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The Loa are powerful spirits that are able to grant powers to those that worship them. The most common Loa worshipers are the Troll Shadow hunters which call upon the Loa to grant them abilities that can range anywhere between controlling the shadows to healing their allies.

List of Known Loas and what Tribe worships them:

Amani Loas

  • Ula-tek, Goddess of Serpents.
  • Nalorakk, the Bear.
  • Akil'zon, the Eagle.
  • Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk.
  • Halazzi, the Lynx.

Darkspear Loas

  • Bwonsamdi, the Guardian of the Dead.

Drakkari Loas

  • Sseratus, the Serpent.
  • Har'koa, the Snow leopard.
  • Rhunok, the Arctic Bear.
  • Quetz'lun, the Wind serpent.
  • Mam'toth, the Mammoth.
  • Akali, the Rhino.

Drakkari Gods

  • Dubra'Jin
  • Zim'Abwa
  • Zim'Rhuk, the Wise One.
  • Zim'Torga, the Mother of Prosperity.

Gurubashi Loas

  • Hakkar, the Blood God.
  • Shadra, the Spider.
  • Shirvallah, the Tiger.
  • Bethekk, the Panther.
  • Hir'eek, the Bat.
  • Hethiss, the Snake.

Sandfury Loas

  • Kimbul, God of Tigers, Lord of beasts, King of Cats, the Prey's Doom.
  • Mueh'zala, God of Death, Father of Sleep, Son of Time, the Night's Friend.

Shadowhunter Loas

  • Legba, Loa of Speed.
  • Lukou, Loa of Healing and Respite.
  • Ogoun, Loa of War.
  • Dambala, Loa of serpents and treachery.
  • Samedi, Loa of the cemeteries and the restful sleep of the dead.
  • Shango, Controller of the Realm of Storms.

Zandalar Loas

  • Zanza, worshiped by the Zandalar Tribe.

For more information on the Loas and their worshipers visit http://www.wowwiki.com/Loa.