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Horde Jen Aerick
Player Wuvvums
Title <Demonologist>
Gender Female
Race Goblin
Class Warlock
Age 19
Height 3’8”
Weight 75 lbs
Eyes Purple
Hair Red-orange, short
Alignment Neutral


Usual Garments/Armor: She generally wears cloth armor or robes. Sometimes she wears a hood or a mask, and generally keeps her throat covered.

Other: Jen has surgical scarring along the throat, rendering her mute. She has three sets of earrings, two noserings. Her skin is a light green and she has green freckles on her face. She carries around a pre-Shattering map, a chalkboard, and a pistol. Her business cards are used to introduce herself as, “Jen Aerick: Demonologist.”


Alignment: Neutral

Jen is very adamant about receiving coin, even if she is unable to speak. She's happy to follow and join along, but when asked to do certain things she does not hesitate to demand a price. She is conservative with her resources to the point where her chalk is reserved for writing prices only.

She uses body language to convey a silence sense of sarcasm as well as other moods and tries to use her face expressively when possible. She is indifferent towards the races, so long as they have coin, and is not afraid to do business and contracts with demons. She has little tolerance for mistakes in her own minions, and is rather forceful and abusive when they do not interpret her signs correctly, even going as far as to beat them (especially the imp).


Abandoned at birth in one of Kezan's many alleyways, it was by chance that she was found before she could succumb to exposure. A dumpster-diving goblin had come upon the small baby, and immediately sold her to another goblin.

She was purchased as an investment to be a trained worker in a special art. It so happened her master belonged to a subsidiary of Demon Corp., where she was destined to work someday. Until she was ready she was trained in the dark arts of demonology, and had to work on the side to cover the upkeep of shelter and food from the man that bought her.

At ten she was initiated as an intern to the Demon Corp. subsidiary, Fel Busters, one of the lesser known divisions tasks with controlling and removing demons from Kezan, often put there to begin with by the parent company. It was a perfect scam that let the coalition of fel users play both sides of the market, and double the profit. This was not a well known thing, in fact, when Jen found out she was punished dearly.

She had stumbled upon a meeting of the higher ups which included agents of the Burning Legion, and some demons taking the form of goblins. Though she tried to hide whilst accidentally spying, she was soon found out, and dragged into the Fel Corp. meeting. The executives were very hostile at the idea of a lowly intern making it in an area that was relatively off limits, but given her connection to the master who invested in her, they considered sparing her instead of offing her on the spot.

As punishment she was given the “snip” which rendered her mute and silent, and threatened with death if she so left, or try to tell others what she had just saw. She was quite terrified they would devour her soul, and agreed to the deal. She kept working, though she had to figure out a way around the silence, which took some years. She fortunately was able to learn sign language from other goblins that were either deaf or mute, and took many painstaking hours to teach her minions as well.

The business was unable to keep playing the game and eventually two cartels found that they had both been in conflict through Demon Corps. One paid to have demons sabotage their rival's operations, while the rival paid for the demons to be removed. Both were quite upset at being gamed by the same business, and diverted their resources to subverting and undermining Demon Corps. It wasn't long before other businesses worked together to subdue the warlock coalition, and had a few jobs done to off the executives. Fortunately Jen was still a lowly intern and was not on anyone's hitlist. She was able to just silently step away when the corporation fell in upon itself.

Since then Jen has traveled and made coin, offering to negotiate with both mortals and demons in exchange for her powers. Whether it was controlling demons, banishing demons, or cursing a foe, Jen was quite happy to offer her services for coin. She is well off as a traveling merchant, and has found some success contributing her warlock powers to the many conflicts that have popped up since the Shattering.

Skills and Abilities

Nonverbal casting: Jen's spells work without the use of verbal components.

Demonic interpreter: All of Jen's minions are proficient with sign language.

Sign language: Jen can communicate through Goblin and Common sign language.