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Player: Duraza

Character Full Name: Lith'fon.

Character In-Game Name: Lith

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): None

Race: Darkspear Troll

Class: Dark Shaman (Shaman)

Skills and Abilities:

Binding: She can bind spirits and force them to do her bidding. Because of this she no longer needs to seek favor, able to use the elements without their respect.

Chaotic Mind: The spirits trapped within her rage constantly. Her thoughts are often clouded and it takes meditation to sort them out. When weakened her hold over the spirits may be lost or they might take control of her body and attempt to do her harm.

Cry of the Spirits: Because of the outrage she has performed other Shamans may be persuaded to attack her by their own spirits.

Forced Visions: She can force the spirits to give her visions. This process is rather violent as her body jerks and contorts while the spirits storm within her. The end result is a convoluted vision. More often than not, it is not interpretable. While having a vision she is entirely vulnerable to attack.

Age: 43

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark green, made into several braids.

Eyes: Red.

Weight: 243 lbs.

Height: 7'5.

Usual Garments/Armor: More often than not Lith is dressed in brown leathers, decorated with animal skins. On her shoulders she wears the scalps of two black bears. She normally carries a staff made from animal bone and tooth. Last, she has two golden piercings in each ear.

Other: Lith removed her tusks, waning out much of her accent. She still has remnants of it, pronouncing certain sounds in the same way as other trolls from force of habit. She also has scars around her body, all seemingly very old.

Personality: Her mind is constantly restless, always in conflict with the the different thoughts and emotions swirling inside her. Despite this Lith's determination to keep her mind under check is great. It has led to an interesting phenomenon. Only the most powerful emotions, tied to her own desires take sway. When she feels wrath the wrathful emotions of a spirit within her compounds it. Same with love, hate, etc etc. This leads to her emotions being intensified anytime she lets them rule her. It also has lead Lith to using meditation daily in order to keep her feelings under control.

Of her own mind there is a great ambition that rules her thoughts. Her service to darker spirits awakened this personal ambition, the desire to achieve power for herself. Her place as a female in troll society no longer does her any good. Her place underneath the spirits became too belittling. She things of other Shamans as beggars while she has developed her own personal power. No longer does she need to be a slave to men or spirits, instead she only follows her own desire.

Despite all this, there is still a fear that Lith feels in regards to troll men. Years of subservience have not been washed away. Normally she hides her fear behind a wall of arrogance. However, when she is actually in danger or threatened by a male troll sometimes the experience proves too much and she snaps. Often, that fear is also intensified by the spirits within, crippling her with terror. For this reason, she normally avoids male trolls as well as men in general.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

History: Lith was born the single child from her mother. Her father had many many mates, each which eventually produced him a son except Lith's own mother. For that, her mother was at the very bottom of her father's list of mates, getting the worst treatment. As a child Lith saw her mother abused constantly. She was the worthless mate that produced a worthless daughter.

When murlocs attacked the Darkspear tribe Lith's mother was killed in the violence. Once her family had relocated to the Echo Islands Lith instead became the object of her father's rage. She was constantly beaten and slandered. Her older brothers and sisters avoided giving her comfort for fear of sharing in her punishment. From that Lith became isolated and to herself. She grew to fear her father and in a world where all men seemed the same she retreated inwardly.

Then her father was lost during the attacks of Kul Tiras on Echo Islands. Once moved to Durotar she saw an entirely different world. Orcish women were able to grow, become more powerful, even be considered as equals. Ultimately they gave her courage to stop hiding and become something better. With her father gone her fear subsided slightly. However, a stinging hatred of him and by extension men started to form. To start bettering herself Lith began work with orcish shamans to learn the way of the spirits.

Once a shaman Lith went back to being on her own for the most part. She rarely wandered into towns or had communication with other trolls. For that, she was often called Lith'fon by those who saw her on occasion. Instead, she spent her time garnering favor with the spirits, constantly doing their bidding to better herself as a shaman. For a while, she was happy, but it would not last. The demands of the spirits became greater and greater and soon she became commanded by wrathful spirits who only demanded for their own personal gain and gave nothing.

These darker spirits abused her and forced her to do their bidding or loose the ability to call them at all. So she continued to serve them, her own mind darkening all the while. Eventually she rebelled against them, her new masters too similar to the men who ruled her life previously. She bound the spirits, forcing them within to try and gain control over her own life once again. This irreversible mistake caused them to rage within Lith. Their feelings and emotions became mixed with her own. In the end, when she had finally sorted herself there were parts of her personality that never belonged and parts that were forever lost.