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Player: flammos200

Character Full Name: Jayani

Character In-Game Name: Jayani

Nickname(s): Jay, Ani.

Association(s): Kor’kron Guard, The Horde. While not under arms in a military group, independent.

Race: Troll (jungle)

Class: Berserker

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Hair: Red, and uncared-for enough that it’s irregular in style, save for the braids in it that have matted together.

Eyes: Red and usually bloodshot.

Weight: 127 Kg. Since Trolls bear no excess fat, it’s mostly muscle and bone.

Height: 2,32 m.


Usual Garments/Armor: Primitive armor, typically made of bones of creatures with particularly resilient skeletons, usually decorated with animal motifs – particularly charms made out of tiger parts.

Other: Her teeth, tusks and nails have been filed to sharp points. Her body is covered with a layer of soft fur, crisscrossed with scars here and there.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Out of combat, Jayani attempts to maintain a veneer of calm and as clear a head as she can manage. Not one of too many words, there are few subjects that she speaks out on at great length. Immensely devoted to the Loa Shirvallah, she seeks to be in all aspects akin to the Tiger – relentless in combat, valorous and honorable outside it. The Berserker shuns trickery, and only considers victory when it is attained fairly – though her image of fairness may not be congruent with others’. In combat she is characterized by one thing: Rage. She is remorseless and pitiless, and damnably hard to stop once started. Thankfully for her commanders whilst in her service to the Horde, she is also pretty easy to direct at the enemy, a malleable and good soldier, if not an extremely controlled one.

Surprisingly enough, Jayani isn’t stupid by any means. She’s familiar enough with the basic workings of alchemy from her time spent in the ‘care’ of a Witch Doctor to brew basic mixtures and extract pigments and ingredients from various sources, and she actually enjoys painting and carving, as well as crafting things – usually small charms or fetishes, but sometimes even weapons and armor – out of the remains of beasts. Her past with her tribe in Stranglethorn has embittered her and turned her into an outright feminist, the sheer contrast between how the Horde treats their females and how the Jungle Troll tribes do weighing heavily on her worldview. She tends to be a quick learner, and maintains a ‘once-bitten, twice shy’ kind of attitude.

Of the races, she cares little. The Alliance are potential enemies, the Horde are stalwart allies. As long as she’s not under arms she’s not forced to fight one and defend the other. When she is bound by duty to do so, she will.


Born in Stranglethorn Vale, in one of the smaller Jungle Troll tribes there, Jayani was brought into a harsh world, where the first things she learned were her duties in the household. Little care was afforded to her, more attention being lavished on her older sisters and even more so on their brother. She grew and developed well enough, though.

Among her duties to her family was gathering fruit, berries and the like, and she was barely taught enough to avoid the dangerous stranglethorn vine plants native to the land. On one such outing, an event that shaped the course of her life occurred: She came face to face with one of Stranglethorn’s larger predators – a Tiger. Fear gripped the whelp, and she ran for her life, though the tiger was much faster. In her mad dash, she managed to spot one of the stranglethorn plants, and thinking that a dangerous thing could get rid of another dangerous thing, she ran right towards it and just past it, the Tiger following and getting caught in its deadly embrace.

The beast struggled and thrashed, and as it was close to expiring, it managed to claw at the girl’s left shoulder before dying of asphyxiation. In a moment of anger and childish retribution, Jayani worked to yank the corpse free of the stranglethorn plant and beat its chest in with a rock, ribs breaking its skin and blood covering the girl’s hands. The Troll was afraid of being punished for coming home injured however, so she decided she’d take the tiger’s corpse with her back to her tribe.

Jayani’s return to her tribe was the second pivotal moment in her existence, as a Witch Doctor, fueled by superstition, saw the claw marks on the girl’s shoulder and the tiger’s blood on her hands as signs of a mighty struggle. Being quite the devout follower of Shirvallah, he claimed it was a sign of some sort of future for her as a warrior and attempted to declare to her family that though Jayani looked female, she was undoubtedly male, to have been chosen by Shirvallah so. The family reluctantly agreed – after all, Witch Doctors were the most knowledgeable in the ways of the Loa, and it would be unwise to disregard their words, and besides, if some sort of warrior of Shirvallah was to come from their family, it would surely bring them honor, though some reservations remained – doubts that Jayani, born a female, could do a male’s job.

Regardless, the Witch Doctor took Jayani under his wing, and taught her about the old ways of the Trolls, about what the Loa mean and how to best serve the one that chose her, about the secrets behind Troll regeneration and the tale of Vola’jin the Void who had bathed his entire body in a pool of Shadowflame and restored his form anew, about the legends of the Tidebearer and she even managed to pick up a few alchemical secrets from her teacher. The Witch Doctor filed her teeth, tusks and nails to points, to better resemble the tiger and had her sent to some of the berserkers in the tribe that worshipped Shirvallah to learn the art of combat properly, in the way of a Berserker. Needless to say, there was some tension in the tribe as to whether or not she should be allowed to do so, but for the time being such thoughts were kept quiet. At one point, the Witch Doctor even told her to pick a girl to claim as a mate – which caused quite a bit of clamor for a short time on the part of the tribe, and a great amount of confusion on the part of Jayani herself.

Thus, the years passed and next came the third turning point in Jayani’s life. One of her instructors was getting old enough that it affected his fighting prowess and in the dead of night he came to her and requested a death in battle. Shocked, but aware that such was the custom with Shirvallah’s followers, Jayani agreed and the two clashed in mortal combat, the elder allowing his life to be taken by the younger. The rest of the Tribe wasn’t aware of such an arrangement being made however – such rites were performed in daytime, not hidden away in the night – and they thought she had committed murder. The Witch Doctor told her she had until morning to run and the sun was rising soon.

Sparing not even a second thought, the young Berserker gathered the armor and weapons she managed to acquire over time, mounted her raptor and fled, as behind her the rage of her tribe erupted. Eventually, Jayani found her way to Booty Bay, and after a moment of severe culture shock, she managed to learn that the goblins were shipping gear – Shredders, Zeppelins, Sappers and mercenaries mainly – to some place across the Sea called Kalimdor, to aid the Orcish Horde. After proving that she could fight, she was allowed to become one of the mercenaries that left the Eastern Kingdoms behind, and joined the Horde on Kalimdor, just as they were breaching the borders of Ashenvale. Her flight was motivated not so much by wanderlust, but more by a desire to escape the Tribe she’d been in.

With the Horde, she participated in a number of skirmishes with the Night Elves and throughout it all, she was impressed with the way everyone was treated equally, given the chance to prove their worth and was rewarded for their actions. This stuck with her, the contrast making her past feel very, very wrong. This was how the world should be, she decided, and though she kept firmly to her faith and her actions as a follower of Shirvallah, believing in part to truly be some sort of champion of her Loa, the other practices of the tribe had to be left behind, as these new ones were the better. She felt accepted among the Orcs, Trolls and Tauren, at home on the battlefield and in war camps. She stuck with the Horde through and through, even to the Battle of Mount Hyjal, from which she fled when the Horn of Cenarius was sounded, alongside the other Horde troops.

As the Third War came to pass, Jayani devoted herself to more than just combat, crafting her own gear, as well as small charms, fetishes and tokens of her faith, brushing up on her alchemical skills and the mixing and matching of dyes to use in painting. She wasn’t an exceptional painter, but she persevered and slowly improved.

After the Dark Portal was reopened she took to the strange continent, the curiosity of a mind just opened to a world of wonder pushing her forth. She ended up being sent as a part of a small relief force from Thrallmar to aid the forces at Shadowmoon Village, her reputation from the Third War preceding her. Not only did she successfully help the troops at her destination, but she distinguished herself enough that a position in the Kor’kron Guard was offered to her. She gladly agreed, and fought the remainder of the War in Outland alongside her new comrades in arms.

Soon after the struggles on Draenor’s shattered remains calmed somewhat, the first Icebreakers were sent to Northrend and Jayani was called to action. She did all she could in the War in the North, even taking part in the Battle for the Undercity when the call to arms was sounded back on the mainland. Living dead or no, if they could be broken, they could be killed – and after all, these Forsaken had resorted to trickery and plague, and fled from valorous combat. Her stay in the Undercity lasted almost the entire length of the rest of the War against the Lich King, and she only made her return in the final battle, aboard the gunship Orgrim’s Hammer.

Afterwards, with cold war brewing, the Berserker has been granted leave from the military and the Kor’kron Guard, though she must still answer the call to battle should it come. For now though, her sights are set on Stranglethorn, as she has her own little war to wage – and with Jayani war is hardly ever little...

Skills and Abilities

Jayani adds a bit of a twist on a few Warrior skills and abilities.

Silent Seething: Jayani may fly into a rage, even without provocation. She’s mechanically considered to be angry all the time, forever, unless prevented from being so by some effect. This is typically hidden under a veneer of dull calm, but one that can be broken with ease.

Ferocity: As per Berserker Rage, her mind conceals an untamed storm of fury, her body honed to cause as much destruction as possible, Jayani may continue fighting even whilst disabled, stunned or dying, shrugging off most forms of pain, and even having a chance at resisting mental effects that would attempt to quell her rage. But there’s a drawback – it’s quite easy to make her attack the wrong people, I.E. those on her own side, whilst she’s in such a state.

Lay Waste: Combining Bladestorm and Charge, Jayani may press forth into combat, swinging wildly at anything and everything in her path, with little regard for anything else, moving at a very high speed in a short surge.

Blood of the Void: Combining the effects of natural Troll regeneration and Enraged Regeneration, Jayani’s recovery tends to be swift and brutal, but it tends to leave her bereft of anger and in a state of calm. In combat, as per Bloodthirst, she seems to gain succor and healing even from the destruction of her enemies. Both effects can be enhanced through the intake of regenerative substances such as Troll’s Blood potions.

Stolen Juju: Jayani is a bit of an alchemist – but only a bit. She can make basic healing draughts and potions, and has even dabbled in brewing hallucinogenic mixtures as well as paints.