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Player: Paylonas

Character Full Name: Jinks Fizzlewop

Character In-Game Name: Jinks

Nickname(s): J, Fizz

Association(s): Horde (Loosely), Bilgewater Cartel, Alliance (Loosely), Steamwheedle Cartel

Race: Goblin

Class: Rogue

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Hair: Light Blue, tied back into a ponytail.

Eyes: Light Honey

Scale/Height: .9 / 3'9" / 1.143 meters

Weight: 80 lbs / 36 kg


Usual Garments/Armor: Often found sporting a set of casual leather armor that appears to be dress clothing, mind you it does provide the protection and mobility of leather armor though.

Other: Can often times be found chewing something, whether it be a piece of wheat or a toothpick. There is something between here teeth.


While Jinks loves gold as much as the next goblin does, it's not the number one priority on her list for the time being. She's a gal of adventure and exploration, she's perfectly fine with being hired just for the opportunity to get to explore. She's done so before, mind you the gold is a nice added benefits at time.

Jinks is a very friendly and open goblin, not seeming self conscious about herself, her thoughts, or her business. And she's willing to let all of that out in the public should someone ask her - Sometimes it might take a bit more to get it out of her, but in most cases she isn't shy about who she is. She is friendly with all that she meets, unless they do something to show otherwise of course. And these acquaintances have the basic level of loyalty - While it does take time her true friendship is open for mostly anyone, she enjoys having a group of reliable people.

All in all Jinks makes quite the extraordinary Goblin, she loves adventure and doesn't mind letting stories, tales, or thoughts out for the public to hear.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Jinks Fizzlewop, the youngest of eleven children in the Fizzlewop family, the only female child as well. Birthed by two influential Bilgewaters, the name was indeed recognized and they were set a peg above that of common rabble. The only worries they ever had were the Steamwheedles. Not that anything had really happened, few fights happened between the family cartel and the Steamwheedles, the family stayed financially stable, and it was as good as home life could get; For a Goblin that is.

Jinks upbringing wasn't similar to that of her siblings, or the goblins around her, though it didn't become fully apparent to her until she was in her teenage years. Her family tricking her into thinking that she was treated just like everyone else was, the young and feeble minded child took the excuse as was, not even thinking to doubt it. However as she grew older she knew that this was a lie, that she indeed was being treated in a way that she thought was unfair. Her siblings were off on the streets of Kezan spreading Bilgewater pride, doing jobs for them, and what was she doing? Jinks sat at home tutored daily, being force-fed lies and tutored to become a lawyer, whereas her true dream was to be out on the streets with her siblings. Jinks began to find time after her sessions with the tutor were should could slip away and fulfill these dreams of hers, which she did by joining the other major Cartel in Kezan; The Steamwheedle Cartel.

It was easy enough to hide her identity from the Steamwheedles, seeing as most of them had never seen her before. And those that did she could lie to, as they hadn't seen her enough when she represented the Bilgewater Cartel. It was easy enough to keep up her guise within the Steamwheedle Cartel, although she constantly insisted on wearing a mask when she was with them on the streets. Her excuse was that she lived in an area of Kezan that was populated by Bilgewater supporters, and it was for her own safety. The guise of hers managed to hold for several years, she'd leave after her sessions of being tutored, and go do the jobs that her siblings were doing. Just for a different Cartel that is.

Then Kezan went up in flames as if it were hell in a hand basket, you know Kezan practically was hell in a hand basket! The unthinkable had happened, Deathwing had come to Kezan and made their inactive volcano active again! Jinks managed to use her new found ties with the Steamwheedles to get off of Kezan. She had left all of her old ties behind her when she had gotten to Kalimdor, both of the Cartels, her family, everything was now in the past - She acted as if she was a new Goblin. She chose not to take the path of joining the horde, one that many other Goblins were forced to do. Instead she remained a free and faction-less Goblin, and thus her journey away from Kezan began!