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Player: PiesOfNub

Character Full Name: Maddoch Myron

Character In-Game Name: Maddoch

Nickname(s): "Dead-eye"

Association(s): Ex-Blackwater Raiders, Steamwheedle Cartel, Ratchet, The Horde (loosely)

Race: Goblin

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities: Despite being left with one eye after an incident occurred during a raid with the Blackwater Raiders, Maddoch can still shoot from a considerable range semi-accurately. He can't fight hand-to-hand in the slightest due to a lack of depth perception, so he relies upon his pet spider to paralyze his intended target of things get put of hand.

Age: 43

Sex: Male

Hair: Mostly balding, apart from a few loose strands circling his scalp and some rather lengthy sideburns. It's greying from a dark brown.

Eyes: His right eye is a red hole underneath his eyepatch, while the other is a light blue.

Weight: 60lbs

Height: 3'4"

Usual Garments/Armor: Maddoch is usually seen in a stained white singlet and some aged leather pants, with fingerless gloves and heavy steel-cap boots. He has his old service armour laying in a small trunk which he usually keeps in his home, which consists of a thick, scarlet-dyed leather outfit.

Other: There are only three moments when Maddoch won't have his rifle on his back. When he's sleeping, bathing, or he's already firing at some unfortunate beast.

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Upon first glance, Maddoch seems gruff, rude, and very blunt. While his outward personality reflects these things mostly, he does look out for the wellbeing of those who he respects. While there aren't many he respects, those he does, he would defend with his life.

When placed around like-minded people, he's easy to keep a conversation going with, mainly due to his habit of telling old stories of his adventures, which he may have a habit of over-exaggerating. The most social contact Maddoch usually has however, is with his pet spider, Paralice, who accompanies him on hunts and other outings.


Born into a family of mercenaries, Maddoch was raised from an early age with warfare in mind. He was always a rather tall boy, something inherited from his father, who stood at 3'6", which was impressive for Goblin standards. However, he was never the strongest of the lot. He made up for it though, by showing great promise with a rifle. His first rifle, a simple but strong .30 caliber steam-action, was bought for his 10th birthday.

Eventually, the Goblin trade empires began to spring up, and due to living in Ratchet at the time, his family soon became aligned with the Steamwheedle Cartel. Not much changed for Maddoch until he turned 20, however. He was an adult now, and as such, had been given the responsibilities of one. He was invited to join the Blackwater Raiders as a scout, operating around the Southern Barrens. Because of the area he worked around, Maddoch grew into a fairly good hunter, killing beasts with ease to keep himself fed, and in some cases, alive.

About 10 years later, a race foreign from Kalimdor emerged from the seas: Orcs. Instead of seeing a threat, the Cartel saw trade opportunities much like their Eastern Kingdom brothers did during the First War, and for a lot of the early war, hired out mercenaries to the Horde.

One night, about a year after the Orcs landed, Maddoch's Blackwater unit was sent on a raid to one of the small villages nearby Ratchet that the Orcs made shortly after their arrival. According to a "reliable source", the village was said to hold something originally belonging to the Cartel, so, they were sent in to retrieve it. At first it seemed like a usual night job; sneak in, take the loot, and scram. What the contact failed to mention though, was that the village was rather heavily guarded after a recent centaur raid. Maddoch's unit leader insisted that the job must go on, however, so it did.

Due to the technology used in Maddoch's steam-action rifle, it released a hiss of steam rather than a bang, which made silent firing entirely possible. He loaded up some paralytic darts, and began scoping in on the guards. *Psssht, psssht, psssht, psssht* Down they went one by one, until none remained standing at their posts. All was going well, as they marched onto the village. Upon reaching the surrounding walls, they split into two squads. Maddoch was part of the loot squad, the other was lookout/recon. They managed to sneak successfully to the target building. The squad of four got in through a back door, and began their searching. After about an hour, the squad leader, Taz, found a solid gold ornament that the contact described. Upon meeting up outside the building, only 3 stood. Maddoch, Taz, and a new recruit. Too confused by the disappearance of their comrade, the Goblins didn't notice the trap they got themselves into until it was too late.

Maddoch and his two partners were ambushed, the other two going down first. After attempting to retreat, Maddoch was knocked down by the ambusher. They wrestled for some time, however, the dark figure overpowered Maddoch after getting a hand free and grabbing at his face. Maddoch went unconscious due to a blinding pain, so the ambusher tried to finish the job, but had to run off after Maddoch's other comrades managed to find out what was going on.

Eventually, Maddoch received a payout for services rendered and dedication to the raiders. Not much, however, only a few gold pieces and a small bit of land outside of Ratchet. Due to his lost eye, he wasn't seen as a fit marksman anymore, and was removed from the ranks of the Blackwater Raiders. After moving into his new home, Maddoch began living off of a small pension he had managed to save up while he worked.

Maddoch began to experience bouts of depression, due to no longer being able to do what he did best. Living in his lonesome, combined with his state of being, lead him to drink quite heavily for a few years. He had a close call, and would've been left choking on his own vomit were it not for a concerned neighbour. After that event, his life took a much-needed turn.

He decided he needed some spice in his life, eventually visiting Booty Bay and hunting around the surrounding jungle. Out of pure luck, he happened across a small, rare jungle spider which he caught and smuggled back to Ratchet with him. Over the years, he raised her until she become accustomed to him, and rather obedient, to the point where he would take her on hunting trips with him. Eventually, she gained the name "Paralice", due to the ice-cold numbing a single bite would leave on her prey.

Now, Maddoch remains in his little house, happily living alongside a rather odd companion, living out the rest of his long, long days the best that he can. Often, he can be seen taking hunting trips around the Barrens, sometimes Stranglethorn, Durotar, or even Mulgore.