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Player: Lendri

Character In-Game Name: Lendri

Character Full Name: Lendri Sylvian (Former name: Lindsey Autumn Sylvian)

Nickname: Lindsey

Associations: The Forsaken, the Dreadmarch.

Race: Forsaken

Class: Priest

Skills and Abilities: She can use the Holy Light, but cannot use the shadow.

Age: (18 When she died) 28 now.

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark blonde, long

Eyes: Glowing Yellow orbs

Weight: 91 lbs.

Height: 5'5


Lendri seems wellkept for the most part. Her hair has dulled in color from years of death, course and oily in appearance. Though, it is pushed back and trails down alongside her neck and drapes her shoulders. Afew stray strands lay on the sides of her face, sometimes over her eerie yellow glowing eyes. They have a pair of thick eyelashes, and being just above is her slender arched eyebrows. Her cheek bones protrude out from the frail frame of her face, dark flesh present under her eyes from what would appear to be sleep deprivation circles. Her nose is acutely shaped with a round tip, a very faint scar going down the left side and under her eye, but ceases before the cheek. One notable thing about Lendri's face is the full-- almost beautifully so--, lips she possesses that have a pale texture abit darker than her regular skin color.

Though even time is wearing down on her once flawless features, her lips becoming cracked at the edges and faint wrinkles forming from the infamous frown she usually portrays. From then on her body is something less than curvy and mostly a stick. Her shoulder bones poke up from the skin from being severely emaciated, but not exposed. She has a large scar trailing up and over her left shoulder from what looks like a bladed wound long ago. She has a similar giant scar on her right side just below the ribcage, it stops in the middle of her stomach and in the same location on her back. Her hands (if exposed and not covered by gloves) have a charred and blackened appearance. They have many callouses over the palm and knuckles, tiny scars entricately swirling all around the little skin she has left of her fingers. From the first row of knuckles on the tops of her hands begins the torn and gnawed flesh ripped back and completely gone to expose the skeletal bones that lead up to her fingertips. Claws are what these are usually referred to. Some dull scars rest around her wrists and her overall complexion is pale. Almost ghostly so.

She currently wears reinforced cloth, and has sturdy light-weight cloth pauldrons with metal reinforcements covering her boney shoulders. She dons the fancy surcoat of the Undercity and wears the doublet beneath her clothing.

Other: Carries satchels on her waist, usually prepped with tailoring supplies for healing, scrolls, and a book case.


Alignment: Neutral Evil

A neutral attitude is shared between Horde and Alliance for the most part. She is severely loyal to Sylvanas and protects her honor to anyone that would oppose her, or any one of Lendri's brethren-in-arms. Lately she has been showing favoritisim more towards her fellow Forsaken rather than the Horde in whole. She is rather observant and always puts input into things that need a bit more thought.


In the small quiet town of Tarren Mill, something remarkable took place inside a cozy cottage near the mountains that night. As the tiny child opened it's dark blue eyes for the first time, a man overhead was overjoyed with the sight of his newborn baby girl. The woman holding the wonderful little bundle in her arms was overwhelmed that she had brought this special being to life. Tears of joy shed across her cheeks as she murmured the faint words through her lips; "Welcome to the world, Lindsey Autumn Sylvian."

Lindsey was carried off by a cleric of the village just as her mother started to spasm irregularly on the bed. "Merylin, Merylin!" The man shouted, grabbing the woman's hand tightly in his own. "Hang on honey, it'll be alright!" He turned behind him and yelled for the preoccupied nurse; "Nurse! Something's wrong..! Oh God, Light help us!" The woman shuddered and yelped her last words. "My baby--!"

. . . Kameran Sylvian held out his arms to the stumbling toddler that was having issues standing up, laughing merrily as his daughter tried her hardest to walk towards him. He scooped her up in his arms while tickling the little pink belly of the child. "You're going turn into something great. I just know it. My little girl.."

. . . Little Lindsey Autumn matured into a graceful and bubbly young lady during her years as a child, raised only by a loving father in a tight-knit community. Everyone would always comment that she had such an innocent and naive personality in a time of war and peril. Lindsey, as she grew older and began to go to school in the port town of Southshore, realized things weren't as wonderful as she thought they were.

The snobby children that visited the school house to learn the wondrous knowledge that so many others didn't disliked Lindsey. They outcasted her from the society as being 'weird' and 'abnormal.' Even in some instances being called a moocher, that her father couldn't actually pay the school fees and would beg others for coin. Many teasings would take place during class because of Lindsey being motherless.

Lindsey would hurry home to find her father almost never there. She had to deal with the pain and loneliness all by herself. In this time of despair is when she turned to tailoring as a comfort, though her father never fancied it as much as he did mining. He would send Lindsey out to sell his ores that he had gathered to earn enough money to pay for her education and the food expenses. Though always on a frugal budget the two managed fine and lived decently.

As one day presented itself as being worse than the others Lindsey experienced the true spite of her peers. A boy pushed her down into the dirt and laughed at her while holding his stomach. Lindsey picked herself up and ran to the giant oak tree outside of town to sob to herself quietly. Her muffled cries words echoed to a caring ear nearby, an older boy around the age of fifteen.

He sat with her under the tree and produced a fiddle from his leather vest, playing a soft and peaceful tune. His kind words explained that she need not be sad over the little quips the others make of her, that she should only rejoice in times of simple leisure such as these. Offering a hand for Lindsey to hold she took it and looked up at the darkening sky and twinkling stars ahead.

Rumors around the town was something Lindsey was use to as she grew older, selling her tailored goods and the ores her father would bring her. Some of the passing citizens would appear disgruntled or murmur in discontent as they passed her stand. An elder from the village of Southshore visited her stand one day and told her that she shouldn't sell anymore items in the town. When inquiring why, an eavesdropper nearby boasted about how her father was a murderer and scoundrel. Lindsey packed up her inventory and left in an instant choosing not believing the silly lies of the townsfolk.

When she was focused on studying one night at the cottage, Lindsey heard the door slam and perked up to see what was amiss. Creeping over to the door, her head poked out to find that her father Kameran was stashing away some clothes that had red stains on them. Lindsey, being naive and ignorant, figured it was nothing to fret over and went back to her studies. But further rumors from the folks in Southshore spread to the adults and children of Tarren Mill. Could it have been true that her father was a murderer..? This piqued her interest and decided to follow her father one night to his mines.

What she had saw that night was something horrific. Something she thought was only in novels of malicious tales featuring bad men that she would have never thought her father to be. From behind a tall shrubbery Lindsey would spy as Kameran ventured up to a dimly lit house. From there he would knock on the door as a woman approached and opened accordingly, asking what was needed of her. In that instant Lindsey's father produced a dagger from his long sleeved shirt and jabbed it into the innocent's abdominal region, letting her fall down helplessly as a young boy from inside screamed. That scream didn't last for long.

Lindsey rushed home before her father would have noted her absence or see her gone. It was true. Her father was a murderer. How could she have been so mindless to what the others had told her? The thought dwelled on her mind until the early morning hours when her father returned home. She hadn't slept a tick during the night. A bad feeling weighed onto her person as her father peddled around normally.. as if nothing ever happened.

Lindsey's father was a man of shady nature. When the murders got around town there was only one person capable of being a suspect. The angry noises arose from outside one evening, a dim glare of light flickering against the paneled glass windows of the cottage. Vulgar shouts and names were emanating just outside the doorstep as Kameran busted through. He shut the door behind him quickly and took his daughter by her wrist, escorting Lindsey to the back window of her bedroom. "Out. Now." He whispered to her, pushing her through the window. "Run towards the forest, I'll be behind you."

As the two arrived in sunny Tirisfal Glades they had outwitted and outran the mob for now. Kameran took Lindsey up to an old farm just past Brill, placing her inside the barn. He exchanged words with one of his previous associates inside the small cottage past the fields of pumpkins and wheat, explaining his dire situation and how he needed protection. It was given.

For three years had Lindsey and Kameran lived in the barn like street-peasants, living off scarce produce given every other day to them as food. As Lendri's eighteenth birthday came around Kameran wanted to give her something special. He had a ring within his possession, stolen from one of his past jobs tasked by his executor. When morning came he prepared a pumpkin pie and offered that to her as a cake and the ring he said he had crafted a long time ago. Lindsey smiled up at her father admiring his love for her despite the bad man she found him out to be.

Lindsey wasn't feeling well at all after that pie. Her body quivered and shuddered with disease, her forehead sweating profusely. She coughed up blood all that morning until her father decided it was dire to head to Brill and find a cure. While having Lindsey accompanying him, out of all the days that had passed a party of men previously hailing from Tarren mill recognized the villain Kameran instantly as the pair were heading out of the town carrying medicine.

The men snuck up behind the two, knocked them both out and brought them to Brightwater Lake. They threw down Kameran underneath the shade of a tree and tied his waist to it. They took his daughter Lindsey and dragged her to the dock nearby while she screamed for her father. As Lindsey's father came to, he witnessed unspeakable acts committed towards his daughter, and watched as they held her head beneath the water until she stopped struggling. Kameran cursed at the men with all of his fury before being silenced with a sharp blade dragging against the flesh of his neck.

~ ~ ~

A claw emerged from the dark waters of the lake, skeletal fingers twitching and spasming of the new Unlife granted to the corpse beneath. Soaked moss wrapped around the hand that was clenched tightly, the ring finger glinting with jewelry. The gem on the ring shimmered faintly in the moon's glow as the head of a woman rised up from the murk.

Lindsey Autumn Sylvian was no longer human. Nor was she in control of her body while the Lich King reigned from his supreme citadel in Northrend. The beginning of her new life was dictated by a force greater than anything in Azeroth, the Bastard Prince and his disciples. Until the Banshee Queen Lady Sylvanas broke free of her eternal prison, was the race of the Forsaken rised along with her act of defiance towards Arthas.

Lindsey was one of many whom regained her self-control, looking upon her rotted and mangled corpse that was once beautiful. She let out a fierce howl as she realized what had happened to her. She had left the isles of Brightwater Lake which she had roamed so long as a mindless scourge to head to Brill. A new name was given to forget her past or what she could remember of her life from before death. She didn't want to know it. Didn't want to acknowledge that it even existed.

The few years after her rising had she seen the hate and distrust for her race. 'Lendri' made a promise to herself that night in the infamous Undercity, that her goal would to be to change the minds of those too ignorant to see that the Forsaken can be viewed as people again and not husks of their former selves. The skeletal fingertips on her hands cackled with sprinkles of golden light, searing the tops of her hands. The pain was immense at first, but her recently regained willpower was greater.

Later on her journeys of serving Sylvanas loyally had she found a group of Knights that welcomed her into their ranks. Though only lasting a few years, her love grew for her Lady while the band of brothers fought for her with every fiber of their Undead being. Now after so long of being leaderless Lendri has finally found another elitist section that serves under Sylvanas, wholly and religiously.

These devoted men and women from what was called The Black Harvest had aided Lendri in many ways along her journey in undeath. They have taught her new skills and views upon the world. She had met new people amongst them that had turned from aquaintences into friends. There was even a certain gentleman that had caught her eye. The dangers that were imminent from the beginning did not scare her away. She wanted to prove something to herself that she thought was never possible before; to be brave, confident, and have the ability to protect herself and her people from both otherworldly and Alliance forces.

She was there for many things along with her people. There has been so much that was taken from her. So much death from the repercussions of the Harvest. Everything was done for a reason and she was proud to have been apart of that movement towards a better Lordaeron. Through the trying experience of all the Harvest brought, atleast there was some light at the end of the tunnel. The man she had laid eyes on from almost the beginning had proposed to her. And she accepted.

Now with the world enveloped in a new darkness Lendri is prepared to take it on not alone like before, but with family.