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Player: CappnRob

Character Full Name: Mathieu Rivermouth

Character In-Game Name: Mathieu

Nickname(s): Mat/Matt

Association(s): His family business

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage

Skills and Abilities: Mathieu specializes in using the arcane for benign purposes. Portals, conjurations, illusions, polymorphs, invisibilty, and so on and so forth. A pacifist to the core, he refuses to use his magic to harm anyone.

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 150 lbs

Height: 6'3"


Mathieu styles in darkly colored ensembles, either blacks or purples, sometimes accented with whites and golds. He favors exotic and eye-catching designs.

Other: Mathieu's hair is well groomed and wavy. Yes, this is important. To him.


Alignment: Lawful Good. Mathieu is a kind and compassionate soul who hates to see things become violent or tense.

Mathieu is outgoing. Sociable. Friendly. Engaging. And very, very, annoying. He's highly unorthodox, having spent his childhood traveling between Quel'Thalas and Khaz Modan frequently with his parents, giving him a unique, wide-eyed, if naive view of the world. His lack of social inhibitions can be irritating to others, given he's completely ignorant (or simply uncaring) for the ways of the world. Culturally, Mathieu is detatched from blood elven ways, having never lived in Silvermoon, or even stepping foot in Quel'thalas since the Third War.


Despite his father being a dwarf and his mother an elf, Mathieu is not a half-breed. In truth, before Jami Al'Salma, his mother, was married to another before meeting Hrodebert. Her father, the patriarch of the Salma family, arranged a marriage between her and another noble family. For the short time they were wed, Jami concieved a child, despite the marriage being largely loveless. On the outset of the Second War, Jami's husband set out for war and presumeably died. Meanwhile, Jami herself, not knowing that she was with child, met the Alliance soldier Hrodebert Rivermouth, and fell in love with him. The two courted during the war and eloped soon after, and once Mathieu was born, was raised as his father's own flesh and blood. Mathieu does not consider Hrodebert a step-father, and Hrodebert does not consider Mathieu a step-son.

After his birth, the world began to calm down some. During his upbringing, Mathieu had a wide exposure to both the cultures of his mother and father. The Rivermouth family, due Jami's wedding dowry, owned several properties across northern Azeroth. They resided in Loch Modan, Eversong forest, and an appartment in Dalaran. Given the nature of these radically different settings and their cultures, Mathieu has been blessed with a very unique upbringing. He's familiar with both elvish and dwarven ways of life, but has not really fully adopted either. His speech patterns are too informal for elves, but he's a far cry from the burly and upfront ways of dwarves. Dalaran was slightly more forgiving, being a multicultural city of elves and humans long separated from the ways of Quel'thalas or Lordaeron, but even then, having a dwarf for a father gave Mathieu a hard time fitting in while growing up.

Despite all this, though, Mathieu grew up a happy and wide eyed child, and in spite of his bullying as a child, he became a very compassionate, delicate individual. He holds violence in contempt and wishes only for peaceful resolutions for problems. He holds mercy in the highest regard, maybe in due part of the influences from the Rivermouth family's close friend, high priest Aryeon. As Mathieu grew up, he wondered what talents he could use in life. Do to his elven blood, he had a natural affinity for the calling of arcane magic. This was further reinforced by Jami's own versatile knowledge of magic, and the vast resources of Dalaran's libraries on the schools of arcane. As the boy matured into a teenager, he began focusing his magical talents on peaceful and helpful purposes, such as conjuring food and making portals. He applies fire and frost as a means of helping others, such as cooking food or keeping things preserved with cold. He is loathe to ever using the arcane as a weapon, holding true and strong to his idealist, pacifist values.

As Mathieu studied the arcane, a new world order arose. When he was but a teenager, the Third War broke out, totally changing the world he knew. The Rivermouth family lost all their homes and their fortunes, and with the changing political tide regarding elves and the Alliance, they retreated into isolation in Arathi for the next decade. Mathieu, like all other elves, became afflicted with arcane starvation at the loss of the Sunwell, and at his father's behest, was sent out with Jami to Silvermoon to learn about the "miracle from Outland" - that is to say, the Fel. Mathieu partook of the fel mostly out of naive desparation, not knowing what he was getting involved with, and soon after he returned home to his father alongside his mother. From then on, he too stayed at home, away from the world, becoming ignorant of the world's changing outside of what Hrodebert would tell him as he went out on game hunts. As a result, Mathieu is blood elven almost entirely in flesh alone - culturally he was raised high elven and dwarvish, but even those elements were lost as his family lived alone from the world. Now he is living awkward curiosity, an heir to a dark heritage of people whom he knows nothing of, raised by a father whose people want nothing to do with him. Things will change, though. His father has built a vessel for sailing the world's seas, and on board with both him and his mother, Mathieu seeks new adventure in life, with naught but his magic and ideals to guide him.