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Player: dragonmad

Character Full Name: Kae'mina

Character In-Game Name: Kaemina


Association(s): The Darkspear Tribe, The Horde

Race: Troll

Class: Mage

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Hair: Naturally blue, magically dyed red

Eyes: Red

Weight: 236 lbs.

Height: 7' 2”


Kae'mina's usual garments come in two sets. Her traveling clothes consist of a simple shirt and pants, nothing fancy and nothing of any value as armor. On the contrary, her choice of shirts usually means a bare midriff. Her formal, nicer robes are a different story. While not worn while simply wandering or in seedier locations, her robes are intricately designed and include blue silk, as well as (extremely) thin plates of metal that are more for show than for actual protection. These plates are included in the collar of her robes, which extends just to a point below her chin, with the supposed intention of protecting her jugular.

Other: Her hair being dyed is a matter of pride more than aesthetic desire. She could use traditional dyes, however the use of magic to alter her hair is something she views as a testament to her skill and powers.


Kae'mina is a rather kind Troll. Exceptionally so by the standards of her species, and this is not an innate disposition. Rather, it's a very active one that she maintains consciously and determinedly. While her kindness is true, the reason for it is a bit less noble. Her demeanor stems from a very assertive belief that altruism is an acceptable sort of rejection of her previous faith in the Loa.

Kae'mina does very much believe in the power of the Loa spirits and their hold on the Trolls. She believes very strongly that the worship of the Loa is one of the main factors that have kept the Trolls from becoming more powerful, keeping them primitive and limiting their ability to research and expand as a species, as the (now) Sin'dorei, Orcs, Humans, Gnomes and most other sentient species have. Rather, the worship of the Loa, in her mind, kept the trolls apart and vicious, unable to form lasting alliances and unable to develop more powerful technologies.

Her rejection of the Loa and their requirements of Trollkind are complete to the extent of almost a full rejection of her peoples' culture and customs. Years ago, she rejected the belief that females were inferior to males, and years after that she maintains her belief in gender equality, adamantly and almost violently fighting against the former norms of her society.

Kae'mina has a temper, though, and not a volatile one in the traditional sense. She has trained herself to keep calm for long periods of time, but once that calm breaks she is a vicious, bloodthirsty example of her species, amplified by her Arcane abilities. During one of these fits of rage and aggression, any enemy or person she even finds mild annoyance in is perceived as fair prey, and may get anything from a verbal lashing to an attempt at a beating severe enough that it would take an expert just to define the species of the corpses left in her wake.

Luckily, these fits are rare and far between, and most applications of her magical abilities are more controlled, though normally very flamboyant. She takes pride in her abilities, pride in the fact that they are a product of her own strength and not gifts from the Loa. Her strength means everything to her, and she has a very, very severe phobia of being Silenced, even temporarily.


Kae'mina was an “average” Troll girl, born on the home isles of her people. She was an odd case, chosen by a Voodoo Shaman (who actually used quite a few more Arcane spells than he'd ever realize) at the supposed bequest of a Loa spirit. She became his “apprentice”, though the man went very far to keep her from believing herself his equal. She was much more an assistant than anything else, fetching him potion ingredients and substituting her own blood when none could be found from “less willing” sources. Despite his efforts and abuses, however, she was “competent” by age fifteen. Well, as competent as a fifteen year-old Darkspear girl could be expected to be.

During the war against the Murlocs, on her home isle, she stayed at her master's side, mostly to be used as a shield and with every belief that she would die during that time. Truthfully, the only thing that really kept her alive was a mixture of blind luck and the fact that they were often surrounded by larger, more threatening targets that the Murlocs were keener to notice and chase after.

When Thrall arrived, she and her master fled with the remainder of her people, following Sen'jin and the Orcs to Kalimdor with little question. During the next few months, her status as a ‘living shield' would be tested again and again, and her little skill with Voodoo (and unknowingly, Arcane) magics would grow. Exposure to the honor and brutality of the Orcs inspired the youth, who accepted her place alongside her “teacher” at the Battle of Mount Hyjal without hesitation. (Not that she'd have been allowed to decline to begin with, mind.)

It was during the battle that she was separated from her master. With demons on all sides, a lack of anyone to give her orders or guide her position, Kae'mina fled. She was a persistent girl, and soon she found her way into a small camp. This camp contained members of all species, both Alliance and Horde, all remnants of units that had been forced to retreat farther up the mountain.

With retreat simply not an option, and her abilities nowhere near strong enough for her to hold her own among these warriors, Kae'mina was placed (much to their mutual distaste) under the supervision of a human sorceress. The two did not fare well that first night, almost coming to blows over Kae'mina's initial refusal to be subservient to a human, let alone a human female.

When the undead and demonic forces reached their camp the next day, this hadn't changed much. She'd grudgingly accepted her place, and was given the duty of simply protecting her new ‘guardian'. As the battle raged on, the two did develop a bit more trust and closeness, though that was the extent of their relationship. The true change came in the realization that this sorceress was much stronger than her master had been, yet she had no Loa.

This revelation changed the Troll girl's entire perception of self, though not right away. It planted seeds that would blossom only after the entire Third War had passed.

By the time of their goodbyes, Kae'mina had a very confused respect for the woman, and the woman seemed to mimic this belief, leaving her spellbook with her unofficial apprentice. Illiterate at the time, Kae'mina thanked her nonetheless, and the two haven't seen each other since.

The Darkspear girl didn't participate in the Echo Isles reclamation or subsequent loss, instead spending her time among the Orcs. She found one willing to teach her to read in Common, and once that door had been opened, she began to read anything that she could get her hands upon. Scrolls, historical texts, poetry or even Orcish and Tauren legends, she devoured them all, all the while focusing her Arcane studies into something more coherent.

With the addition of the Forsaken into the Horde, she journeyed almost immediately to the Undercity, and pledged herself beneath another sorceress. The next years were spent in extensive studies, learning all she could on the Arcane. She began to open doors she'd never imagined even existed, and fully rejected the Loa for a belief in herself and her own Arcane powers. She began to “culture” herself, almost completely forcing her accent back in favor of a smoother way of speaking, peppered with a few more “trollish” pronunciations here and there.

Kae'mina was released from tutelage three years ago, and has spent this time since in a state of flux. She continues to seek ways to better herself, going after any source of knowledge or power she can find, be it ancient knowledge or simply access to a library in Dalaran (Both equally difficult to attain for a Troll Arcanist.). She wanders, espousing her new beliefs to any who would ask her about them, Troll or otherwise.

Skills and Abilities

Arcane Magic: Kae'mina takes a greatly generalized approach to her magics. She relies most heavily on basic Arcane spells for offense and defense, as opposed to pyro or cryomancy. Even then, while her power is substantial, her actual aim when throwing spells tends to vary greatly. She is about as likely to hit someone with an Arcane Missile as she is to miss completely.

Illusions: The true wealth of Kae'mina's abilities lay in illusions, manipulating the forces of Arcane into shapes that suit her intent or desire. Most often this is entirely aesthetic. It could be anywhere from turning a Pyroblast blue to shaping her an Arcane Torrent into a specific shape, or even just altering her own hair color. She specializes in altering the appearances of other spells, however, and so her standalone illusions are a bit underwhelming when cast “on the fly”.

Enchanting: Kae'mina is a passable enchantress, able to create so-so wands and add to other weapons and items, though the degree of effectiveness is as variable as her accuracy.