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Player: mimloopen

Character Full Name: Jellok Darkspear (Formerly Jellok Bloodscalp)

Character In-Game Name: Jellok

Nickname(s): Jel, Jelly, Kinslayer

Association(s): Darkspear tribe

Race: Troll

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Jellok doesn’t possess much in terms of special abilities, although it can be said that he mastered the art of combat at a relatively impressive pace. He is a far more offensive fighter then he is defensive, preferring to take out his prey quickly, born as a side-effect of continued fighting against trolls, who had a tendency to regenerate in drawn-out fights. Because of his combat style he tends to suffer in extended fights, and tires rapidly.

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Hair: Stylish orange Mohawk

Eyes: Mud brown

Weight: 130kg

Height: 2.19 m


Usually found in a simple leather outfit consisting of pants and a jerkin.


Jellok is a troll who finds purpose in every step he makes and wisdom in every action he performs. He is inherently obsessed with fate and the loa, and believes that he is destined for greatness. Naturally he is very boastful and open about his accomplishments, while writing off any failures as poor luck or some other external factor.

He tends to disregard or blatantly ignore those that he deems significantly weaker then himself, and if forced to fight them often doesn’t even bother to kill them if he has the opportunity. If he loses in said fight however, or he initially perceives a person to be powerful, he becomes quite eager to talk to them and learn more about their history and deeds. When he deems he’s heard enough, he’ll either challenge the person to a fight or, if rejected, stalk them down and attempt to slay them.

Outside of his obsession with greatness Jellok is reserved and slow to rise to insults of anyone he deems unthreatening. Although he still bears some natural distaste for the Darkspears he is content enough to live among them. He bears a strong initial distrust to any of the other races, although he finds it easier to get over this when it comes to orcs.


Jellok Bloodscalp was born in the jungles of Stranglethorn a member of the Bloodscalp tribe, the youngest of eight siblings. His early life was typical; as he grew older he foraged, hunted and worked within the family whenever he was needed. He also developed a close bond with one of the tribes witch doctors, Zel’faz. Jellok greatly enjoyed listening to the stories of the old witch doctor as a past time, particularly those stories about the loa, and was also first in line to test out any whacky potion the doctor might have conducted.

Weapons training began for the troll at a young age. Tensions between the Bloodscalp and Skullsplitter were high and able warriors were needed. Jellok showed natural talent when it came to wielding axes, and he cared not for maces or other blunt weaponry. He was tutored by one of his elder brothers at first, then by more experienced warriors, such that by the time he reached adulthood he was capable of holding his own in a fight. Being the youngest of eight children, six of which were male, his rapid training received little praise. He was not particularly close to his brothers, as they were all often too busy for small talk, but he appreciated their tutoring.

Still he continued to listen to Zel’faz, who spoke of the loa in reverence and awe. He told young Jellok of how any troll might ascend to the ranks of the loa, if they lived a life free of regret and weakness. To become a loa was to surpass your peers, and all others. Jellok began to dwell on the thought, and over time the notion of being able to ascend into godhood started to tug incessantly at the corners of his mind.

Between hunting and trapping large animals and the frequent skirmishes with the Skullsplitter tribe there was plenty of time for Jellok to improve. He relished the first time he felt his axe dig through muscle and flesh, lopping off the limb of an unfortunate troll. There was great delight to be found in fighting alongside his brothers and he began to look forward to the next border dispute. Bloodlust would run high in him during these fights, as if fuelling the fire in his heart that yearned for the recognition that becoming a loa would bestow. But still he was content to let life proceed as it did, and only leap to the opportunities offered to him.

The turning point came when one of his elder brothers challenged him to a friendly spar. They found a nice deserted area of woodland and declared the rules; no death, no limb removal, first to be cut surrendered his dinner to the other. They leapt at each other with their rusted weapons, iron clashing against iron. It was but a few seconds until the brother let out a cry of pain, his left arm being cut into by the axe. As Jellok made to hastily jerk back his arm his eyes wandered over the blood gashing from the wound, then to the face of his brother in agony. Bloodlust quickly overwhelmed him. The brothers arm fell to the floor with a flat thud, and his head followed soon after.

Knowing that if someone stumbled along the corpse and recognized the brother they would be able to infer what had happened (it was no secret that the brother enjoyed duelling, and Jellok had been next on his list), Jellok did the only sensible thing. He used his axe to chop up rather random parts of the brothers body, taking out organs and such, trying to imitate a bear attack. As he looked at the organs in his hand he was vaguely aware that he could just bury them somewhere, but some primal instinct overrode that thought, and he ate them.

Although he knew he should be ashamed of his murder, he found that it wasn’t the case. In fact he relished the moment. To become a loa, he was told, one had to surpass all their peers... his brother had been a fair fighter who had won his share of duels, and Jellok had passed him. As a bonus he was now dead, and there was no chance that he might surpass Jellok in the future. Although he harboured no ill feelings towards his brother, he dwelled on the kill with satisfaction.

He hoped for another challenge, but no such thing happened. Eventually Jellok decided to take matters into his own hands and challenged another of his brothers. It was a similar story. As Jellok dug out and ate the heart of his brother he thought blissfully of the greatness sure to await him. But these duels weren’t enough. Jellok was more and more active in skirmishes against the Skullsplitters, attempting to participate in each and every one, as well as often going out on his own to hunt dangerous beasts. This earned him several wounds and scars, often crippling him for an amount of time if he bit off more than he could chew, but his trollish regeneration meant he was quickly back in the fray.

A few months later Jellok claimed the life of the third and eldest brother, decapitating him even though the brother had won the fight by slashing Jellok’s torso, and the fourth had met his end at the hands of Skullsplitters. It was difficult for anyone to turn a blind eye to the fact that Jellok had been challenging his brothers to duels, and that he was now the only male sibling remaining. His father was suspicious of him and Jellok knew his time was drawing to a close. He also knew that to surpass his father would be a great step towards ascending and becoming a loa when his time came. So it was that, simply put, he challenged his father and slew the aging warrior.

There was little to do after that. It was obvious now what Jellok had been doing, dubbing him ‘Kinslayer Jellok’, yet there was no one willing to condemn him. His mother and sisters were frightened, and his fellow tribe members were happy enough to avoid his sights and turn a blind eye so long as he continued killing Skullsplitters. Jellok grew increasingly restless, unable to be content with slaying Skullsplitters, for although they were worthy foes he found there was little to prove in defeating a stranger. Eventually he realised what he had to do. He set his sights on the witch doctor, Zel’faz.

As it were, Zel’faz was not stupid enough to even accept the duel. The moment Jellok offered, the witch doctors patient visage twisted into anger and he shook the heavy necklace around his neck. The death rattle echoed in Jellok’s ears and he was brought to his knees in agony. Zel’faz stopped after a while, deciding to spare him, but he spoke with a tone of disgust as he declared that someone so pathetic was fit only for the weakling Darkspears, and would never become a loa. He was proclaimed exiled by the witch doctor, whos voice carried significant sway, and Jellok was forced out into the wilderness under threat of death for his crimes.

For months he fended for himself in the wild, trapping animals and foraging to sustain himself. He avoided both troll clans in general, but was quick to jump on any lone wanderer, for despite what Zel’faz had said the desire to become great had not left him. He just needed to practise more, become more and more powerful until he could slay Zel’faz, and even the chief himself. Rather devoid of purpose and not content with a life of simple hunting, Jellok decided to travel to the Darkspears, for even though they were weak they were still trolls, and surely there were some great men amongst them.

When he arrived at the home of the Darkspears he pleaded to be able to join their tribe, claiming he had been exiled for not following his own tribes barbaric ways. He was quickly accepted and settled down. Altough Jellok was reluctant to absorb any of the Darkspear culture at first, he found himself learning about their different way of life and how they worked with the Horde. Orcs in particular fascinated him. He was also glad to know that the Darkspear had not abandoned the loa, as some rumours had claimed.

Staying in the village for about a year, Jellok developed a rudimentary concept of civilisation and basic knowledge of the common language. Eventually he decided to heft up his few possessions and start travelling, first to Ogrimmar, then to any violence or trouble that might require his aid. To this very day he keeps his eyes forever alert and open, looking for the next person worthy to die by his hand and aid his ascension into the kingdom of the loa.