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Player: Mathias

Character Full Name: Jof'waz

Character In-Game Name: Jofwaz

Nickname(s): Jof

Association(s): Horde, Orgrimmar, Ratchet, K3

Race: Troll

Class: Warrior

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Hair: Red dreadlocks.

Eyes: Red.

Weight: 287

Height: 7'5


Things that are a constant for Jof'waz are his Horde tabard, plated boots, legguards, and slightly nicked but otherwise clean goggles. If he's in an area deemed “safe", he'll have his hands wrapped up in bandages and wearing a loose black shirt under his tabard. If the area is deemed “dangerous", he'll put on the rest of his plate armor, forsaking shoulderpads because he claimed the ones he won looked “too damn stupid to wear".

Other: The palms of his hands are burned thanks to frequent engineering work.


Jof'waz's entire personality comes down to this: If it's dangerous, seems entertaining, or it's possible for him to be “da bess" at it, he'll do it without a second thought. He likes to claim to be fearless (put him in front of a murloc and fearless goes out the door), and is usually found grinning smugly around all types of races (except murlocs) and, because of his work, doesn't let himself be open about how he truly feels about something.

It seems like Jof'waz is forgetting about his heritage and embracing orc culture (and goblin explosives), and he'll admit that it's true. He doesn't mean to, and tries to learn the ways of the Darkspear when he can, but he leaves it at the bottom of an ever-growing list of things to do. And, for some reason, takes his tribes old traditions, like cannibalism, and uses them for jokes.


There really isn't much to say about Jof'waz's early days before the Third War. He was just another child in a family of hunters with a father who demanded his sons be the best at the same thing that made him great. He also wanted them to find a mate or three before all of the good women were taken. So being the best hunters and getting the best mates were drilled into the heads of the boys of the family while Jof's sisters were just expected to act like proper troll women.

Jof'waz was in the forests trying to meditate on his life when he was captured by the murlocs and dragged to the Sea Witch's lair. He was thrown in a small cell with his fellow trolls, as well as a few humans. The trolls (except Jof) and humans fought, with the humans winning the battle. Well, more like human, since only one of them survived. Just as Jof'waz was going to be killed (he was hiding in the corner the entire fight), an orc tackled the soldier down and quickly killed him. Jof'waz was dragged out of his hiding spot by the orc and carried to safety, admiring the greenskins from then on.

After the Third War, Jof'waz, at 11 years old, expected to go on the Echo Isles like the rest of his people and continue his training. However, he was informally adopted by the same orc who rescued him from the human soldier. The greenskin insulted Jof's cowardice and claimed “I'll make an orc out of you". The troll would be trained alongside the orc's son like an orc.

The troll would also “discover" that he was being protected by one of the Loa when his new father, Redaxe, had Jof'waz assist a few goblins with their explosives since the troll had small hands at the time. While Redaxe relaxed and took the money Jof would have earned himself, a goblin named Norell would try to teach the skittish troll the proper way to make grenades and dynamite. Of course, Jof's continuously failed and cause a small explosion each time; just enough to burn his hands, but not blow them off. Norell was surprised each time, telling Jof that most goblins tend to kill themselves when they mess up. Remembering how his real father worshipped Hethiss out of all the other Loas, Jof believed he was being protected by her and that she had some plan for him.

The years after that went by quickly. Jof continued to train with his “orc-brudda" as he called him, wishing him luck when he took his Om'riggor and came back successful. Norell continued to teach Jof'waz in goblin engineering, insulting gnomish engineering the entire time, and even helping Jof learn Common and (more) Orcish. The troll also took to doing more and more dangerous tasks in order to prove that Hethiss was watching over him. Redaxe also started to let Jof'waz carry the bags as they fought in Silithus and Plaguelands when the call was made.

When the Dark Portal reopened, it seemed like Jof'waz was going to carry all of the bags again and barely see any combat, but it seems Outland was going to give Jof a chance to do things without his orc family helping him. Redaxe was crushed by a Fel Reaver, and Jof's “orc-brudda" was attacked and killed by a few roaming ravagers. Both deaths occurred in Hellfire Peninsula and so Jof, not sure what Orcs do with their dead (and couldn't find any remains of their bodies in the first place), took up their axes and continued on his own.

Jof didn't do anything noteworthy in Outland, meeting up with Norell again and fighting for him in the Nagrand Arena. His first few fights were terrible, despite the victories, because, as Norell explained it, he didn't even try to entertain the crowd. Jof soon learned how to win the crowd, and took every chance he could to flex.

Jof'waz wouldn't get the chance to do much in Northrend as he was knocked out while fighting away from Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra. He would, once again, being doing gladiator-styled battles, but this time as a slave. He would earn his freedom two years later, when he was bought by Norell and smacked over the head for being worth too much. Jof paid Norell back by helping the goblin on his projects in K3, which included combat-shredders, landmines, and motorcycles. Jof worked on them until he considered himself “da bess" at building and repairing them. He looked to Norell for the next task, but the goblin told the troll that his debt was repaid.

Jof'waz would then return to Orgrimmar, overhearing a dirty old orc talking to his granddaughter about The Love Exchange. The potential to plan terrible dates was exciting enough for Jof, and so the troll decided to join the company and become “Da bess matchmaka”.

Skills and Abilities

Orc Training Jof'waz was trained like an orc after the Third War, and has thus taken up skills you would see from a Fury Warrior, like wielding a two-handed weapon in each hand.

Like a Goblin Jof'waz is a trained engineer, with his expertise being in all types of items that go “BOOM". Explosives are also the only thing that can hold Jof's attention long enough to work on. That and fancy engineering goggles.

For The Crowd A bit of time as a gladiator/slave has taught Jof'waz one important lesson in fighting: Make it look good.