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Troll femalePriest Kela'rin
Nickname(s) Zufli, The Barren
Gender Female
Race Troll
Class Witch Doctor
Association(s) Darkspear Trolls
Status Alive

Kela'rin is a 59-year-old Troll Witch Doctor. She is played by Jonoth.


Kela'rin was born in the Darkspear Isles. Her childhood was fairly regular, and she grew to be a relatively good-looking troll. The problems for her started when she began attempting to mate. She would try and try, but could produce no child. After repeated failure, her name began to be whispered among the tribe as "Kela'rin the Barren". At some point, all attempts to mate ceased, and many left her completely alone, as she was no use to the continuation of the tribe.

Kela'rin got on as best she could, just hunting and fishing to survive. She would occassionally visit her uncle, who was a witch doctor, to see if he could find or make any potion that could make her womb fertile, but he time and again had to tell her that it was not meant to be. He told her that, with time and patience, the Loa would guide her and she would find what her call was. This only made her temporarily better, and she spent nights wondering when that day would come.

As fate would have it, her purpose would come to the island in the form of a ship, the vessel of Thrall and the Orc exodus across the sea. After their arrival, the murlocs attacked, capturing many in the village as well as Thrall, Sen'jin, and some of the arriving orcs. During the time in captivity, Kela'rin was very quiet, and spent much of her time watching the Orcs, trying to learn about them, and noticing the life in one particular Orc child despite all that was happening. She learned that the child was named Dibykali, and the Orc made her smile genuinely for the first time in what felt like ages, but sad again realizing what she would never have. When the time came and the group tried to escape, she was fleeing fast when she saw young Dibykali again, this time crying feverishly over the bodies of her dead parents. They had been murdered by the Murlocs, and Kela'rin rushed without hesitation to rescue Diby before she joined her folks in death.

During the travel to Kalimdor, Kela'rin tried to do all she could for the orphaned orc, but the child just seemed quiet and withdrawn. This changed one night when Diby woke up and overheard Kela'rin talking to herself about having tried and failed to have children of her own, and that she was beginning to love Diby as her own. Moved by these words, Diby became closer to Kela'rin. When the trolls settled in the Echo Isles, Dibykali chose to stay with her surrogate mother rather than go with her fellow orcs, a decision that surprised and honored Kela'rin.

Kela'rin's demeanor changed much over time. She became more proud and strong, finally having a child and a sense of duty. She wasn't alone, as the exposure to the Orc culture made some women amongst the Darkspear start to rethink their roles. Initially, things were their hardest, as the men of the tribe were closely bound by their old values. Still, Kela'rin had already spent much time in derision for her inability to conceive, so she welcomed the change with open arms. Her uncle, who had also survived the voyage, began secretly teaching her the dark arts of the witch doctor, Kela'rin having a particular interest in Shadra and Bethekk, two female Loa. She admired Bethekk's wisdom, and Shadra's duality as a patron of creation and death since Kela'rin herself could not bear children, yet raised one. Her old nickname of "The Barren" was gone, but soon replaced by the derisive "Zufli", meant as an insult to female witch doctors. Kela'rin wears this name with pride, as she is unshamed of her pursuits. She would lose one of her chief allies, however, when her uncle was killed in Zalazane's takeover of the Echo Isles.

Kela'rin continued to practice on her own, as Dibykali etched out a life in the wild as a hunter. She worried, especially the day Diby came home minus an eye from a hunt that went wrong. But in the end, she trusted her daughter to do what was in her heart, as she was learning to as well, taking Dibykali's new raptor companion as a sign that she and her daughter were meant to straddle the fence between Troll and Orc culture.

Dibykali would spend so much time hunting as she grew that she knew nothing of her mother's plight, as Kela'rin did not want to burden her daughter with the trials she had to face, until one day Diby came to her mother after witnessing the dead body of a voodoo practictioner. After a long talk, Diby accepted her mother's decision to keep practicing, and vowed to protect her from those who would do her harm. As a gift to encourage her, Dibykali brought home a panther cub as a gift from a trip to Stranglethorn, telling her mother that if she could help raise a wild beast as herself, then the cub should be no problem at all. Kela named the panther Zufli'aka, or "child of the baby witch", and she raised it as her own, just as she had with Dibykali.

Kela'rin gained a measure of revenge for the death of her uncle by assisting in the liberation of Echo Isles from Zalazane, providing brews to heal and invigorate her comrades in arms. Despite this, she remains in Sen'jin, where she could quietly continue her education. After the events of the Cataclysm, she has felt a stronger desire to seek out the past, manifesting in a wanderlust that will take her throughout the scattered Troll empires. She is aided by the now grown Zufli'aka, who serves as her steed.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Kela'rin is very bold and independent. As a female witch doctor in training, she follows both the "Live in the future" and "Do what it takes" philosophies growing among the Darkspear. She spent much of her early life in some ridicule, which has made her somewhat self-isolating, but has found strength in what she has learned about the orcs and in raising an orc child as her own. She practices some of the darker aspects of voodoo, such as cannibalism, but attempts to do so subtlety.


  • Scale/Height: 7'1"
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • Hair: Whitish and wild with long braids
  • Eyes: Red

Her torso and arms are covered in white tribalistic paintings of Shadra (the Spider) and Bethekk (the Panther). Her clothes are simple but well made cloth items. When she practices her voodoo, she wears a simple wooden mask and usually forgoes any top as a display of her proud womanhood.

Skills and Abilities

Kela'rin is a skilled alchemist capable of creating powerful rejuvinating potions and debilitating poisons and powders. She uses spells and totems to channel the blessings of the Loa to aid her allies in battle, and casts strong hexes to inhibit her foes. She wields a staff defensively to moderate effect.