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Player: anji

Character Full Name: Lionel Rambolt

Character In-Game Name: Lionel


Association(s): The Alliance, Ironforge, Gnomeregan Exiles

Race: Gnome

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Like most gnomes, Lionel is a competent tinker, and he sometimes incorporates technology into his combat style. However, he is better as a warrior than an engineer, and for a gnome, he is surprisingly skilled with two-handed weapons. Because of his small stature, Lionel must rely on quick reflexes, coordinated strikes, and years of rigorous training to succeed, or at least survive, in battle.

Age: 59

Sex: Male

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Weight: 64 lbs.

Height: 3'8"


Lionel usually sports a suit of gray plate armor, custom-made to fit his physique.

Other: Wears an eyepatch over an empty socket


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Lionel's personality contains many traits that would be expected from a gnome - he is rather intelligent, often curious, and sometimes a little silly. However, Lionel takes himself seriously as a warrior, and tones down his distinctly 'gnomish' quirks in the company of other races. Still, he is always prepared to be judged by his size, and he takes no offense to quips about it. Lionel's main objective in life is to be a powerful warrior, and he has little interest in winning petty conflicts or earning the respect and admiration of others.


Lionel was born and raised a rather ordinary gnome from Gnomeregan, the son of two ordinary engineers. His childhood was pleasant enough, though he found unique qualities in himself at an early age. Standing a head taller than everyone else, and showing little talent for tinkering, Lionel felt like a misfit in Gnomeregan, even though very few gnomes treated him like one.

About halfway through his childhood, Lionel's parents took him to Loch Modan for a week-long holiday. In Thelsamar, he befriended a few local dwarf children, and together they played numerous sports, fished in the lake, and chased rabbits. The young dwarves, impressed by his speed and strength, gave him a wooden sword and taught him what little they knew of swordsmanship. It was at that moment that he discovered what he was born for - fighting.

Every day since then, the adolescent Lionel trained intensively, and sought out Gnomeregan's few warriors to teach him more tricks and techniques. When he reached the age of adulthood, he became a guard of Gnomeregan, and changed his surname to "Rambolt", inspired by a dwarf who remarked that Lionel was 'small as a deer but tough as a ram'. He served the city guard with pride... until there was no city left to guard. Lionel fought valiantly outside Gnomeregan's entrance, expecting the battle to be a fight to the death - but his commander ordered him to guide a group of refugees to Ironforge.

After the disaster in Gnomeregan, Lionel joined the dwarven army, a rare honor for a gnome, and he served Ironforge for five years. Since then, he has been less active as a fighter, but he continues to fight for the Alliance wherever and whenever he is needed.