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Player: Aruk

Character Full Name: Jin'Kai of the Darkspear

Character In-Game Name: Jin'Kai

Nickname(s): Jin'Kai

Association(s): Horde, Darkspear

Race: Troll

Class: Berserker

Age: 35

Sex: female.

Hair: Dark Blue

Eyes: Crimson

Weight:150 kg.

Height: Seven foot 8 inches [Scale 1.15]

Skills/Abilities Can tolerate large amounts of alcohol. Doesn't give a damn in excessive amounts.


Which ever. Usually seen in her crimson plate with the red tabard of the Horde, but just as likely seen in leathers. Lost right eye to a Ghoul. Almost always drunk.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Jin appears blunt, foul-mouthed, brutally honest, and rather rude to most. It seems she prefers to solve all problems in life with her axe, large amounts of ale...or preferably both.

This troll enjoys her ale, and when she's not on duty, she'll can be found drunk or drinking at the nearest watering hole. She also seems to find humor in most things, capable in most times of cracking a joke at the expense of the dead, living or those in between, which may amuse some, and enrage others.

Jin cannot possibly give two damns about racial conflicts. To her, everyone is just another pile of bone and meat that walk around and do things. One way or another, they will die off, so with that, to her, it just isn't worth getting concerned about who has longer ears or greener skin.


Jin was born and raised as a Darkspear troll, with several other siblings. After the whole business with 'women only belong in the kitchen' with the Darkspear, Jin gladly picked up arms for her tribe. Muscle, it seems caught easy on her, and her size add to the overall imposing appearance of a large warrior woman.

Well, that came after the attack from the murlocs; Jin was quite large in stature then as well, but the most she could do at the time was beat the opposition over with either a meat mallet, hatchet, pan, or to use one of her siblings as a club. It was this attack that inspired her to heroic deeds; that and the fact she enjoyed beating the poor fish men over the head with a meat mallet, to an almost criminal extent. However, Jin had lost the majority of her siblings to the murlocs, and her father later gave in to his wounds. Up to this day, the troll woman bears an extreme hatred to Murlocs and their gibberish, mocking them and spitting on them when she can, and beating them over the head with any available blunt object close at hand.

When the time came, Jin sailed over to Kalimdor with her Tribe and Thrall on the stolen human ships, fought with the Orcs against the Centaurs, Demons in the Third War, and aided with the Troll settlement on the Echo Isles.

By this time, she had lost her mother and and father to wounds and age, and several siblings to various foes. Two siblings still remain however, somewhere in the world; Both ran off for their lives to fight as mercenaries, and Jin has scarce little contact with them; She's illiterate, and shows little interest in learning how to write any form of written languages, be it Orcish or common just to communicate with relatives. Especially relatives.

In later time to come, Jin aided against the battle with Proudmoore and Zalazane, eventually retreating to the mainland with her tribe and plot to one day re-take Echo Isles.

For now, the trollwoman wanders the barrens, aiding in the efforts against the Quillboar and Centaurs, having recently returned from the War in the North, with an eye less; She doesn't seem overly bitter about it, in fact when questioned on it, Jin reveals and admits with some degree of shame, that it was entirely, her own fault.