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Alliance Jannith Barlowe
Player Valandil
Gender Female
Race Worgen
Class Warrior
Age 25
Height 8'4" (In Human Form: 6'6")
Weight 270lbs. (In Human Form: 185lbs.)
Eyes Green (In Human Form: Brown)
Hair Black (In Human Form: Light Brown)
Affilliation(s) The Defias Brotherhood (formerly),
Occupation Sellsword
Relative(s) Barek Barlowe (Brother, Alive), Thomas Barlowe (Brother, Alive), Jack Barlowe (Father, Deceased), Mary Barlowe (Mother, Deceased).
Mentor(s) Berenice Trevelyan
Student(s) N/A
Companion(s) N/A
Status Alive


Whatever form that she may take, she is either seen in a mix of platemail and chainmail, or a simple outfit. Various straps are fitted around her belt, various small weapons including a few knives, a hatchet, and a blackjack. There are a few small pouches on the side of her belt that probably contained travelling goods, such as rope or bullets. Her weapons are numerous, including a dagger on her belt, and usually some sort of sword, axe, or polearm.

Other: Jannith has many scars on the right side of her face, especially around the eye socket. Through holy magic, she had her eye restored.


Jannith has always looked upon the curious side of life. This stems from the great amount of freedom that Westfall allowed during her early childhood, with threats like the Defias not around, and spent her days learning about the world around her. As thus, she has grown with the attitude of a free-spirit. Quick to anger, easy to calm, and unknowing to much loyalty. In combat, she is a fierce foe, putting her all into each one of her attacks, no matter how great the danger. She is the type of person to run in alone without the aid of her comrades.


Jannith came to life right after the end of the Second War. The reconstruction of Stormwind had just begun when her parents began to work the land in Westfall. She grew up with two brothers, constantly bickering and arguing with them as time went on. Her brother Barek was more interested in the work that his dad did, spending a lot of time helping out on the farm. Her other brother had joined the local guard, and still works with Stormwind to this day. Her adolescence went by almost untroubled, aside from being the rebel to her parents and refusing to help out with anything relating to their farm. She was off on small 'adventures' around Westfall, gathering neat looking rocks and that sort of thing. Never to be held down by imposing rules or restrictions.

By the time her teenage years came around, the Stonemason's guild had become the bandit group known as the Defias. Although she wasn't very close to her family, she still felt the need to protect them from this group. So, what she had done... was joined them. She couldn't fight them, definitely not alone and there was really no other choice. No money to run somewhere else and any other option was just unappealing. Being a rebel to society was just what she needed. Her family assumed that she had either run off or was killed by the bandits, scared for their lives that their farm would be the next on their list. She worked her way doing standard tasks for the Defias, staging different protests in Stormwind towns along with stagecoach robberies and the sacking of various trade caravans until she found herself working deep in the heart of the Deadmines.

Overseering a few peasants that the bandits had recruited to mine the minerals out for the construction of their boat. When the militia had finally made their way through to take out Edwin, she had defected and joined them, disguising herself as a 'prisoner' to be freed by them, red mask torn and left in a cart filled with ore, with none the wiser. Better to join the 'enemy' than to be caught and tossed in the Stockades, right?

Upon leaving the Deadmines, killing former comrades that had no idea that she would of just defected so easily, Jannith was awarded with a small pittence of gold, usually what she had just looted off the corpses while nobody was looking. Along with the money she had made with her banditry, she could finally leave the Kingdom of Stormwind in the search for a greater purpose in life, on an adventure to explore the world! She found herself travelling with a small band of mercenaries, and it was there that she honed her art. She wanted to learn each and every single kind of weapon that she could find. She was already proficient in the use of a sword and dagger, using those in her days as a Defias.

Rigorous training against her enemies, always using different kinds of weapons to test and learn the finer points of using an axe over a mace. Bludgeoning over slashing in some situations, while piercing in others. Just her luck decided to pop right back on top of her, being drafted to fight in the joint effort to stop the rising Qiraji forces. It was there that Jannith experienced the horrors of war. Men being slaughtered, killed without a care. She herself had been locked right in combat with one of the bug-like silithid, rather than the Anubisath or Qiraji.

It had gotten a hold of her, torn off her helmet and one of her shoulderpads before it fell. An orc grunt had slashed right through it's back, killing the insect and splitting it right in half. Jannith was shocked that she made it... until the grunt lifted her up with one of it's arms, the disarmed soldier being almost thrown completely across the hive. Before she knew it, the orc had it's hands right on her head, gouging her right eye out with his monstrous fingers. She was saved by a fellow soldier right as she passed out from the sheer pain and shock of the event.

Awoken in medical tent, Jannith was immediately made aware of her missing vision in one side of her eye. Broken ribs, arm shattered. She was fit in a couple slings, a cast, and sent back to Theramore, for the healers had deemed her unfit to fight. She spent a lot of time in recovery, relearning how to use her armaments and keep herself fit, but she wasn't going to hang around there after she was physically fit. Not abandoning the front, as being brought out of it anyways, the war on the Qiraji had ended, leaving Jannith out of a real job, unwanting to stay in the military after the traumatic events that took place.

It took a good deal of time, a couple years to get herself through the trauma and harshness of the loss of half of her vision, stuck toiling and searching, surviving off solely the kind gestures of others, and there weren't many. More often than not, she had to take a deal to banditry, stealing and brutish thievery. Eventually, the generosity of a normally cold-hearted woman made a major change in Jannith's life when she was recruited into a Noble House. One lady, a Berenice Hartley took in the bandit, and essentially made a soldier out of her during their time working together.

After the group that Jannith was a part of dissolved, Jannith set off on mercenary work for the Alliance. She had come across a job in Southshore, sending her to the Silverpine Forest. Upon nearing the still standing Gilnean wall, she was surprised by a worgen threat that she probably should have been prepared for. She was quickly overwhelmed, taken a bite to the portion of her arm that was left uncovered with armor before dispatching it. Yet the curse already began to take it's toll. Her stubbornness to complete her job and little knowledge of the curse forced her onward, until it had overwhelmed her senses, sending her into a feral state of mind, assuming the form of the worgen.

At one point after the Shattering, the feral Jannith managed to cross into Gilneas. She was subsequently captured and treated for her affliction. Jannith saw the curse as something that could aid her. Even though she considers the form hideous, she feels the surge of power, and the rush of adrenaline with the animalistic instinct that it brings. Now, taking her refound humanity, the one-eyed Jannith continues her work, still seeking a true, meaningful purpose in her life.