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Player: Errata

Character Full Name: Laniia Mistwalker

Character In-Game Name: Laniia


Association(s): Feathermoon

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Skills and Abilities:Laniia is a capable healer and spell caster. She does lack much of the feral nature of Druids.

Age: 2107

Sex: Female

Hair: Short messy deep green hair

Eyes: Amber

Weight: 242 lbs

Height: 7'2"


Usual Garments/Armor: She usually wears a green leather robe and wields an overgrown Druidic staff.

Other: While Laniia is a tall creature, she is lithe and nimble-footed. She may lack the graceful movement of an Elf but she makes up for this through the efficiency of her movement.


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Laniia is a down to earth Druid whose mind at times wanders between the stars. She has a merry demeanour and is not easily caught upset. Her optimistic tone and tranquil manners aid her throughout her social life. She carries with her an open mind and an outspoken opinion.


Laniia was born on an island off the coast of Feralas in the Feathermoon Stronghold. Her father, a druid from Winterspring, had been introduced to a change of scenery as his aid was required in the south. While the task he came to Feralas for was only something to require minor effort, the reason that made him stay had nothing to do with Druidism. A local woman had caught his eye, it only took a short while for her to develop the same feelings that he had harboured for her. This relationship eventually blossomed into a cheerful parenthood for them both. Laniia had been their first and only born daughter.

Laniia lived a peaceful childhood, raised by two loving parents on the outskirts of Feathermoon. It was a tight-knit community that always had an eye for those who could not properly fend for themselves. While her mother had already picked up due credit throughout her lifetime in Feathermoon as a herbalist and cook, her father had been behind on this aspect. Surely enough, his wacky antics and loving nature helped him out to grow into a loved member of the community. The two of them made an eccentric couple. While Druids had not been as rare in the community, female herbalists were practically non-existent.Laniia's mother had always been persistent in steering her life onto another course than many of her sisters had done. It had been mostly inspired by her distaste of violence. According to her, the closest thing coming to pacifism would've come from herbalism.

The knowledge was split between her two parents. Her mother had taught her the mechanisms on which the Kaldorei society was based. Quite a few other useful skills were handed to Laniia so that she was able to keep in touch with the society. Both Laniia's parents had known where she was headed. She had taken a lot of interest in the teachings of her father, while both her parents had disadvised her from following the teachings they reckoned it was eventually their daughter's own choice. While Druidism was hardly allowed to be taught to females through the appropriate channels, Laniia's father decided that it would be a waste to leave his daughter's talents to wither without nurture.

They family had chosen to publicly hide Laniia's advancements as a Druidess as it was not generally accepted for females to become Druids. She joined her father on many trips into the wilds of Feralas, sometimes to procure herbs Laniia's mother was running low on or to observe or even aid the balance of nature in the region. It had become her father's duty to make sure nature was kept in balance over the years during his long and perhaps even permanent stay in the emerald woods of Feralas.

The contact between the Laniia and her parents grew smaller over the many years. Her agility and wit along with all her knowledge of the wilds had made her an expert at surviving out in the wild. She had taken more to the wild because of the Kaldorei's disapproval of her Druidism. Over time, Laniia's solitude grew. It was only a few times per year that she might've presented herself to society. The love between the family remained but they all trusted one another enough to be apart from them for extended periods of time.

Laniia's fondness of nature only grew with her Druidic abilities. She improved upon the things her father had been able to teach her and on occasion managed to expand upon her abilities. As her mother had made her quite clear, she should not lose her connection to the Kaldorei society despite their view on her chosen path. Because of this, Laniia made sure to practice her speech and writing in the wilds even though it may have seemed useless in her solitude.

Laniia's streak of living outside of society had sudden been torn asunder the day the news came from her father that her mother had been fatally injured during a raid of naga upon the their village. Laniia had been just too late in her return to offer her mother a final farewell. Grief had not only overtaken Laniia and her father but a small gathering of friends mourned over the woman's death among a few others whom had perished in the raid. Laniia's father sunk into a state of deep melancholy. Laniia's long absence from society had given her a tranquil mind. Even though she mourned her mother's death, she was still able to rationalize and prioritize her actions.

Laniia had not been able to console her father. The significance of his loss burdened his mind too much. He should have been able to save her. Eventually he had reasoned that if he only stayed in Feathermoon, he would not be able to save others. He finally concluded that the only right path was to join with the Cenarion Circle again and do what any other Druid was purposed to do, enter the emerald dream. Laniia had tried to stop her father from reaching this conclusion but her effort had been in vain. Soon enough, she was alone again. Even more lonely than she had been all the while out in the wilds. The third war had claimed many lives and changed even more of them.

The only option left for Laniia was to retire from her fruitful years of seclusion and wander Azeroth to aid those who were in need like her father had proposed doing. His method had been a different path, one Laniia could not bear to follow.