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Player: flammos200

Character Full Name: Kirinal

Character In-Game Name: Kirinal

Nickname(s): The many aliases used when in disguise.

Association(s): The Burning Legion(covertly); Silvermoon(overtly, most of the time); Ranith(To the letter of their contract, rather than the spirit of it).

Race: Sayaad; Succubus

Class: Infiltrator

Age: 12672

Sex: Female

Hair: Black and long in her true form. Varies otherwise.

Eyes: Bright blue in her true form. Typically fel-green otherwise.

Scale: 1.04

Skills and Abilities

  • Demon physiology: Everything that comes with being a demon. Not needing food, being ageless, being able to fly with her own wings, etc.
  • Succubus talents: The usual found in a succubus. Lesser and Improved Invisibility, Lash of Pain, Whiplash, Seduction/Charm, the ability to appear as a member of a normal race via magical disguise and such.

Otherwise, she’s perhaps most similar to a normal combat rogue - at least if one were to learn some Enchanting and Inscription, and be very good with a whip. She’s also adept at cooking spicy foods and mixing all manner of liquids – it helps her blend in.


Usual Garments/Armor: In her true form, she tends to prefer a corset and thong, as well as bracers and relatively large amounts of jewelry. She’s a bit of a fashion enthusiast.

Other: Her lash of torment is never far away, typically being worn disguised as a belt, or hung from one.


Fiery, manipulative and a bit catty, Kirinal likes playing with her food. She’s a consummate liar and a bit of a flirt. Vain and somewhat show-offish, the Succubus finds the company of mortals relatively pleasant, being easily drawn in by their flaws and vices, their failings and woes, and seeking to exacerbate those, towards the goal of her mission on Azeroth and beyond.

That doesn’t mean that every word that comes out of her is poisoned honey, certainly, but it does indicate that she loves her work. She sincerely believes in the ‘cause’ of the Burning Legion, viewing a future where Azeroth is corrupted into a decadent den of debauchery and taint as a good thing. Her powers of manipulation readily aid her in helping others see things her way, particularly as regards trying to sway the will of the Warlock she is contracted to.

A little known facet of her is that she loves the little things in life, such as it is. Cooking meals, reading the news, combing her hair, wandering Azeroth – whether looking for fresh prey or not – or engaging in some play-fighting with the mortal races, the demon delights in a sensory existence, in being material, in being present, alive and active, and for that reason she tends to want to avoid being slain and returning to the Nether to reform once more with surprisingly single-minded passion, and when pushed into combat she fights fang and claw to stay alive.


Formed in the Twisting Nether thousands of years ago as a part of a world-conquering force, Kirinal’s existence has been a relatively active one. Her first two thousand years were spent on various worlds, aiding in waging wars for the Burning Legion under her mistress, the Eredar Warlock Takaara.

The Succubus herself ended up admiring her master and shepherd, practically idolizing the Eredar woman on the Legion’s campaigns throughout the cosmos. Soon, however, came a new world to be taken: Azeroth.

Kirinal was one of the demons to be sent through the portal but unfortunately, the Legion’s advance was stopped too soon for her to reach the other side, the Well of Eternity exploding. Kirinal was left with her mistress, continuing her work for her on places unrelated to Azeroth itself.

It went well until thousands of years later, when Kirinal was summoned her to some jagged piece of rock that represented the remains of Draenor, in the middle of the Nether by a Blood Elf named Ranith, and contracted into the Warlock's service.

Nevertheless, the demon's iron will remained her own, at least so long as she fulfilled the terms of her contract, and the pair proceeded to travel across Outland and Azeroth. Kirinal had every intention of using her new mistress and gathering information, acting as an agent within the realms of the mortal races, interacting and learning whilst also spreading a bit of corruption along the way, subverting virtues and tainting mores.

Still, their first stop was in Shattrath. When Kirinal noticed the other patrons – some of them demons – at World’s End Tavern in the Lower City, she dropped her initial disguise and proceeded to mingle along with her mistress.

They remained in Shattrath for a good while, whilst Kirinal was gathering information and learning about the mortal races prior to traveling to one of the Horde cities which allowed the overt practice of Fel Magic – The Undercity, for some business with one of Ranith's contacts there. Needless to say, the Succubus tried to spread her taint among the undead host, but her attempt proved to be short-lived, as the Forsaken were beyond even the touch of a Sayaad, possessing a dark nature of their own and wills unbent by anything she could offer.

Thus, via the Orb of Translocation, Kirinal and Ranith returned to the latter's home in Silvermoon for a time, the decadence of the Blood Elves being the perfect incubator for the Succubus' taint. The elves were corruptible - some would say already corrupt thanks to taking in enough Fel to make their eyes turn green - and active enough to maintain the demon's interest.

Kirinal's time spent with them and Ranith in particular led to her learning a few extra tricks of their lifestyle, not the least of which was the art of cooking. Thanks to her excellence in impersonation, Kirinal had the chance to play a rather sizable amount of roles, and found she delighted in them. Whether she 'happened' to be the one to bring the post(whilst the actual postman was home, sick), or helping out in a small alchemy shop as a day laborer or engaging in stupendously spicy cookery for Ranith's enjoyment, the Demon developed some level of appreciation for small tasks.

It’s mostly in and around Silvermoon that Kirinal spends her days, whether in her true form or masquerading as a Blood Elf, but her contract – and her desire to corrupt others – still take her all over Azeroth and Outland, whether in the name of fulfilling Ranith's terms or serving the Legion that will corrupt or destroy all that is, given a little bit luck.