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Player: CappnRob

Character Full Name: Madugo

Character In-Game Name: Madugo

Association(s): Darkspear Trolls, Orgrimmar

Race: Troll

Class: Shaman

Skills and Abilities: Madugo has retained all his knowledge of Witch Doctory from his youth, and is capable of using it if he must. Also an accomplished apothecary.

Age: 23 (as of Lich King)

Sex: Male

Hair: Bright red crest of hair

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 250 lbs

Height: 7'7"

Alignment: Lawful Good. Madugo is a supporter of both traditional values and doing what is right. It is to these ends why he searches for a deeper understanding of the Loa.


Typical ritualistic robes, headdresses, and voodoo masks.


Madugo is highly intellectual, for a troll at any rate, as well as very traditional. Being both an aspiring witch doctor as well as a shaman, Madugo combines the philosophies of nature worship and the spirits of the Loa. In his attempts to show that trolls can also be reasonable, intelligent beings, he is very patient and kind-spoken, accepting of others, and very rarely gets involved with violence.


Madugo was born shortly after the Second War, and as a member of the Darkspear tribe, was unknowing of any of the events transpiring across the ocean. He was raised to be a witch doctor, and trained how to commune with the spirits in the world. In traditonal Darkspear voodoo manner, he worked to appease malicious spirits and prevent them from bringing harm upon him. His mentor was none other than his father, Du'guro, who was a fanatical and dedicated follower of the Loa. Madugo had to undergo harsh trials while under his father's tutelage, for his father demanded that Madugo not be a disappointment to his bloodline. Madugo was forced to sacrifice living creatures by a myriad of violent means, including drowning and heart removal. “Never show weakness, for the gods do not help them!” was the encouragement his father gave him, attempting to make Madugo into the model follower of the Loa, as well as a son equal to his own violent heritage. While Madugo accepted the cruelties his father pressed on him as a child, he always found them extremely uncomfortable. That said, he was not totally turned away from his people's ways: he enjoyed the more peaceful elements of Witch Doctory, such as communing with the spirits and understanding the bonds all living things share through them. It would be through these connections that would lead Madugo to ultimately begin his private studies on the Loa: he desires to appease the Loa in a peaceful manner.

Madugo's tutelage would be cut short when the Sea Witch began to corrupt the murlocs of Darkspear Island, for his father would be among the warriors who fought back against them. When the Orcs rescued the Darkspears from the Murlocs and the Sea Witch, Madugo was nearing adulthood, but was not yet ready for combat, and so stayed behind on Darkspear Island instead of joining the trolls who went with the orcs into Kalimdor. His father, however, went with the orcs begrudgingly, hoping to secure a better future for his people, but was never seen again. Soon after the founding of Orgrimmar, Madugo went to Durotar and settled on the Echo Isles, where he traded in his unfinished witch doctor practices for orcish shamanism. However, this peace was soon shattered following the corruption of Zalazane, and so Madugo, among many other troll youths, moved out to live at the Valley of Trials to complete their passages of manhood. Once Madugo set out on his own, he became determined to find a new means of worshipping the Loa and preserving his people's culture that would be acceptable to his newfound orc brethren.

While living in the newly revised and Orc-aided Darkspear tribe, Madugo would make friends with several orcs, admiring them for their stalwart attitudes and honorable natures. While he, like many other Darkspear, is very tribal-minded, he considers the orcs to be honorary members of the tribe as well. For Madugo, the New Horde is one giant tribe, closely knit and dignified. He also became enamored with a female troll hunter named Asul'Na. He admired her sharp intelligence, stern demeanor and biting wit. He went to great lengths to win her mateship, because while Darkspears do not consider females as "trophies" in the traditional sense, Asul'Na was a highly sought potential mate by several men in the community, including some orcs. Finally after much showmanship and tests to "prove his worth" (the details of which remain vague...), Madugo earned the love and respect of the troll beauty, and the two set out together to see the world, remaining inseparable.

In all of his travels, Madugo seeks to deepen his understanding of the forces of nature and commune with their spirits. Likewise, he desires to share this understanding with others. He has come to despise the barbarian troll societies of the world, such as the Gurubashi and the Amani, finding their savage and violent ways to be misguided and selfishly driven, and their worship of the Loa perverted and heretical. He seeks to show the other "civilized" races that not all trolls are like that, and have things to offer to the world as much as the humans, orcs, dwarves and elves. To this end, he seeks a deeper understanding of the Loa and troll voodoo, believing there to be more to it than savage cannibalism and living sacrifices. Beyond this, he has become exceptionally well-read on other races, and while he still speaks in a broken accent (blame the tusks), he can be rather eloquent, showing that trolls aren't just sharp-witted, but also intellectually capable.