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Player: CappnRob

Character Full Name: Maeia di Silvio

Character In-Game Name: Maeia

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): The Forsaken, Black Harvest

Race: Forsaken

Class: Shadow Acolyte

Skills and Abilities: Maeia possesses no special powers or abilities beyond the grasp of a typical shadow priest.

Age: Died at 50 (59)

Sex: Female

Hair: Decayed, ragged, dirty, mildewy blonde.

Eyes: Decomposed.

Weight: 90lbs

Height: 5'


Usual Garments/Armor: Black vestments and robes typical for a follower of the Forgotten Shadow

Other: Maeia has no lips, talks with a stutter, drags her feet with a shuffle when walking, and habitually looks at the ground, making her slightly clumsy.


Alignment: Lawful Good. Despite being a shade of her old life, Maiea is still a very kind, soft spoken individual, and still a follower of what is right and lawful. Of course, what is lawful to the Forsaken is often not so lawful for others...

Maeia is kind, compassionate, and soft spoken. However, she is quite passive, moreso in undeath, and is bluntly put, quite weak-minded. Her demeanor is meek and she is quick to shy back from confrontation. She thinks lowly of herself, and apologizes for every misgiving she makes.


Maeia di Silvio was the daughter of a poor fisherman's family from Lordaeron's Capital City. She grew up in the city proper, in the suburbs near the more rural districts, never having much but always happy with what she had. At the age of 13 she joined the Church of Holy Light as a simple layperson, a position she never really advanced beyond. Maeia was a girl of humble ambitious, wishing only to be happy with what she had in life, rather than seek out grand dreams.

When she was in her early twenties, the young Maeia came across a Kul Tiras immigrant named Atilio di Silvio, son of a washed up marine who lost his prestiege and fortune to drunkedness and gambling. He had come to Lordaeron to start a new life on his own, away from his shameful family history. The two met frequently as Atilio was a knight of Lordaeron whose barracks were located near Maeia's home, and he frequently visited for her family's seafood, which he adored. They eventually began a courtship and were married, having a small time ceremony by Lordamere lake. Within a few years, the couple bore a single son: Cristovao di Silvio.

After Stormwind fell to the orcs in the First War and the House of Wyrnn came to Lordaeron in exile, it was Maeia's piety in the church that motivated her husband to travel to Stratholme and study as one of the first generation paladins of the Silver Hand. Maeia prayed for the safe return of her husband as he marched off to battle during the Second War, raising the young Cristovao alone for the duration. When the orcs sieged the Capital City, Maeia had feared for the worst, but even in her moment of dread she protected her son with all she could muster, giving him peace of mind during the traumatic battle. Thankfully, she never had to wield the Light against an orc, and the siege was broken, with the Alliance pushing the orcs back to the Dark Portal. After the war, Maeia was reunited with her husband, but it was not to last.

Two years later, orcs once again threatened the world, and so the Alliance Expedition was formed to take the war to Draenor itself. Atilio, desiring true safety for his family, marched off into battle, leaving his wife and son behind, and was never heard from again. The now-widowed Maeia was beside herself in mourning, but she never remarried out of respect for her lost husband. She focused on raising Cristovao, and spent all she had to get him a strong education, hoping that interesting him in fine arts and literature would dissuade him from becoming a soldier like his father, causing her to lose him as well.

Maeia was only half-right, for while Cristovao did get a grand education which he greatly enjoyed (and Maeia herself learning many new things from her son's excited sharing of his studies), the bold and proud memory of the late Atilio still sat strongly with him. Maeia's young son decided to become a paladin, a Knight of the Silver Hand, much her dismay. She would not oppose her son's choice, though, for she was proud that he took up this path to honor his lost father and to do right in the world. For a humble cleric of the Church, she couldn't have been more proud.

Cristovao's studies soon took him away from his mother's arms, leaving Maeia alone in Capital City while he studied in Stratholme and Ironforge. It was because of this that only Maeia suffered a horrible fate under the Scourge, her home being effortlessly overwhelmed by Arthas's armies as they obliterated the Capital City. There she laid dead, then risen as a mindless ghoul of the Scourge, shambling blindly about the city streets until the Dark Lady Sylvannas Windrunner staged her undead rebellion. Maeia was among the Forsaken who broke free of the evil will of the Lich King, but she had little to feel about the matter. Her city was dead. Her son and husband gone. Her body was ruined and disgusting, her mind broken from the wracks of undeath and necromancy. She became an inconsequential element of the Undercity, a wayward, wandering figure among the dead fields of Tirisfal.

For years thereafter, Maeia accomplished nothing. She searched for her son, or hopefully his grave, but had no success. She was too weak to venture out into Silverpine, and too meek to ask for help. She was pathetic. Then, a savior came to her. To most, Jared Richter was a brute of a corpse with an attitude to match, but to Maeia... he was almost a reflection of her husband. He was kind to her, he had a knightly demeanor about him (for which Maeia has taken the habit of addressing him as "Sir Jared"), and best of all, he gave her purpose. He had assembled a gathering of like-minded Forsaken, calling themselves the Black Harvest, and their ideal was this: Lordaeron had not died, it simply passed crowns from Menethil to Windrunner. It was alive in its undeath, and Maeia was still a proud citizen of it. The Light had forgotten them, but the Shadow had embraced them, and it will give them new strength. Maeia converted her faith to the Forgotten Shadow on Jared's behest, adoring its ideals of empowerment. At long last, Maeia could be strong. At long last, she could go out into the radically different world without worry. She could even look for and find her son whom she still misses dearly. The Black Harvest had given her new purpose, and she will follow it to whatever ends it leads, for the glory of her nation reborn, and for her own future.