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Player: Drewpapa

Character Full Name: Lyle Davit Fantil

Character In-Game Name: Lyle

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Scribe to Father Jakub Fantil

Race: Worgen

Class: Warlock

Age: 33

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 220 lbs (Human form) 380 lbs (Worgen form)

Height: 6'2" (Human form) 7'7" (Worgen form)


Usual Garments/Armor: Relaxed garments include an easily stretched tunic and loose studded pants.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Lyle's personality at an early age was rather joyful and accepting of all things. It wasn't until he had grown a bit older that he really started to come into his own dark personality. From ages fifteen to eighteen Lyle began to feel conflicted and pulled in two polar opposite directions. Vivica wanted him studying nature magic while Fantil pushed him towards Fel. He loved the tranquility that came with nature magic and Mrs. Vivica but loved the utter power and control he had with Fel magic. Around the age of twenty, Lyle had become morbid and dark spirited, which only grew darker as he aged. Present day Lyle is a master manipulator and very cunning. While charming and polite, beneath his exterior lies a dormant mad man that is just beginning to surface.


Lyle was born to Gunter Davit and Cavila Davit and was shortly without them. Both murdered only days after Lyle's birth by "Father" Jakub Fantil, a self-proclaimed holy man that had the reputation of adopting orphaned children and teaching them most of the curriculum and sermons that the Church of the Light would. Much of Lyle's life as a toddler was spent in fairly good condition. He was mainly raised with the other orphans or "siblings". Surely the children could not be taken care of by one man. That is where Mrs. Vivica Felti came in. Vivica Felti was the long time lover and companion of Father Fantil up until a few years prior to the twelve orphans Father Fantil adopted. The relationship between the two was played off as a mere acquaintance although it could be perceived that the lady owed Father Fantil a debt. Raised properly with the care of Mrs. Felti, Lyle, Byron, Nevi, Hudson, Valyia, Nayeli, Oppilun, Treia, Varix, Harriz, Ghena and Landers started their early lives in this sick family or as some would say "cult". Little did anyone know that Mrs. Vivica Felti was a Harvest Witch and from an early age on would begin teaching Lyle small amounts of nature magic.

A few months later, six of the children attempted escape from Manor Fantil but did not survive. All Fantil would explain to the remaining children and Mrs. Vivica is that the others had reunited with their original families. Fantil had them all sacrificed. This made the remaining children slightly jealous but they literally knew nothing of their families so they were mildly content with the fact that they were well taken care of.

Excerpt from Lyle's diary at age six:

"Father Fantil sugjests that I begin writing my own jerrnal since I have returned from the fourests so I can improve my writing and spelling. I'm not so sure what too put hear. I'd much rather be in the fourests with the other cheeldrin runing free at nithe but he tells me I shud just do this. Rest in pe-..." The diary page is ripped and the rest is unreadable.

At the beginning of their ascent toward adulthood, the six remaining siblings were all given a certain job to do for Father Fantil. His presence was becoming more and more frequent among them all. While most of the other children kept to their own chores and tasks, Lyle spent the most time with Father Fantil, especially since Father Fantil made him his own personal scribe. The next three years Fantil gave Lyle small tasks such as writing simple teachings that were well known throughout any church that offered sermons on the Light and its resolve. The relationship with Mrs. Vivica continued to grow stronger as she kept teaching and training Lyle with nature magic and basic apothecary. Over the next few years she would teach Lyle of basic plant lore.

Excerpt from Lyle's diary, age thirteen:

"After that night I couldn't come back to try and write. At least the only thing desirable about this diary is how bad my spelling was. Father Fantil has made me his personal scribe now that he's seen my progress over the past few years. While I continue my training with Mrs. Vivica I still wonder why she chose me out of all the other children. I'm not sure what she see's... Today I learned how to properly use nature to heal and possibly boost the strength of others. Vivica says I'm a natural... I'm not sure what that means. Today Nayeli and I practiced how to create a soul stone with Father Fantil watching us. I'm not sure if it was successful... it made her sick for a few days but I still have the stone. I think I'll keep it. Father Fantil said I should always keep them..."

Between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-two things had finally sunk in with the remaining six children. A sense of awareness drifted over the group like a dense fog but they knew not to try anything on account of fearing Father Fantil would be either heart broken or enraged. Vivica was growing old as Father Fantil and feared what would happen if she passed and left Father Fantil with the adults he still called children. Even they thought they were children still regardless of age.

Lyle finally gained the nerve to begin asking Father Fantil more questions regarding the outside world as he gained more knowledge and skill as a scribe. It wasn't until the age of thirty that Lyle even figured out there was a war going on between the Alliance and Horde. All of this was new to him. Over the next two years Lyle began telling the five other children about the things he was learning over the years which caused a trickle down effect between all of them. Their curiosity was piqued.

As both Fantil and Vivica grew older they both reached the conclusion that they would need someone else to take over their flock before they passed on but time was not on their side. With the remaining six children nearing their middle thirties, Fantil called a house meeting with the children and Mrs. Vivica. It is here that Fantil sat all of the children down with Mrs. Vivica and slowly explained that he had no intention of keeping them at Manor Fantil any longer and that they should branch out. What the children didn't know is that their meals were poisoned and shortly after the children would perish in their seats, bar Lyle whom Fantil had other plans for. With great shock and utter fear, Lyle would stand and try to gather what he had just witnessed but couldn't react at all. Fantil had already transformed into his Worgen form and lunged across the table at Lyle, only to be intercepted by Mrs. Vivica. Lyle stood there, not sure what to do and completely in shock as the two elders fought. Eventually Vivica fell to Fantil and two of his demonic minions which were now holding Lyle in their grasp. Fantil took a few steps towards Lyle and bit him on the arm. Lyle was now a Worgen. For three days, Fantil had Lyle chained in the morbid dining room that carried quite the awful scent. Fantil had truly exposed what he was. A monster. It was then that Fantil made Lyle a proposition he couldn't refuse. He instructed Lyle that he would let him go if he went and carried out his bidding. Lyle accepted and was freed to finally leave Manor Fantil. The choice was his: Work for Fantil or run. Lyle chose to work for Fantil and forget the teachings of Mrs. Vivica. He was consumed with hatred for Fantil and only saw vengeance in the form of deceiving Father Fantil as Fantil had deceived him.

Excerpt from Lyle's diary, present day:

"I returned to the room where all of the bodies were. I nearly forgot that I managed to have the soul stone that I made with Father Fantil from Nayeli. I used it on her. I couldn't see all of my.. friends go. I have began to hear voices. They are not my own. My decision to work with Fantil was crucial. I am now free to my own life. I can't say I enjoyed killing at first but I believe it's starting to feel... good..."