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Player: hawardx

Character Full Name: Kleezamo Saltbutton.

Character In-Game Name: Kleezamo.

Nickname(s): Klee, Kleez.

Association(s): None.

Race: Goblin

Class: Warrior

Age: 38.

Sex: Male.

Hair: Black. He has stopped balding, and always fashions his chops.

Eyes: Brownish.

Scale/Height: 3'7" [1.13 m][1.0 scale]

Weight: 75 lbs [34 kg][1.0 scale]

Other: Klazeemo has an outstanding resistance to spicy foods, he has tasted none that has bested him! As a side note: He has sworn to himself to never be near gambling again in his life.


Usual Garments/Armor: Being left with nothing else, he wears a simple leather vest, linen pants and cloth "slippers" that are surprisingly comfortable. He aims to upgrade this as soon as he can.

As weapon of choice, he uses a two handed wooden mallet, and keeps a small knife, for those special moments of need.


As most goblins, Kleez has a greedy heart and a creative mind that always machinates new ways to gain coin. Kleezamo is frugal, rancorous, hot headed and sometimes single minded, his enemies know he can be deceiving, treacherous and cunning. He can also be loyal, but that is something to be earned by close, trusted friends.

Kleez has fear of the undead, things much bigger than him, and elves that control arcane fire. Kleez likes to drink and eat, and his most deared hobby is that of spending his profits,

Alignment: Neutral Neutral.


Kleezamo Saltbutton, son of Wagspick the Maestro Tinkerer and Kimixa Twodagger, was born in the goblin port town of Booty Bay, and lived good part of his early life there with his father, who taught him the ways of the engineer. When old enough to live by himself, he left the old man in the port and started making his own journey. He paired with a troll trading company, worked as a bruiser for the local goblins, and even tried his luck a "professional" gambler.

The many jobs and short adventures of his youth rewarded Kleez with substantial amount of gold, which he kept saving to spend in his big project, a business that would provide steady income and many good times for the goblin, for nearly a decade. That is... until that dreadful day...

"Oh no, OH NO MY STUFF!"

...This was what Kleezamo cried to the skies, as he saw his beloved business, the mostly unknown "Salty's Cat House and Bar.", blaze down to the ground, in blue arcane fire that would forever lit the moment in the goblin's nightmares.

Everything was reduced to ashes, only a figure stood in the middle of the smoke and rubble.. The blood elf known as Azurist, who had spent some time that evening in the bar, something that certainly sealed the fate of the business.

Only a few minutes before the incident, Azurist was playing dice with the local patrons, and of course, the owner and manager: Kleezamo himself. Everything was going fine, the goblin was gathering coin as usual with his disturbing skill at games of luck, this was known by the locals, but it concerned the blood elf deeply, as he, in his gallant voice, said:

"You're cheating."

Simple and cold, his words were, but they also spoke truth. Kleezamo had perfected his little ruse, changing dice for specially made ones, of goblin engineering, that always seemed to land on the he number needed to score some coin, when he wanted to score some coin.

Kleezamo knew he had been spotted, he ordered his trusty orc grunt to kick the elf out, but this only angered the silent Azurist, who accused Kleez again of being a cheat. After a series of insults at Silvermoon's banner, Azurist's mother and everything Kleez could think of at the moment, the man dressed in blue and purple robes made the first offense. He launched blazes of arcane fire in all directions, scorching everything and everyone in the way.

Some patrons died right there, some managed to run away, but Azurist's verdant eyes were fixed in one person only, the cheating goblin. Having disposed of the nagging orc grunt quickly, he looked and searched for Kleezamo, but it was too late, the goblin had already made his way out, with all the gold he could shove down his pants.

But Azurist would not go undefeated, no. In a final fit of rage, a blue nova of soaring flames spawned from inside him, quickly engulfing every single being and item in the building- to then reduce it all to rubble and broken dreams. Azurist planned to murder the cheater, but seeing the grief in his little, rugged and ugly green face was more than enough for him, he called his avian mount, and disappeared into the horizon.

It took some days for Kleezamo to begin anew, but he was not the same as before. His investments flopped, he was soon covered in debt, and was forced to leave the sands of Tanaris in fear of his own life.. He was lost, and broke...every goblin's hell.

This is where his adventure starts. New beginning, new horizons, same goal: Amass huge amounts of gold!

Skills and Abilities

General Manager: His years as business-goblin and commerce figure have taught many things to Kleez. He is a fine administrator of supplies, materials and even troops!

Taking Care of Yourself: Kleez wasn't always a laid-back brothel owner, his younger self used to be a bruiser, a very mean one! He has retained some of that brawn, and all of his mean attitude.

I hate mages! And elves! : Kleez's past with blood elves and mages have grown into a hatred/fear for them, this can result in anger fueled berserk fits, or in cowardly, self-paralyzing moments.