacks, and escaping from many sticky situations.

Stealthy: Morgan spent a lot of time pickpocketing in order to earn money to survive. He has learned to be very cautious, being able to approach someone and steal their coin pouches from their belts or emptying their pockets without making much noise.

Tricks of the Trade: Morgan possesses and knows how to use many objects that help him in his "job", such as bombs, poisons, grappling hooks, rocket belts, lockpicking tools, etc.

Ex-Captain: Morgan was once the captain of a pirate ship, Captain Morgan's Revenge. The ship now lies deep in the ocean, but Morgan's experience remains. He knows his way around a ship.

"You got my back, partner?": The only surviving member of Captain Morgan's Revenge besides Morgan himself is Hobart, the hobgoblin. Captain Morgan's Revenge was everything Hobart had, and thus, he followed Morgan after the ship was destroyed, and still works with him to this day. It's true that Hobart isn't the smartest nor the stealthiest companion in the world, but he compensates with his enormous strength and blind loyalty.