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Player Name: Micheru

Character Full Name: Micheru

Character In-Game Name: Micheru Bloodrune

Nickname(s): Michy

Association(s): The Bloodrune Family

Darkmoon Faire - Former

The Vagabonds - Former

Moonglade - Ranger

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Ranger

Age: 135

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, brownish red

Eyes: Green

Weight: 145 lbs

Height: 6'1"


Usual Garments/Armor: Leather tunic, pants, gloves and boots.

Other: Ancestral Sword (new) A long sword with wave like blades. Enchanted to never rust or chip.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Micheru has evened out over the years. When he first left his homelands and his family in Silvermoon he was a broken man, looking for something to make his life worth living. He found it, first in the Vagabonds; in helping others overcome their poverty and defenselessness. Secondly, in re-discovering a love of nature. Today, he's become stronger emotionally, more balanced. He's devout in his ideals of helping the weak and defending the innocent, and it's made him a better person. He tends to be jovial, but can be deadly serious, should he need to be. He's always been the one who keeps his head in a crisis


Micheru was born to a wealthy merchant family in Quel'thalas. His elder brother Leir trained him in swordsmanship and his father trained him in mercantile skills. He had an idyllic childhood and lived in peace, surrounded by people he loved. That changed when Arthas stormed throughout his countryside with an army of the dead.

Leir was sent off to the front with the rest of the Wardens, and Micheru was tasked with defending the homestead, where dozens of relatives lived. The palazzo his family had lived in for generations was strong, and the gates looked like they should have held against the onslaught, but they fell against the tide of the dead. The impromptu formed militia designated with defending the property fell upon the tides of the dead, but merchants and tradesmen armed with picks and hoes are no army. The homestead was defeated, and Micheru and his parents barely made it out.

Becoming refugees, Micheru's family traveled throughout the Eastern Kingdoms, looking for a place to settle. After wandering for months, they came upon the party of Prince Kael'thas. They followed him on his path to Silvermoon, where they helped rebuild the once great city, and took up a new home for the family. After all of the survivors had come together, the Bloodrune pact was founded. A sign of their great loss, the rune of blood was carved to commemorate the refounding and continued survival. All members of the family now known as Bloodrune gave of their own to carve it.

Micheru could not remain idle, however, and the loss of his kin weighed heavy upon him, and so he left home. He honed his skills as a swordsman amongst a mercenary company, fighting bandits and securing the roads of Silvermoon's expanding territory. He made many friends in his time serving, but during a raid upon a bandit's stronghold, he was struck in the leg with a metal club, and he was unable to walk. After being carted back home, he stayed for a long while, healing and returning to normal life.

And then rumors of his brother surfaced. And so Micheru was off once more, into the wilds. He tracked Leir to the Eastern Kingdoms, and found him upon a cliff of Deadwind Pass. He was in for a shock, however, his brother was in the Lich King's thrall, a Death Knight. With the will to bring Leir to peace, they engaged in battle. The battle was short, and Leir was the superior combatant. Micheru was defeated-- struck over the head and left unconscious, while Leir simply left.

Further a broken man, Micheru drifted from town to town, making money by doing menial work, until he came upon the Darkmoon Faire. He signed on with them as a blade swinger, and gained further training in acrobatics and similar skills. He met Elyssia while he was with the Faire, a priestess of Darkshire, who was being accosted by some thugs. After helping her out, and helping himself to the thugs' wallets, they became the best of friends. Eventually the Faire moved on, and he bid her farewell and continued to drift.

(New: This all happened in-game. A GM approved use of Moonglade as non-druids as long as we kept the peace and came with good intent, I don't remember who though, it was a while back)

Months later, Micheru came upon the tavern in Booty Bay, where he met Ida and Zalleyy, two Blood Elf thieves who were practically starving, and so he formed the Vagabonds with them, and Elyssa, who had returned into his life days before. The Vagabonds swelled in numbers over a period of weeks, growing to be strong in their own right. The Vagabonds were a nomadic group of those who had nowhere else to go, and chose freedom over a stable home. However, they came across a Felsworn who's ire they gained by stepping into her business, and ended up having to leave their haunt of Stranglethorn Vale.

Micheru knew of Moonglade, and made his way there, paying the Furbolgs that guard the path a tithing of food and wine to pass through. He approached the Cenarion Circle and asked for safe haven. The Circle didn't seem to like the idea at first, but gave Micheru a test. He was sent out to slay a corrupted Druid in Felwood that had been making moves against Moonglade. Micheru passed their test, and the Vagabonds were welcomed into Moonglade as honored guests.

And so, slowly, all of the Vagabonds made it there. Micheru was enchanted, he'd never experienced a place like this. Even the woods of his youth paled in comparison. He felt a calling, back to his genetic roots, to protect it, and to become a part of it. After careful deliberating, Micheru approached the head of the Moonglade Wardens and asked for training as a ranger. His request was approved, and he told the Vagabonds that he would be back, heading into the deep woods with his new mentor. He expected to be back in a week, but his training ended up taking months, but he exited the woods a Journeyman Ranger, with many new skills. Knowing he would be needed, he made his preparations to return to those he left behind; even if he's no longer a Vagabond, he still feels responsible to them. He hasn't forsaken the cities he knew, but he prefers the peace of the wilds now.

Skills and Abilities

Master of two weapon fighting (dual swords) Micheru was an acrobat for the Darkmoon Faire. Mercantile knowledge, from his rearing and family business. Riding: Worg - The Bloodrune family breeds them. Knowledge: Wilderness - From Micheru's Ranger training Silent Moving & Camoflauge (Forest) - Micheru has learned to move in the wilds without making noise or being seen. Hunting & Trapping: Again, from his Ranger training Survival: Micheru knows how to survive outside of the confines of a city. Tracking: Micheru can track creatures and people through wooded terrain.