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Player: Gaztron1

Character Full Name: Ju'kah

Character In-Game Name: Jukah

Nicknames: Vodoosting

Association(s): The Darkspear Tribe, neutral organizations.

Race: Troll

Class: Hunter (Beastmaster)

Skills and Abilities: - Tracking - an incredible tracker, he was trained by Darkspear headhunters in the art Hunting, Tracking, Survival. (Check History) -Survivalbility, he is cable of esaily surviving with his companions in the wilderness, if he gets lost which is rarely the case, but it is a useful attribute when is on the hunt for a sudden target for days. -Hunting, a man who can easily track down his beastly foe, and knows it's weak spots by studying ancient Darkspear traditions, and being taught how to use use his weaponry. agile - tall and thin, this troll knows how to move his feet around fast, being able to avoid many attacks. His feet are big, flat and has adapted themselves to walk on almost any envoirments. -Bow specialist, he has never used a gun before in his life, but he knows how to draw an arrow faster than you can reload your gun, usually giving him the upper hand in far ranged battles, against weaker foes. -Master of the beast He is far superior at killing animals than humanoids, due to the fact he was taught how to hunt and survive his entire life, and not to slay men until the day the Kul Tiras showed up, where he had grown to adulthood and had very little time to observe and learn about the humans common weaknesses. -Voodoo, is not something Jukah knows a lot about, but his weapons are voodoo enhanced to increase his tracking abilities (See history)

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Hair: Long dark blue hair, with white and purple warpaints, on his face.

Eyes: Black

Weight: 118 Kilos

Height: 7.5 (2.25 meters)

Usual Garments/Armor: He wears a light weighted leather armor, with spiky shoulders, and dark coloured pants. He use this to improve his agile movement but still being able to take a few hits without it being lethal. He also carries a small arsenal of tribal knives attached to his belt, alongside with a voodoo-enhanced bow, on his back.

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Focused, is one of Jukahs main traits. He never lets anything pass his unseeing eye. He is what many would refer to as the perfect tracker. A man who cares more about the survival and glory of his clan/Tribe than himself, meaning he is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good of the people. He is an unforgivning Troll, if you get on his "Blacklist" You're sure to be chased down someday, as he never forgets who harmed him or his close friends, and family. Jukah used to be a forgivning young Troll, until he was captured by a human he once saved, which is now why its near an impossible mission to gain his trust, unless you're a clan member. He is very easy to manipulate, and ask to do favors for, if you are within his clan, as previously stated he does everything for the clan, he doesn't except payment to do the what he is asked by them. He is a man who needs very little food, as his not greedy, or lustful it's hard to seduce him with materialistic goods to make him do things for you, the only thing he care more about than the Clan, is not to provoke the Loa god.

History: Born on the Darkspear island three years after the first war began. He grew up with his mother and father being taught what his father did for a living - hunting. The Darkspear trolls and his small village lived a peaceful life, with many great joys Until the sea witch showed up. A witch with murlocs as servants assaulted his village, and soon a rainstorm begun that would never end - ( See Thrall's Exodus ). His mother was kidnapped in the murloc attacks. Jukah was now at the age of sixteen, and neared adulthood. He joined his dad and the other hunters, and chased after the Murlocs running with his mother, and other tribal members. He only had a small sharpened dagger, and a practice bow compared to his troll brethen carrying long bows, spears and large voodoo enhanced weaponry, making him the "weak link" of the attack force.

They chased down the murlocs, and killed a handful of them on their retreat, also freeing a couple of captives, but when they entered their caverns Jukah and his tribe warriors were surprised as there were hundreds of murlocs. They fled as they knew the battle would turn in a massacre. A lot of the troll warriors were slain, and his father was wounded. They all returned to camp to rest and recover, soon a troll scout ran into the camp saying all should pack up and meet at Sen'jins village to gather the remaining survivors as it turned out nearly all the villages had been under murloc attacks.

He carried his father alongside their most precious belongnings, to Sen'jin and saw many other villages on the way, the morale was low, and everyone seemed to had given up on the hope. Sen'jin called for a gathering to tell the people about he had a vision that an orc would come and rescue them from the terrible sea witch, and bring them to safety. Jukah was renewed with hope and rushed home to their tent in the Village to tell his wounded father about what he had heard. But he was death, Jukah cried out in despair, now with his mother cpatured, and his father death he knew he had to get his mother. He threw his practice bow, and took his fathers longbow and took picked up his armour set, preparing for battle, he spent the next couple of weeks on training and defending the new "capitol" village from murloc attacks while they awaited the hordes arrival.

After the horde arrival humans started to interfere with the trolls. Thrall and his horde assisted in the extermination of the human settlement. Once it layed in ruins Jukah was rewarded by Sen'Jin and his high ranked witch doctors. He recieved a great honor for a tracker like himself, his bow was voodoo enhanced, meaning that his arrows now dripped a magical voodoo liquid, on the ground so his targets chances of escaping would be near impossible.

He was now sent off to track down the murlocs and their hideout cave, to figure out how many survivors there were, he easily got past the guards, mocking them for their lack of eyesight. He crawled around the dark caves, barely unable to spot anything - He would soon find some prison cells filled with grunts and trolls from the human settlement and attack, he rose to the jaildoors and asked for his mother - They told him she was sacrificed to the Sea witch many weeks ago, much like the other captives, and prayed to Jukah to be released. Jukah went searching for the jaildoor key, but as soon as he exited the jailroom the murloc guards returned, overrumbling him and locking him up in a cell.

He know spent many days alongside other captives thinking that the pophecy of the orcish rescue was a mere lie. He saw Sen'jin being captured and dragged through the jailcellar area, but he wasn't locked up he was just taken into another room and Jukah asked where he was taken. a grunt he shared prison cell with told him it was there the trolls was dragged to be sacrificed.. Jukah fell to his knees praying to the Loa, looking at his weapon and armor on the rack wishing he could interfere.

Hours later, the combined forces of trolls and orcs rushed throughout the caverns, into the jailcellar freeing Jukah and his other prisoner comrades, Thrall led this attack and ensured them they would get Sen'Jin before it was too late. When Jukah and the attack group entered the hall of sacrifice the Sea witch gave the final mortal blow to Sen'Jin. The combined army fled and the isles seems to be sinking into the ocean.

As Thrall ensured the trolls safety they all claimed aboard the stolen alliance transporters which they arrived in - and sailed to Kalimdor. When Jukah arrieved on the shores of Kalimdor with his ship, he was never found by Thrall, during the third war. He and the other trolls instead went into the future land of Durotar to build a new village, with a lieutenant of Vol'jin in the lead. The lieutenant passed away weapons that his father had voodoo enhanced to the few survivors. Jukah recieved a sword that layed a curse upon impact, this curse would disorient the enemy, and make them hallucionate.

After several weeks the village was running and the new animals they encountered increased the hunters knowledge of the beasts of Kalimdor, Vol'Jin's lieutenant eventually left to seek out the other horde and claimed to send a scout to get us once he had found them. They were once found, after the defeat of Archimonde, and the small village they had made, they adbandonded to join the trolls of Echo Isles.

There Jukah lived happily and finally once again in peace - but Zalazane the mad Witch doctor corrupted many trolls and sent Jukah and his friends on the run again. Jukah lived in sen'Jin Village raising raptors, and preparing them to be tamed and used for riding purpose, making hunting easier. He lived here helping all of the Darkspear trolls to learn how to handle their new raptor mounts. When the Lich King had become a too strong threat, and the Warsong Offensive was launched he was tired of battles, and he left for the barrens to live for himself in a small shelter with his favourite Raptor he brought with his life savings. He now still resides in the small shelter, and is still doing what he loves most, to remind him of his father, and the times he was truely happy - before the Sea Witch came, by hunting, tracking and living amonst the beasts of the wilderness. Jukahs deepest wish is to find a clan, or tribe he can join as he never had a real chance of showing what he was made of with the Darkspears on the isles, as it is there his loyalty is strongest.