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Player: flammos200

Character Full Name: Karak Armorslag

Character In-Game Name: Karak

Nickname(s): Pup, young upstart, etc.

Association(s): The Frostwolf Clan; The Earthen Ring. Otherwise independent.

Race: Orc

Class: Spirit Champion (Shaman)

Skills and Abilities: As a Spirit Champion, Karak differs from the usual Shaman only in a few ways. Rather than wearing proper armor, she relies on the direct guidance of the spirits to avoid damage, to the same degree that armor would have afforded her protection. Her weapons often have bound elemental spirits inside them, as opposed to the usual elemental tongue enchantments. Her affinity is towards the element of fire, her deficit being in calling upon frost elements, and she is particularly adept at fighting heavily-armored opponents.

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Hair: Red, straight, voluminous and long, past her shoulders.

Eyes: Blue.

Scale/Height: 1,91 m / Scale 1.04

Weight: 175 kg.


Usual Garments/Armor: Nothing that can be considered proper armor; just straps of leather and bits and pieces of metal.

Other: Always carries elementally-enchanted weapons.


Jovial, active and eager, Karak may come across as somewhat impatient for a Frostwolf in her drive to pursue her goals. Being a Frostwolf, she still thinks with a relatively clear head, and is rarely caught in the moment. A militant egalitarian, Karak is not supportive of the current direction of the Horde’s leadership, instead aligning her goals more towards those of the Earthen Ring, and the elements. It is worth noting that relatively often, her mood shifts towards that of the ambient elemental spirits, and as such Karak tends to reflect her surroundings.

Her approach towards other members of the Horde is calm and friendly, and though she treats the Alliance with much more caution, she is most apprehensive around undead and fel-weavers, preferring a watchful stance when interacting with such individuals.

Alignment: True Neutral


Born during the height of the Second War in the otherwise peaceful hidden community of the Frostwolf Clan in the Alterac Mountains, Karak’s childhood was a decidedly playful one. Active and outgoing, as a youngling Karak was naturally fascinated by spiritual tales and the lore of various heroes honorably going on vast spirit journeys and facing all sorts of trials in hopes of achieving their ends.

As Karak grew, she wished dearly to be like the heroic and wise protagonists of the stories she grew up with, and naturally gravitated towards shamanism. Not all went well however, as the Orc’s path was peppered with obstacles – primarily ones coming from herself. Impatience and rebelliousness characterized the fledgling shaman, and even as the Third War came and went, it was becoming obvious that the Orc more resembled the temperamental nature of the elements than being their peace-bringer.

It was thus decided that Karak would follow the path of the Spirit Champion – if she was so easily influenced by the ambient elemental spirits, that bond was to be cemented into a proper function, and slowly and carefully, she went about her own vision quests and forsook proper armor in favor of the whispers of the Spirits in her ear telling her exactly how to dodge or move the blade in her hand to avoid being hit and strike back.

Living in the relatively sheltered environment of the Alterac Mountains had its ups and downs - but shortly after the conflicts with the Stormpike dwarves commenced, she left to travel the world. It was during this time that she earned her surname, consistently going up against heavily-armored foes and using excessive amounts of heat to cook them in their armor.

The first large conflict Karak was involved in was the opening of the Scarab Wall, when she joined the Might of Kalimdor in its siege on Ahn’Qiraj. When the Dark Portal opened, Karak’s path led her onto the broken remnants of the homeworld of her people, where she was eager to connect with the elements there. She stayed on the shattered world of Draenor spending time with the members of the Earthen Ring there, her days passing by in training and meditation in Nagrand. It was there that she underwent her Om'riggor according to the old rites, adhering to the ritual in spite of her previous adventures and the scarcity of Frostwolves on Draenor. The only real struggle she took part in during that period was the war against the Betrayer - specifically in the attack on Karabor.

Outland was a harrowing experience for the Orc, and her path soon led her away from the broken world and to the frigid wastes of Northrend, but she did not take part in the conflicts there, instead seeking lore and trying to become alike the heroes in her childhood tales by helping uncover the secrets of Ulduar alongside the Bronzebeard Expedition.

Satisfied by the triumphs and terrors in the bowels of the Titan city, Karak returned home to Alterac and the Frostwolf Clan with tales of her own, and a few choice artifacts she’d gathered in her travels. For a time, it seemed as though she would finally have some peace.

Then the Cataclysm struck, and the Elements became agitated – or even furious. Karak’s own mood shifted to match, and emboldened by her previous struggles, she now imagines herself a dragonslayer, sharpening her will and blades for the ultimate in legendary heroic tales.