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Player: Jaella

Character Full Name: Kayla Cogglebax

Character In-Game Name: Kayla

Nickname(s): Coghead

Association(s): Bilgewater Cartel, Steamwheedle Cartel, loose affiliation of the Horde

Race: Goblin

Class: Hunter (Engineer IC)

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Hair: A few locks of auburn red hair fall over her right eye but curl back to her cheek so it doesn’t impede the sight of her goggle that much. The rest of her hair is kept in a simple ponytail that hangs down left of her back.

Eyes: Shady purple

Weight: 82 lbs.

Height: 4'2"


Usual Garments/Armour: She always wears her engineering armour, solid metal-capped boots with mail pants with a fitting mail shirt. She also wears simple leather gloves to keep her fingers nimble and provide a degree of protection for her hands. On her belt she has a number of satchels and a large bandoleer from her right shoulder to her left side, all neatly lined with satchels too. The armaments she carries with him vary with the situations she finds himself in, but she never leaves home with her trusty boot knife and gun.

Other: She never leaves with her trusty engineering monocle with a range-finder, magnifying glass and spyglass-like zooming function.


Alignment: Neutral

Her whole life is based on business and engineering, leaving little room for the bad vices such as heavy alcohol abuse, gambling and extravagant parties. She also distanced herself from the living due to the automation of her production lines for engineering goodies. This causes her to be not very open and often tries to keep to herself. By either doing something personal, like working on an engineering gizmo or reading a book. The list of possibilities to keep her towards herself in public areas is long. However, when she puts on the trading display she’s a direct trader that never gives up on her target. She never minds to take ideas from Gnomes to work out herself if it ensures that there is profit to be made from. Remaining secretive about her own designs though, since she always had a knack of avoiding malfunctions that could always be a fatal one.


Kayla was orphaned when she was born on Kezan, the only thing they found on her at the doorstep with her was a note saying, “Her name is Kayla.” Life was rough in an orphanage; you had to fend for yourself and already learn to work hard. She was like any other Goblin child when growing up, haughty and play with anything she could get her hands on. When she reached her teens she discovered her knack in engineering. In her free time she was always picked on by other orphans for having this as she was always favoured by the matrons.

In the few months that followed after she was spotted by an engineering Goblin by the name Kobblox in the scrapyard getting a robotic suit back to working order, he took her as his apprentice and saw a golden future with Kayla being the foreman of the crew he already employed. Shortly after she moved in he taught her all the ins and outs of engineering, along with the secret Goblins use to use ideas made by Gnomes to translate it to a Goblin design. After she learned how to do this properly by some designs that Kobblox already had she was given a new design to replace with one of Goblin craftsmanship. The first attempt was a horrible disaster, but the second one was a straight success. First attempt ended up in having the invention launch itself into the sky and land in the sea.

When she matured into an adult at the age of eighteen, Kobblox gave a proper party for his newest employee to celebrate her passing of her final exams and becoming an adult. It was a night to remember and the party is still spoken about by some engineers that were present. In the years that followed she ensured that the profit was always equally spread between the engineering crew and herself. This often caused Kobblox to give a few extra silvers each to allow his employees enjoy their time off on the beach or some bar.

Big changes came to the simple workshop when Kobblox got a large patch of land somewhere in Azshara by the coastline to create a large factory to meet with the new production demands the company has to endure. The first few months consisted of creating a tunnel and room network to be able to have everything underground; this was sped up with the help of using robotic workers to do a lot of the manual labour. After all the digging was done, they had to strengthen the tunnels and rooms with large metal beams to make sure the factory would remain standing in the heaviest earthquake or other natural disaster that could happen. Once all the basic structural integrity was completed, the large robotic group of workers were disassembled and shipped back to Kezan. Allowing the crew to create the lifts and production lines Kayla designed to survive natural disasters should they occur.

Once all of the production lines were ready to be operational, the massive generator in the centre of the underground structure was activated and the large cavernous factory sprung to life. Leaving the crew to only maintain and do final production checks on the things that rolled from the treadmills. Business was once again booming and the factory expanded further to facilitate a new section that was focused purely on creating new prototypes to eventually sell to the market. A lot of the prototypes did see the market and made sure the coin spend on the expansion were repaid fully.

Business kept running good until there was a lot of growing concern among the Goblins inside the factory when the few earthquakes were a lot more frequent than they used to be when they began. Kobblox saw employee after employee leave to Kezan as they feared for their lives, but Kayla and a few other Goblins stayed. Believing that the earthquakes were temporary and in that aspect, they were all correct as one day outside the factory entrance they were all enjoying a break with a nice BBQ party for employees only. When they felt the biggest earthquake that made them realize one thing; one big tsunami was going to head their way. They all fled inside the factory and sealed the door shut. A few hours later they heard a deafening roar that was either the wave… or something else. The wave crashed against the door when it hit land, causing Kobblox to fall off a ramp and land in the metal recycler. Being molten down was a quite grisly sight for most employees and they all stopped working for a few weeks after the unfortunate event. After the mourning and proper burial of their boss, most of the employees left to looks for their family after they heard about the volcanic eruption on Kezan. Leaving Kayla to take care of the factory, before the secretary left too… she gave Kayla the will from Kobblox where it was written that Kayla would inherit the whole company.

The months that followed after the Shattering, Kayla began enhancing and rebuilding the robot workforce that was used to construct the factory. Allowing them to maintain the production lines and perform quality checks on the products that came off the treadmill. Once everything was operational again, Kayla slowly began to create a new start for the company. That goes under the new name of; Cogglebax Engineering Co..

Skills and Abilities

Engineering... Everywhere! : Whether she is in a large junkyard or out in the wilds, Kayla is capable of creating gadgetry on the spot. Due to the large amount of special satchels she carries on herself to carry all of the things required to do so.

Business, with commission : Kayla's refurbishing of her new company at the old location roused the interest of a group of investors from the Bilgewater Cartel. They still see promise in her ideas and plans for her company to revolutionize the engineering industry. The investors were genuinely interested in making Cogglebax Engineering Co. a company to take a fair market share of the engineering industry. Once the correspondence got going between Kayla and the investors, they quickly sent over a negotiating party to establish agreements to how things will go. In exchange for shipping, resources, protection and access to the trade contacts of the investor group, Kayla had to give up 30% of her monthly profit to the investors. She required paying less since her own company also creates new engineering machines and tools, parts to be produced, shipped and sold. The investors were very aware of this and allowed the lessened commission on Kayla's company with no counter-arguments.

Permits, required for anything : To have the entrepreneurial freedom to realize her dream of running a successful company and the investor's group vision of holding a large market share in the global engineering market. They then issued trade permits to allow her trading in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend and Outland. To avoid a dispute with the other cartels, Kayla managed to get trading permits from the Steamwheedle Cartel as well; all of this ensured her free reign to make deals in Goblin ports and Horde cities and outposts. Neutral locations still form a slightly hazardous trading location, but when upholding the laws of these locations there shouldn't be much trouble.