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Player: WindZealot

Character Full Name: Lucille Allihue (Really Lucille Enfield. She goes by her mother's maiden name.)

Character In-Game Name: Lucille

Nickname(s): Lucy, Puppy.

Association(s): The Solheim Society, House Thelwind (This is very loose, considering the one thing she has that relates to them is being a sibling to a guard.)

Race: Worgen

Class: Warlock

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Hair: Red. Tied into a ponytail, alongside a variety of other hairstyles

Eyes: Lucille's eyes remain green in both forms.

Scale/Height: 1.03


Usual Garments/Armor: Lucille is most often seen donning a white Embersilk suit, alongside her tabard if she is permitted to wear it.


Lucille is a rather typical warlock, seen in how she makes an attempt to be as secretive as possible. Double that in the fact that she is also a worgen. While Lucille is not one to take pride in things, she sometimes has a spout of Gilnean pride when she happens to watch a non-Solheim affiliated Forsaken get their excrement handed to them, or when she hears of anything new in the war for Gilneas. Aside from that, one of her prime instincts would be to gain power power in terms of studies of the fel. She does have a fondness for dairy products, though. This is only in human form. In her worgen form, though, the woman takes a dramatic shift to highly irascible, and foul-mouthed, but, aside from that, mostly the same.


One cold night in Gilneas, to a love-dovey couple consisting of a guard and a harvest witch, Lucille was born. She lived a happy life for the first two years of her life, and eventually, a little brother, Morgan, came in the house. She got along well. In fact, the two shared a rather strong bond. Yet, one day, a strange desire arose in the young girl. Adventure. Adventure. Adventure. Something aside from house life, something that wasn't winding up like her mother, who was, to her, a crone. An aging one, at that. She didn't wish to become something to do with nature. And she did speak out about this. But her mother, no, she'd insist upon it. So, one day, she just got her things, and some food, and some spending money, and just…left. She made a conscientious effort not to get found, and, of course, her family eventually forgot she existed, well, her mother remembered who she was.

Lucille then proceeded to go on all sorts of misadventures, and odd jobs to get by. Eventually, she decided to actually try getting some education, and, after scrapping enough money to do so, applied for some training in an institution. However, one of the instructors caught her eye. An old, graven codger that always seemed off. One day, Lucille had decided to follow him home after class, and, what do you know, this was very far from the main city. She witnessed him summoning a demon, and subsequently binding it, from the crack of the door. Something about viewing that summoning stirred a desire for power in the woman, barely eighteen now, and she had heard the sounds of the magic. She was oblivious to it's effect upon nature, though. The next day, she confronted him about this, and after a lot of threats of reporting this, got the man to teach her for the next six years. She became a warlock, and realized just what fire was. She did not seem to mind that she was basically going against her mother's teachings. What little of them she followed, anyhow.

The Worgen Curse was rapidly spreading throughout Gilneas, and Lucille was quickly swept up, as she was reporting to her mentor. It was not one, but a pack. She fought. She killed them, but not before she was bitten. She continued on her way, before she was overcome by the curse running in her blood, and became the very beast itself. Lucille ran rampant as a lone wolf for a long while, before being granted the cure for her sanity.

The Night Elves had come to assist the Gilneans, and Lucille immediately sprung to Tal'doren, and undertook the ritual that had granted her control over the beast. This did not stop her from running off to continue her warlockery. Eventually, during a stay in Ironforge, she was approached by a -hideous- looking dwarf bearing a letter. This invited her to the 'Solheim Society.' Well, she had taken the invitation, followed the directions, and was greeted by an actual community for warlocks. This had already piqued her interest in that they had been able to find her. What she viewed had only gotten her to join. She eventually became a Hunter, one of the peacekeepers of the group, and with their recent reformation, the Society had only cemented her undying loyalty.

However, the Society soon had to dissolve and Lucille found herself slowly losing herself to the corruption of fel, and it was evidently destroying those she had come across in her travels. The wolf was slain by one she had considered an associate. A friend.

The wolfslayer was Balshar Darkdawn. He alone witnessed her final plunge into the depths of Shadowmoon Valley. Some say they can still hear howls of laughter in the wind.