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Player: Saiyuu

Character Full Name: Kaiya Stargrove

Character In-Game Name: Kaiya

Nickname(s): -

Association(s): -

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Druid

Skills and Abilities: Nothing above average. Kaiya is skilled in the restoration tree and is quite an effective healer, but has very low abilities in really offensive spells. The only way she actually uses to fight is to shapeshift into a bear and fight in the said form, by clawing, biting and smacking.

Age: 661

Sex: Female

Hair: Blue, tied in two long braids that are either loose upon her shoulders or tied in a double knot behind her head. Sometimes wears a crown of flowers from an ear to another, over her head.

Eyes: Amber. Eyes are big, wide and often curious, with long eyelashes. Sometimes her lids stay half-close, reflecting momentary laziness from her part.

Weight: 238 lbs – Kaiya's body build makes her considerably heavier, a bit overweight for her height.

Height: 5'7"


Simplistic and humble. Kaiya will wear anything that is provided, but is most often seen wearing natural attires. Some of her clothes are even made of leaves, roots and vines tangled together. Her most common dress is made of patches of different clothes, forming a long, loose dress.

Other: As described on weight and height, Kaiya has a plump build of body. That's mostly fault of her unbalanced diet. Kaiya eats too many fruits and sweet things, mostly that she can find in nature, as well as having a meat diet based almost solely on fish, lizards and small rodents.


Alignment: Neutral Good. Kaiya is friendly as far as friendship allows, trying to avoid racism. However, as a druid, has a lot of dislike for fel users, particularly demons and warlocks. Contrasting to her usual calm and curious behavior, she may grow unquiet, anxious and violent when in the presence of the ones mentioned.

Kaiya is peaceful and calm, liking to spend her time enjoying nature and spreading the will of Elune. She has a deep respect for the goddess and her followers, other kaldorei. She prefers to be friendly to everyone, but avoids the presence of warlocks, shadow and fel users. With favoritism for restoration spells, Kaiya uses her abilities to help most everyone that proves to be peaceful, or at least not a threat. Due to her young age, Kaiya is prone to moments of fear when facing a much powerful opponent. In those moments she's more likely to flee and look for help, if alone. While not wanting to judge races, Kaiya is extra-careful when around orcs, mostly because of the usual tension in Ashenvale between Kaldorei and Orcs.


Kaiya was born in Ashenvale. Her mother died of an accident, very soon after giving birth to her. Her father, Magarus, a druid, took upon himself the task of raising Kaiya. In fear of ill intentions from pragmatic kaldorei towards his child. Magarus isolated himself in the depths of Ashenvale's forests, trying to his best to raise his child. During her growing years, Kaiya suffered from malnourishment due to the lack of a mother or milk nurse to feed her properly. She almost died in the period, much for her father's despair. Not having other options, he went to Astraanar and found a priestess and wet nurse, to care for Kaiya. Kaiya was saved, but in the future her body would pay dearly for this small event. While she grew fine, her growth was affected in terms where Kaiya ended up way shorter than most Kaldorei. Suffering some misconception from her own kind, Kaiya lived far from her people, preferring the more constant presence of her father.

Overprotective about her, Magarus went into the forests once more and isolated himself and Kaiya from most kaldorei population. There, he decided to raise her with his own tutoring. Being an experienced druid, Magarus dedicated himself to teach his daughter the ways of nature. It took many years for Kaiya to learn, as such practices could be very difficult, however she endured and learned, proving to be rather adept at restoration abilities, while lacking on the other fields. Kaiya choose the bear totem as her own, sticking with it for the next years, never actually managing to learn how to master the other animal forms, or rather, not being skilled enough to learn any of the others.

Once she first entered the Emerald Dream, along with her father, she first met other druids. While her training was far from complete, with contact with her people, most of them interested in nature and druidism, it would become far easier in the next years. The teachings of other druids admired her, and so did the legend of Cenarius. Her first fear and suspicion of orcs started there, knowing how Cenarius was defeated. The amount of pain and suffering she learned about led her to choose the path of Restoration for the majority of her abilities. Kaiya loved nature and felt as it loved her in return, respecting and caring for it, when not into the Emerald Dream. Sometimes it would take long for her to wake from her slumber, merely to check nature before returning to the dream.

The most eventful thing that happened in the last years was when the orcs found the kaldorei. Malfurion's call made Kaiya wake up, along with many fellow druids, and while she didn't fight directly against the orcs she tried being of assistance by healing and saving as many brothers and sisters as she could. During the fights, one of the groups Kaiya was assisting was ambushed and damaged badly by demons of the Legion. By this point, the Kal'dorei realized their opponent weren't the orcs anymore, and a temporary truce was formed between humans, kal'dorei and orcs.

The joint forces of the three races fought bravely to hold back the Legion while the trap against Archimonde. While gravely wounded, Kaiya continued to try providing assistance, nursing the wounded soldiers in the second, human camp. Once the legion breached the camp, Kaiya was knocked out and carried by human soldiers, only later she found about what happened and returned to see the Tree of Life destroyed, but Archimonde defeated at least. Much for her grief, she found out her father perished while fighting bravely against the Legion forces.

Recently, Kaiya left Ashenvale after providing with some assistance to heal the destroyed nature around and close to the battlefield. Today she is traveling through the Eastern Kingdoms, trying to provide assistance to the humans in need of help, thanking for the help they have given when facing Archimonde.