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Player: Micheru

Character Full Name: Medrit Brightwind

Character In-Game Name: Micheru

Association(s): Blood Knights (Former), Shattered Sun Offensive

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Paladin

Age: 192

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Weight: 175 lbs

Height: 6'4


Civilian: Leather or cloth garments, tabard.

Paladin: Armor, usually gold plated.

Other: A long curved sword.


Alignment: Lawful neutral.

Medrit is a little icy on the outside, he feels old and grizzled and is sometimes irritable. He's a bit of a hermit, and tends to isolate himself when not with people he loves. He spends a lot of time alone in training, and he's used to the quiet of a lonesome road. However, when you get to know him and gain his trust, he's warm and caring, and will do anything to help and serve the people who have won his trust.


Medrit was born on a farmstead outside of Silvermoon, the oldest of a family of four brothers and two sisters. He spent his youth threshing corn and wheat, tending to animals and being the workhorse of his family, as his father was crippled and couldn't do all of the chores needed. He learned to fight by chasing off wolves from the animal pens with a kludged spear made of a broken pitchfork.

By the time that Medrit had come of age, his brothers were doing much of the work he grew up doing, but the farm was having a bad season. Unable to feed all of their kids, his parents were at the point of selling the farm. Instead of losing his family's home, Medrit left. He wandered the outskirts of Elven lands, working for various other farms and for other families as a layman worker, sending most of his coin back home.

Traveling the southern woodlands of Quel'thalas, he came across a group of bandits in bloody combat with a group of border soldiers. Using his spear, he managed to catch the criminals unaware and brought several of them down and routed the rest, sending them fleeing. Helping carry the guards' dead back to Silvermoon, he was commended by their sergeant, and signed up to serve with them.

Medrit was a good soldier, excelled in his training, and was eventually deployed to defend Silvermoon itself. He was there when the scourge came, and was sent to help evacuate the nobility inside of the city. During the siege, he helped several influential families escape the waves of undead, and traveled with them, defending them from any roaming undead that were there to pick off survivors.

Medrit traveled with the survivors after they escaped, defending them from wandering undead, highway men and all sorts of dangers. Eventually they settled down in a small village, and Medrit returned north to find if his family had survived. They had not, he found the charred ruins of his family's farm and their walking corpses. He burned the bodies to ash, so that they would never rise again, and carved a stone memorial to them and all of their neighbors who had died. After living like a hermit in the shelter of his burned ancestral home for months, drained and harrowed from the magic addiction, he managed to rally his own internal strength and began rebuilding.

By the time that his people began returning to Quel'thalas, he had rebuilt his home, had built several others in the clearing around the farmlands, and was already on his third year of crops. He welcomed the refugees in and gave them parts of the land to till and homes he had built. Before long, the once decrepit farm became a bustling bastion of a dozen families with Medrit as their protector and leader.

Medrit was at peace, and calm, but realized he could do better, so he accepted the fel into him as did his kin, and became a Blood Elf. As new trading roads were forged, he ran into his old guard commander, now a paladin of the rising Blood Knights order. Medrit was offered a position and training, and said that he would consider it. Returning home, he spent several weeks in private contemplation. He prepared himself to set off and join the Blood Knights, and raised a small militia to protect his land and left a month later. Granting the wisest of the families he had protected with the title of elder, he left his home again, seeking out the Blood Knights.

Joining up, he underwent an apprenticeship as a Paladin, and learned to wield the light itself against his foes, and to protect the weak. Despite having access to a new pool of power, he still preferred the strength of his own arms. He passed the trials, both those of strength and loyalty, as well as those of good versus evil, and became a full Blood Knight of Silvermoon.

For many years, he served in protecting Silvermoon's southern flank, walking the Ghost Lands and the Dead Scar that ran through it. Alongside his kinsmen, he took his blade to numerous threats within the lands of Quel'thalas, and joined in combat against numerous invaders. It was then that he was called to by an old childhood friend of his that brought news of the forging of the Shattered Sun Offensive, and their work. Medrit joined up with the Offensive, and entered their service willingly.

His first deployment was being sent southwards to recruit more potential paladins, and several of the militia from his hometown went to apply, he brought in a dozen young men and women. His success as a recruiter had him return to Quel'danas where he helped train the future Paladins. After three years of service, he was eventually raised to the rank of Templar and partnered with another Templar by the name of Jastus, who would become his lover. Medrit and Jastus ended up parting often due to Medrit being sent out on field missions by the Offensive. Medrit grew used to being alone on the road, and enjoyed it, meeting new people and the mystique of being a lone swordsman.

Today, he still wanders, serving the needs of his people and those of his own. As a swordsman, he has taken students in his roaming, and propagated the style of his school of swordsmanship. While still a Paladin, he's a little harder of a man than he was as a young farm boy turned guardsman, some say he's become an elder before his time.

Skills and Abilities

Swordsmanship: Master

Light Magic: Journeyman

Riding - Horse: Journeyman