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Character Full Name: Laura 'Grim' Worther

Character In-Game Name: Laura

Nickname(s): Grim, Sarah, Kate, Jane, Jasmine, Emma, any other name she can come up with when meeting new people.

Association(s): The Alliance, Stormwind

Race: Worgen

Class: Rogue

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Hair: Brown-red, loose around her shoulders.

Eyes: Blue

Scale/Height: 1.0 Scale, 5'5” Human, 7” Worgen.

Weight: 82kg in Human form, 104kg Worgen.


Usual Garments/Armor: Her amour consists of a leather black and red set, covering her head to toe. When not wearing her armor, she can be found in a range of various outfits.

Other: Grim tends to not carry a weapon with her, choosing to remain mostly non-threatening in the eyes of others.


Grim, in her true personality, is a paranoid and scared person who has trouble trusting anyone. She very rarely trusts anyone with her true name, or really any aspect of her identity. When she does, she is even then timid and paranoid. She has a particular distrust towards the men of her own kind, due to the events earlier in her life. She spends almost all of her time pretending to be someone else, whether that's Sarah the friendly seamstress, Eliza the dimwitted barmaid, or Jasmine the dancer.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Laura 'Grim' Worther was born to two well known parents, both very intelligent people; her father was a soldier and her mother a maid. Grim spent most of her early life in school, focusing on her studies almost all of the time and spending whatever free time she had in the Gilneas City Library. She learned as much as she could in this time, becoming somewhat of a prodigy amongst the students at her school. During her school time, she took an interest to the shadowy and darker stories and novels, even writing her own dark stories. This is how she came to land the nickname 'Grim.' Come her early teen years, she was removed from her school due to the fact that she had suspiciously failed every single one of her tests. Her parents, incredibly disappointed in what had happened. They practically locked her away, telling her that she was not allowed to interact with anyone else. She gave her the basics of what she needed- food, drink, sleep, however she was not allowed to leave the house.

This lasted for years.

Around the age of twenty, Grim was finally released from her home prison. She left her parents immediately, moving in with a friend from school- the only person left whom was close to her that she trusted. Grim returned to her intense studies, even after her expulsion. She even took up learning to fight, originally just as a precautionary measure but it soon turned into a therapeutic escape from the anger she held against her parents. She became quite well trained for the next few years- and then the Worgen came.

Grim emerged from the library one night to find a random stranger on the ground before her- torn to shreds, a hulking monster standing atop the corpse. The Worgen Beast looked at her and was ready to charge before a nearby soldier charged into the beast, shouting for Grim to run. She complied without hesitation. She sprinted all the way back to where she was living with her friend where she found him and two others preparing their escape. The three men promised that they would keep her safe.

Finally making it out into the surrounding woodlands, the group were well on their way to freedom when they noticed that they were being stalked by one of the Worgen. The three men formed a plan. They were going to split up and get behind the Worgen and distract them while Grim escaped. What actually occurred, however, was quite the opposite; Grim was used as bait while the men escaped. The Worgen quickly descended upon her, and she soon blacked out.

She was later told the story of what had happened to her- Another group of survivors had come across her laughably one-sided struggle against the Worgen. The survivors managed to kill the Worgen who were attacking her, but not before she received a number of bites across her body. They took her in to a nearby camp to be nursed back to health, but before they could heal her properly, she turned for the first time. They subdued Grim before she caused any major damage, and when news came of the Night Elves 'cure' she was transported to Tal'Doren where she underwent the Ritual. She awoke later, under the nursing care of the Night Elves and was told she was among friends. Regardless, the previous events in her life had left her to trust no one. She left as soon as her wounds were sufficiently healed, and came to find her own work in Stormwind as a seamstress and has since lived her life, never trusting anyone and never giving more than one of her identities to any one group of people at a time.

Skills and Abilities

Silver Tongue: An adept liar, Grim has a habit of being an incredibly effective liar and seems to have a new story every time she meets a new person.

Hand to hand: Learning under a string of teachers, Grim has learned to be quite the fighter when it comes to Hand-to-hand combat. She learned to disarm and counter enemies, as opposed to being the one that swings first.

Belly coated in steel: Having learned how people work, Grim deliberately spent time to expose herself to alcohol and other kinds of druggings in an attempt to build up a resistance to them.

Brainygirl: Grim spent her childhood making sure she studied everything that she could and that she knew as much as she could about everything she could – which was limited to whatever was sitting in the Gilneas city library.