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Player: Ironhide

Character Full Name: Lynxi Gizzelbork

Character In-Game Name: Lynxi

Nickname(s): Lynx

Race: Goblin

Class: Warrior

Age: 31

Sex: Female

Hair: Black (Natural color)

Eyes: Purple

Weight: 39 lbs.

Height: 3'0"

Usual Garments/Armor: Lynxi sports a light layer of chain mail, lightly plated, on her legs, feet and forearms, both for her job as an engineer, and as a mercenary. She only wears her chestpiece when operating around dangerous machinery, or if she is planning on cracking skulls. Otherwise, she is seen with a white sweater cut beneath her chest, exposing her abdomen.


Lynxi is a people person. Always has been. She knows how to make friends and how to keep them. Being a semi-alcoholic, Lynxi is around taverns and inns pretty much all the time, and as a result, has crude but effective people skills. She is able to strike up conversations from the weirdest of places, and can keep it going for quite a while, if the conversational partner is intriguing. However, she tends to get a bit close too quickly, driving people away occasionally. It usually doesn't bother her, as making other friends while she's in town is hardly a challenge. Lynxi is also a crazy flirt; half the time, she flirts by accident. It tends to give the wrong message, and often ends up in extremely awkward scenarios. Otherwise, she is a very optimistic person with a rather lighthearted attitude towards almost everything, in a twisted kind of way.


Lynxi was born in Booty Bay, however her biological parents remain a mystery for her. At the age of two, she was adopted by Nepwiv Gizzelbork, a talented Goblin Tinker. For the first few years of Lynxi's childhood, Nepwiv wasn't much of a father figure, but rather the kind of guardian that force-feeds you asparagus just because you don't like it, for Nepwiv's intentions for Lynxi was nothing more than an assistant. However, Nepwiv's talent with machinery was a marvel to behold for the little Goblin, and she was spoiled with little gadgets and toys that Nepwiv crafted for her. At the age of six, Nepwiv started showing her a thing or two about very basic Tinkering, and for the first time since he adopted her, he actually appreciated her; Nepwiv had discovered his soft spot for kids.

For the next few years, Nepwiv homeschooled Lynxi, as well as teaching her the basics of Tinkering and, as she got older and older, basic Engineering. This went on until Lynxi's 20th birthday, the age when Goblins are considered adults. She begins working as an independant Engineer in Booty Bay, as well as a hired sword for extra cash on the side. Years later, when word reached Booty Bay that the city of Orgrimmar had been founded, she found herself taking the next boat to Kalimdor, where she would then head off to Durotar to seek her fortune.

Lynxi found herself working in Orgrimmar for a short time, as an Engineer and a mercenary on the side for extra cash. Over time, she found herself in need of more and more job opportunities, and began broadening her horizons, taking more interesting sides jobs when availible. Her main profession was still an Engineer, but she became more and more desperate for cash. It is now present day, and Lynxi is found in many places across Azeroth, never settling anywhere, and taking any job opportunity that arises.