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Player: Kiffles

Character Full Name: Larshka Duskshroud

Character In-Game Name: Larshka

Nickname(s): Larsh, Larshy, etc.

Association(s): Darnassus, the Alliance

Race: Night Elf

Class: Rogue

Age: 483 years old -- nearing middle age.

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark green, thin and wispy.

Eyes: Silver

Weight: 144 lbs. She's skinny, flat-chested, and otherwise lanky.

Height: 6'2"


Anything for easy maneuvering. As of recent, however, she's taken to earthy-colored robes.

Other: Larshka has scars, both physical and mental. Her skin is marred with however many gashes she's acquired through her lifetime. A few litter her face, most others along the rest of her body. Equally disturbing would be some of the rare tangents she goes on, being subject to panic attacks or physical outrage from her experiences throughout her lifetime. She may be a Night Elf, but she still puts her pants on one leg at a time.


Larshka has become much more mellow as time has progressed. She's much more reserved, a tired but content sort of air to the way she speaks and the way she moves. Her ways have even been known in some rare occasions to borderline maternal in her more seasoned years, towards younger acquaintances. However, she is known to have a short fuse and can turn vicious in the blink of an eye, regardless of what one may mean to her.


Larshka's childhood was typical. Her parents were a mild-mannered couple who raised their daughter in Auberdine. The father had been a leatherworker and sold his wares across the continent of Kalimdor. The mother, a jewelcrafter, perfecting her stone designs and using gems for both decorative and therapeutic purposes.

The young Night Elf's life was non-eventful. Household life was normal, as were her studies. Her parents endowed her with a deep love for the earth from a very young age. Of course she was never cut out for a druidic lifestyle, but respected nature and the world around her just the same. Larshka was exposed to cultures and people outside of her home and the usual Kal'dorei she knew on annual trips with her father across Kalimdor, assisting him in skinning and creating various types of armor and clothing.

As with most of the Night Elven women, Larshka was eventually destined for the life of a fighter. The slumbering of the Druids in the Emerald Dream left her people's destiny in the hands of Tyrande Whisperwind, and she was trained alongside the other females of her race to defend their homeland.

Larshka's relatively gangly stature was clearly not meant to be one for the sword and shield. Instead she was trained on how to wield a dagger, how to hide, to sneak, to kill. She practiced until her knuckles bled and her bones broke. The weapon in which her talent really shone was the bow, and as Larshka grew in age, she grew in talent, becoming a valued scout and sniper during the time of the Long Vigil. It was during this time that she met Narianna Ravenshade, and the pair became close friends.

It was during a patrol that Larshka and a few others had gone on that made several of their sisters wary -- the patrol did not return that evening. Nor the next day, for that matter. Others were sent to look for the lost Kal'dorei, and they were found days afterwards. She had been captured, along with the others, by a tribe of Satyrs. All except one of the captured were fortunate enough to have survived, albeit barely. After the ordeal, Larshka was clearly shaken. She would not set foot out of a town by herself, nor without some form of weapon at her side. The days she spent healing and recovering were spent in silent contemplation, staring off into the distance and stroking unconsciously at the sinew string of her bow.

By the time of the Third War, Larshka's battle tactics had grown savage. Her arrows flew mercilessly and every slash of her blades aimed to kill. When the war ended, so with it did the immortality of the Night Elves through the destruction of the World Tree, a situation that left Larshka feeling that her efforts for the fight had been wasted. The land was ravaged by the Burning Legion, and she and the other Kal'dorei were destined to age just as the other races of Azeroth did. Her retrospective thoughts on the battle and her newly acquired mortality lead her to take a step down and rethink her way of life. A growing and nagging need to travel with a curiosity of the other races in the world. Her travels, however, only made her realize quickly how much she valued being home as opposed to being in lands she did not know.

Only recently Larshka has returned to her homelands, quite eager to return to a place that she missed sorely. For the time being she wanders the eternally snowy mountains of Winterspring, guarding her homelands with her bow at her side.