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Player: MstrCorvus

Character Full Name: Korvus Fallenstar (Formerly Fairstar)

Character In-Game Name: Korvus

Nickname: The Fallen Star

Association(s): Quel’Thalas, House Fairstar

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Warrior

Age: 479

Sex: Male

Hair: White (Formerly Red)

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 82 kg

Height: 6’1”

Scale: 1.01


Usual Garments/Armour: Korvus likes to wear well-tailored suits during his casual time and his standard armor consists of brown and gold plate. He has special armor locked away in his vault that he refuses to touch.


Korvus is a pretty relaxed guy. When he speaks to people, he is polite but not formally so, often being casual in most situations. He has a good handle on his emotions and is not an empty husk but instead being quite a nice guy. Korvus enjoys meeting new people and learning things from them and also enjoying a drink, even though he cannot get drunk. Although his normal demeanour is casual and friendly, if you try to attack him he will simply ask politely for you to stop. Continue to purposely anger him or try to delve into his memories and he will metaphorically flip a table and enrage. This leads to excessive violence on his part. In his free time not spent in pubs, he likes to wander around the world and expand his mind. Another of his favorite pastimes is killing bandits. While he doesn’t enjoy killing innocents, he loves the thrill of a good fight against a tough opponent.

Alignment: Neutral Good


Korvus was born in Quel’Thalas into the Fairstar noble family and had a fairly simple first century of life. Since he was a child, he had an obsession with boats. When he was not spending hours in dance classes his mother enrolled him in, most afternoons he would sit by the bay watching the trading ships come in with their merchandise as well as the powerful navy galleons coming in to shore to stock up on provisions. He dreamed of one day owning his own boat and it was the one driving though he had for decades. Although his family had a successful merchant empire and owned several ships, he did not want to simply take one of theirs or buy one with their money. He wanted to earn it for himself with his own labor.

Korvus got a job as a blacksmith, forging swords and repairing broken ones. He slaved away like this for years, saving as much as he could to achieve his dream. One day a soldier came in with a sword he had purchased from Korvus several days ago. Korvus expected to be yelled at and demeaned for doing a bad job but the soldier congratulated him on making such a fine blade and thanked him for selling it to him. This gave Korvus a feeling of pride in his work after seeing someone take time out just to thank him. He no longer only made weapons to save for his dream, but because he knew he was saving lives in some far off place where soldiers used the weapons he made to slay the elves’ enemies.

After a century and a half of working at this, Korvus’ dream of owning his own ship seemed to seem like a background thought more than a driving force. During his years, he met a woman he used to attend dance classes with named Denaria Sunborn and fell in love with her, spending his free time away from the forge with her. Despite his family constantly telling him to give up the idea of working for himself and to simply sit back and travel using one of their ships so he did not have to work, Korvus told them that he would not use their success and fortune to influence his own life choices.

He decided that if he could not own a ship, serving on one would be the next best thing so he resigned from his blacksmith job and enrolled in the Elven Navy. Before setting off, he told Denaria that he could not bring himself to leave her alone for years on end so he broke up with her, despite how much it hurt him. What Korvus didn't know is that he had sired a daughter with Denaria. A daughter who he would not learn of until many years later. He was trained in the art of raiding opposing ships and on how to fire cannons efficiently. After four decades of training endlessly, he was stationed upon the Elven Destroyer ‘Lightwhisper’. Korvus served on this vessel for many years, taking part in the second war and fighting against the Troll armadas of the Horde. He loved this life and would never have given up his seafaring service for anything.

Years later, when Arthas and his Scourge invaded Quel’Thalas and destroyed the Sunwell, Korvus had no choice but to do as so many of his kind did and began to feed on Fel magic. This turned his eyes green and marked him as a blood elf. When he heard his niece Lyriel had gone on an expedition to Northrend, he followed after taking leave from his post. During their time there, he was the best man at Lyriel's wedding and grew close to his niece, seeing her as his closest friend.

He was sitting at the expedition’s camp when he heard news that Lyriel had not returned and Korvus went out to find her, encountering a band of Scourge. He fought as best he could but in the end, he was felled by a skeletal warlord wielding a greatsword. He felt as though his death was drawing near but some others from the camp had followed him, fearing the worst. They brought him back to the camp and he spent weeks slowly healing from his nearly fatal injuries.

During this recovery period, he got the news that Lyriel's death had been confirmed. Many nights, he had nightmares about the things he had gone through and the memory of his niece plagued his mind. The memories and the experiences haunted him every day and harrowed him up. He felt like he was dead and cold inside for a very long time, even after leaving Northrend.

After he had fully recovered from his injuries, he decided to travel back to the Eastern Kingdoms since he saw there was nothing left for him in Northrend besides pain. His hair had become white and pale from the strain on his body and mind. With his family's trademarked red hair gone from his visage and the memories he wanted to forget, he decided to start anew, renaming himself Fallenstar in the memory of his fallen niece. Korvus began to travel, searching for something that could combat all the blood-chilling things he had seen. In time, his travels and adventures began to block out his darker memories and his pleasant, friendly demeanour returned to him slowly.

Months later he is mostly back how he used to be but the dark memories still linger in his mind and, when triggered, will drive him into a state of despair and anger. He met his daughter, Lena Sunborn, and learnt that she was his and born to Denaria. Happily, Korvus accepted her into the family and bestowed her with his name and nobility.

Skills and Abilities

- Dancer: In his life Korvus spent many years practicing dance and is quite nimble as a result of it. He will often incorporate dance moves into his fighting as a means of evading or taunting his opponent.

- Runic Fighter: After coming back from Northrend, Korvus got an inscriber to ink his body with mark of strength and stamina. When he fights, he will activate these to increase his physical strength as well as the potency of his minor arcane magic.