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Player: Lendri

Character Full Name: Josephine Renae Briarthorn

Character In-Game Name: Josephine

Nickname(s): Josie, Ren, Renae, Reni

Association(s): Briarthorn Family

Race: Worgen

Class: Druid (Harvest Witch)

Skills and Abilities: Will be learning in the future the art of transforming into a Storm Crow by her uncle Reginald, and seeking a Druid of the Wild to teach her more forms.

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Dark blue

Weight: 167 lbs (252 lbs in Worgen Form)

Height: 5'11 (7'5 in Worgen Form)


Usual Garments/Armor: Druidic garments woven from leathers and foliage.

Other: None!


Josephine is typically easy-going like her uncle Reginald Briarthorn. She frequents around him most of her time and had picked up on his behavior. The druidess is attentive and quick-witted, picking up on new skills with haste and never fails when she sets her mind on something she wants to perfect or complete.

Even in moments of seriousness she remains calm. Her serene voice soothes those around her. There is never a time where she is known to raise her voice or yell at others. She is very tranquil and collected, meditating often.

She is an open-minded girl when it comes to the unfortunate souls exposed to undeath. With most races of the Horde she treats them neutrally, though is cautious of their intentions. Most of her opinions are formed from the beliefs of her elders. She is slowly beginning to form her own as time passes. Her despising of orcs will never change, however.

Josie has no outstanding issues with anyone and never has; she is a forgiving person that never holds grudges. She's also considered a pretty good sister to be around and is fun to interact with. Her siblings and parents always enjoyed her company.


Young Josephine was always an insightful little girl. She liked to visit the beauty of the forest around her small manor without her father's permission. Nature and insects was her two main interests during her childhood and playing in the mud, also without her father's permission. Archibald Briarthorn was a man of strict procedure and never liked his daughter's mud-caked skirts and blouses. Horace, her older brother by a few minutes, always humored her in playing silly games and messing with insects around the yard.

She loved both of her brothers dearly even though her first-born sibling was never really around. Theodore Briarthorn was the oddball of the family, precariously living on the edge and only visiting every so often to not deal with their father's disappointment in him.

Eventually she had grown out of her state of playfulness and matured into a more amicable teenager. Her bond with her brother grew as did the one with her mentor Reginald during years of intensive Harvest Witch training. On occasion the two would take breaks and goof around. It was a nice pause from rigorous sessions.

As time drew on, Josephine was reaching adulthood. Things have changed drastically with each passing year. Her brother Theodore had turned on the army and became rogue. He was sentenced to a life-time of imprisonment in jail. This hit his sister hard, her not being able to shake off the betrayal of a fellow Briarthorn sending her brother behind bars until the end of his days. She still had Horace, her arcane-gifted brother to look after.

When random attacks on Gilneas began not too long before The Shattering many people feared for their well being as worgen ran rampant and infected a wide variety of citizens. The uproar caused panic in many estates around the renown Gilnean City. Josephine was known for taking walks during nighttime and in the forests around her house. When hearing about the attacks, she made sure to keep herself indoors as much as she could. As she ran in the direction of the city that was ablaze with activity one night to help the escaping citizens, she came across a worgen that blocked her path.

It bit down furiously on to her arm before she could react and slung her to the side like a rag doll as a guard of the city came to dispose of it. Though it was too late. Josephine was bit. And there was no cure for her.

Not until after the forsaken invasion was the Nightelven aid for the infected Gilnean populous. Josephine was wild at this point and was founded by a pack of roaming cure-givers searching for people to bestow a curse-lifting serum to them. They administered her a dose of clear liquid to calm her feral nerves before she was trained by a visiting Nightelf to control her form.

Several weeks have passed in her absence from home during her being bit and cured. She eventually found her way and was discovered by her brother, though never spoke of getting bit. Her plan was to hide it for as long as she possibly could. She explained her weeks of absence that she was 'in a fog.' In the time following all the chaos breaking out she and Horace had stayed close together.